uMobix Review — a New Easy-to-Use Parental Control App

It’s impossible in our technology-driven world to isolate our kids/loved ones from gadgets. The rise of social media has brought a new wrinkle to parenthood & relationship challenges.

However, we’re privileged to live in times where technology can assist us in dealing with almost all our concerns. The Internet is not Vegas, as you know, it doesn’t have a “delete” button: whatever is made online — stays online, and is surely traceable. A cell phone of a person is a goldmine of valuable data that traces back over years.

If you have a necessity to get direct access to your kid’s phone, or the phone of your loved one, you can do it by purchasing one of the popular apps for Android and iPhone — a specifically designed tool that helps you to dig out all hidden facts that a person might be concealing for various reasons.

As a part of our job, we’re regularly testing different monitoring apps to discover their ups and downs, and compile an unbiased review of each product based on our own experience. Today the choice fell on uMobix — a relatively recent arrival on the market that we’ve been testing for 5 weeks on my daughters’ devices (iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy S10).

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uMobix is comprehensive monitoring software that gives a complete overview of a person’s online, social media, and cell phone activity.

Boasting a clean design without too many frills, uMobix offers fast onboarding, easy-to-use monitoring features that drive impactful innovation at scale on the market.

Being a cloud-based software, uMobix captures and transmits data to your user account accessible from any browser.

The information you track displayed very clearly: you can analyze data with various charts through the dashboard, or explore each tab that contains information regarding each separate activity. It doesn’t bog you down with unnecessary info or the requirement of extra steps to maintain the main purpose of the parental control app.

The software saves accurate information fast, including deleted contacts, hidden/erased pictures, or phone calls. You can view data instantly whenever you need it. For example, by clicking on the tab “Phone calls”, you will immediately open the list of phone calls that have been made by the target user.

uMobix is capable of transferring all files that are saved on a person’s device to your userspace. Powered by the newest technology, it scans target devices constantly, updating data every 5 minutes for Androids and as soon as the backup is performed on iOS. This is a much faster rate in comparison to other similar solutions.

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Before you get started with uMobix, you need to make sure that you can have the target device (the one that you’re going to track) in your possession for a while.

The software works via linking a target device to make it possible to pull data. In order to connect the device, you have to download uMobix on Android or provide iCloud credentials of the designated iOS device (the one that you’re going to track) in your user account.


Step 1: To start registration, go to uMobix and tap “Try now.”

Step 2: Provide your valid email address in the field and tap “Create an account.”

Step 3: Choose the target device that you’re going to monitor.

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Android devices

uMobix has a subscription-based membership system that means you pay for monthly usage. A 3-month subscription for $33.33/month will certainly save you some cash over the usual $59,99/month.

We generally find that uMobix’s Android prices are one of the cheapest on the market. Android users can reap the benefits of gaining early-stage access to the latest functionalities and innovation, and it costs $33,33 per month for a 3-month subscription, which is less than the majority of rival products offer for much fewer functionalities.

iOS devices

The benefits of iOS full package extend well beyond simply tracking a cell phone: full access to social media accounts, real-time GPS-tracker, online status indicator, and other top-notch functionalities are what the iOS user will get access to with the full package that comes at $49,99/month or $26,66/month with a 3-month subscription package.

Fill in billing details and submit your order.


Upon finishing your purchase, you’ll receive an email with further instructions. Log in to your user account where you’ll see the wizard that will help you to propel forward.

For Android devices

Step 1: The wizard contains the unique link that has to be opened on the target Android device (detailed video instruction is available here). Take your device that will be monitored and insert the link in any browser (for example, by launching Google Chrome). Open the file downloaded. Tap “install” and wait for the installation to finish and click “open.”

Step 2: Watch the video to get a clearer understanding of how to proceed with uMobix installation and how to hide the app icon from the menu.

For iOS devices

As with Androids, after completing the purchase for monitoring an iPhone, you’ll get detailed instructions mailed to you by uMobix’s team.

The setup process for iOS devices is a bit more complicated.

Step 1: First of all, you have to know the target device’s iCloud ID and password. You can fish it out by accessing the phone. The website also provides clues on how to find iCloud credentials on an iPhone.

Step 2: Before proceeding with the setup, you have to make sure that the backup on the target device is enabled. In this video, they give a quick run on how to turn on the backup one the target iOS device.

