Top 4 WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android (No Root)

whatsapp spy app

Best WhatsApp Spy Apps


mSpy interface on multiple devices

mSpy is the most popular WhatsApp monitoring app for spying on Android and iPhone. It is commonly used to spy on WhatsApp, as well as plenty of other apps, including Telegram, hacking into Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. It will log all messages sent, including deleted messages, and store them on its servers. Download the app to your target device. It will conceal itself and remove its launch icon. It will begin sending all information from various apps to the mSpy servers. Other mSpy features include:

  • Freely and secretly spy on others WhatsApp chats
  • Keep a tab on your child’s or employee’s WhatsApp activities
  • Easy to install, very user-friendly
  • 24/7 live support
  • Faster and more comfortable to download, moderately priced
  • Compatible with both Android and IOS

mSpy is a one-stop solution if you want to monitor someone’s WhatsApp messages either at home or in the office. Download it on your phone or computer and enjoy the fantastic services it has to offer.

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Highster Mobile

highster mobile interface on a laptop

Wondering how to read others WhatsApp messages on Android? Highster Mobile has your back. This app will let you track every social media or messenger app you can think of. That includes WhatsApp, Tinder, Snapchat, Viber, Facebook, Instagram, and Skype. All the info will be sent to the Highster Mobile servers, and you can access it from the dashboard.

  • Access other WhatsApp chat without rooting
  • Only one-time payment required, no rolling costs
  • Highly advanced WhatsApp spy software services
  • Compatible with Android Software

We feel Highster Mobile is an excellent alternative for you in case you need a WhatsApp chat spying and monitor app. This will satisfy most of your requirements and is extremely easy to operate.

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whatsapp spy app

Hoverwatch is another great name on the list of latest spy tracking apps. You can use it on your phone as well as the computer. From spying on WhatsApp to monitoring WhatsApp chats, Hoverwatch has an easy-to-follow process.

All you need to do is to sign up, install the app, and starting monitoring the WhatsApp chats of your family or office.

  • Easy and effective monitoring of WhatsApp chats
  • A free trial version offered to ensure its utility
  • A user-friendly and  efficient tracking system
  • Track WhatsApp chats of family and office without their knowledge
  • Compatible with Android, Windows and Mac software

Hoverwatch can help you track and monitor messages even if you are the least tech-savvy person. The app ensures you efficiently do it all with secrecy well-maintained.

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iKeyMonitor has been specially designed, keeping in mind the contemporary issues of cyberbullying and cyber-abuse where kids the victims. With iKeymonitor, you can read WhatsApp messages and group chats of your target phones. This allows you to monitor them effectively.

  • Instant and effective WhatsApp chat monitoring
  • View group WhatsApp chats
  • Supports many languages to ensure effective monitoring of WhatsApp chats
  • Comes with a 3-day free trial
  • Effectively compatible with both Android and IOS

iKeymonitor is a useful digital parenting tool that provides that your kid does not fall into harmful hands-on WhatsApp. It has many other added benefits that you can enjoy once you install it.

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Messenger apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram have dramatically changed the way internet users communicate with each other. People no longer rely on emails and texts to communicate. The app has many advantages: free to download, easy to use, and works on Wi-Fi, so there is no need to use any mobile credit.

Since children, as well as adults, use it, it can potentially expose your children to bullies, unwanted friends, and online predators. There have been plenty of scandals involving sexting. Most of the illicit photos were sent via WhatsApp.

  • Employers also have a right to know what is being sent through their company’s devices. Employees waste billions of dollars’ worth of company time each year on Social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp has also become a favorite place for cheaters to send secret messages and to maintain clandestine relationships. That explains why many jealous spouses feel the need to track WhatsApp messages.
  • Naturally,  parents are concerned about the online activity of their children, spouses, significant others, or employees. More and more people are turning to spy apps to dispel all doubts and find out the truth. You only need to download and install the software on your target device to WhatsApp chat spy, and it will do the rest of the work.

This article will help you find the answer of how to spy on WhatsApp messages android for free.

How to track WhatsApp messages

There are several commonly known ways to monitor someone’s phone. They allow you to read WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook messages, track phone calls, view photos, videos, and more. The most popular ways to track WhatsApp messages are:

Sim card information

You can use the data from the SIM card that is used on the phone that you want to monitor. This will let you spy on someone’s cell phone. However, this method requires special software, equipment, knowledge, and skill.

Cracking the password

If you can crack a cell phone’s authentication password, you can view all text messages, track phone calls, Facebook, WhatsApp chats, photos, audio files, GPS location, etc. Of course, you will have to get a hold of the device and view everything manually.

Using spy software

Spy software is the most popular and affordable method of hacking WhatsApp chats and cell phones. It will give you all the information on someone’s WhatsApp activities without them knowing. The data is sent to the spy app’s servers, where you can view it, along with plenty of other information.

What is a WhatsApp tracker?

WhatsApp tracker is an advanced feature for iOS and Android platforms provided by spy apps like mSpy. It will read all the contents of WhatsApp and store them. This includes audio messages, photos, videos, and images. You will also get a log of all calls made. The software will automatically send screenshots of WhatsApp to the app’s dashboard, which you can access online.

Is it legal to spy on WhatsApp?

If you own a device, you can install whatever you like on it, and of course, you have a right to know what is being sent on it. That is particularly the case if it is a phone used by one of your children, or by one of your employees during work. Monitoring children’s online behavior is simply part of good parenting. Watching what your employees send on a phone that belongs to your company is common sense. On the other hand, spying on a device that belongs to someone else is illegal in most countries and states. Always follow the laws of your place of residence.

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