Step 3: After entering the credentials in the emerging field, you’ll have to pass the 2FA verification code sent by Apple. Tap “send confirmation code” from your userspace and take the target device to allow access.

Step 4: Receive the confirmation code sent by Apple and memorize it or write it down.

Step 5: Go back to your account and insert the code in the field as requested. After the code is verified, you’ll access your userspace where all the information will be displayed. For more detailed instructions, watch the video by clicking on the link we provided above.

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Outstanding Features

uMobix serves a variety of features that makes this software quite distinguishable in the crowd of competitors. Here is the list of the most noticeable ones.

  • Full access to Facebook/Instagram accounts on iOS

This is the biggest USP of uMobix. Full access means parents can enter their kid’s Facebook & Instagram as their own. This helps in filtering the contents of the Facebook or Instagram timeline from age-inappropriate content and be aware of who is following children and who they are following. You can write comments, deleted comments, in other words, supervise all Instagram or Facebook activities.

uMobix warns users that each activity on someone’s Facebook or Instagram is noticeable for the target user, so, in order to remain undetectable, keep this information in mind each time you enter your child’s account.

  • Screenshot reporting for Androids (all activities capturing)

You might think it would be great to see what your child has been up to with logs that input data every minute.

Within uMobix is an immersive gateway for doing just that. With the screenshot reporting feature, you are informed as early as possible, keeping all stats on your fingertips.

How does it work? The software captures screenshots of user activities every minute and sends them to your userspace. Thus, the software siphons off all activities by means of pictures, leaving no chance for you to stay misinformed.

Several similar apps offer fast data updates, but without the ability to capture what’s going on on a target phone in pictures, they, of course, all pale in comparison.

  • Online Status Indicator

This feature caters to the needs of those who want to keep tabs on the user’s online presence. Each time the user logs in to any social media or messenger, uMobix indicates this by adding a green status icon next to the particular tab in your userspace. Whenever the user is online, you’ll see the icon turning green.

  • Dashboard 

To help you get structured in the way you analyze data, uMobix represents a comprehensive dashboard that makes it very easy to consume and interpret collected information.

The dashboard is capable of breaking down your time gathering necessary data, as everything that you need is right there in front of you. It also contains device info, which gives you clues about the battery state, WiFi connection, timezone, etc.

If your child’s battery tends to drain quickly, you can always be aware of its condition, which gives you one less thing to worry about.

  • 20+ messengers and social apps tracking on Android

uMobix pulls information from 20+ popular apps and social media, including WhatsApp tracking, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Kik, Line, Tinder, WeChat, and all messengers and social apps that maintain its popularity among teen users.

The software pieces together findings and transforms them into data reports summarized in columns that show every point in order.


✔️ Includes monitoring for over 20+ popular social media channels for teenagers and kids

✔️ It offers real-time tracking


❌ Available only for Android devices

  • Youtube scanner

Wonder what your kid is watching on Youtube? Sure you do. YouTube is their go-to source for entertainment & news.

The newest version of uMobix comes with a Youtube tracking feature. We were deeply surprised to find out that it was present in our user account, and worked with no bugs. Thanks to screenshot reporting, we could see the whole Youtube history of my younger daughter, including the time of watching. There were a lot of videos there, but as a parent, you only need to scroll through without delving too much into it, to spot something age-inappropriate.

  • Application history & app activities

If you think you have the need to know what apps your child has been using recently; if you’re overwhelmed by the amount of time they spend in front of screens, then you can easily track which app glues them the most and do something about it.

uMobix allows you to track when a certain app was launched, shut down, how long it operated (all with timestamps).

Basic Features

  • GPS-tracker 

uMobix displays phone location with utmost accuracy, tracking users even in crowded places, like museums or cinemas. It shows you directions and real-time information along with visited places history.

The map is very detailed, it shows building outlines, streets, routes, etc. You can adjust the zoom level or the center coordinates via properties.

The downside is that you cannot define boundaries around areas that need to be specifically monitored. uMobix won’t send you alerts when your child crosses these boundaries. Some similar apps provide this option.


✔️ Tracks and collects location history

✔️ Easy-to-use

✔️ Remains invisible


❌ It doesn’t offer a geo-fencing feature

  • Phone Calls 

Airtight. Nothing bothered me here. The call history feature doesn’t differ much in quality from what the other apps provided: you gain complete access to the full phone history of the user. What I liked is the accuracy, attractive design, well-structured reports, and page loading speed.

  • Web Browser History 

To better know how your kids surf the web, you may want to get acquainted with their web history. uMobix doesn’t differ much at this point from many other apps, except the information is updated really quickly. For example, compared to mSpy, it’s lightning-fast.

On a scale from 1 to 10, uMobix’s basic features get 10, because they… work. With many other apps, we experienced difficulties trying to make it run, installing and reinstalling again, contacting support, and then going through the same circles of hell.

  • SIM Card change detection

I cannot provide a screenshot of this feature, because my daughter never changed the sim card during my monitoring session, but if you want to get an instant alert when the user changes the sim card, this function might be useful to you.

  • Contact List 

uMobix gives quick access to various contact details: When displaying content, the software makes it easy to scroll through and find whoever you need. It seems uMobix offers a user experience that reduces as much as possible the friction of using the software, and it made me glad.

  • Photo Gallery 

Photo gallery monitoring is one feature that allows you to be always in-the-know of what’s happening in your kid’s social life. My daughter is never shy in taking pictures of everything she sees with the intention to post it wherever she can. uMobix displayed all her photos in my account in chronological order, so I could have the idea of where my kid is and what she’s doing with her friends.


uMobix supports all devices operated by Android or iOS. With no exception. If you have doubts regarding your device, they have the option on the website to check whether your target device is compatible.


uMobix’s packages vary according to the functionality you choose and the device you’re going to track. There is a monthly plan with an unlimited device change option for Androids at the price of $59.99/month. If you choose a 3-month subscription plan, it’ll cost you $33,33/month. The same for iOS — $49,99/month and $29,99/month accordingly.

If you take a look at the pricing of the majority of rival products — you’ll see that many of them come at the same or a bit higher price. There are some tracking apps that we’ve tested that have a much lower price, but it’s marred by completely inflexible subscription packages: a small price starts with a 1-year subscription, which is totally inconvenient for me, despite many brilliant functionalities they may offer.

User experience & support

When we tested similar apps, an interface used to be a pain in the neck, but at uMobix it’s actually quite simple: row data is turned into easy-to-read reports. Dashboard and other tabs group data reports in chronological order which makes them easy to find and leads to fast and accurate data consumption.

uMobix offers 24/7 support that is not just words. I pinged them in a chat that popped up on the website to ask how to overcome the 2FA authentication procedure. The guy who responded to me was very polite and explained how to escape unnecessary problems during the procedure. His name was James Boyd.

Pros: Cons:
✔️ Unique & groundbreaking features: ❌ Some features work only on iOS, and others only on Androids
✔️ Works on all iOS & Androids ❌ Doesn’t offer a geofencing feature
✔️ It only takes 10 minutes to install & set up ❌ Doesn’t offer phone surroundings recording
✔️ Undetectable
✔️ Fast data update
✔️ Reasonable price
✔️ Flexible subscription packages
✔️ 24/7 support
✔️ No bugs experienced

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There is one big advantage of uMobix over other monitoring apps, like mSpy or FlexiSpy — too many innovative features for a really small price. Full access to Instagram & Facebook accounts is an absolutely unique feature that hasn’t been presented before on the market. And it comes at the price of any other average monitoring app that doesn’t offer anything like that.

uMobix doesn’t bother you with stuff you don’t need: pop-ups, complicated setup, jailbreaking, confirmation, etc. For example, it will quickly browse the user’s latest whereabouts, without any hurdles faced. Its design is very much user-friendly and well-integrated with all kinds of smartphones.

What separated uMobix from the rest of its competitors is its reliability: the app works on both Android and iOS platforms as promised. No wonder it continuously receives positive reviews on Trustpilot. It offers all the benefits of using an advanced personal tracking app in your palm, without risking your nervous system that can suffer when every feature breaks down along the way, as with far many similar tools.

Fast data loading stays one of the biggest aces up uMobix’s sleeve — capturing & visualizing huge volumes of data in real-time is not something other apps can boast of.

There are a few quibbles. First, some unique and truly innovative features are available only for iOS so far (full access to social media accounts). Screenshot reporting that enables all activities capturing works only on Android devices, as of today. There is no option of limiting app usage for your kids or set screen time control.

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