uMobix Review — a New Easy-to-Use App for Parental Control

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If you’re a responsible parent, then the question of your child’s online safety has probably been raised for you before.

Setting up parental control to kids’ devices lets you monitor your child’s activities and “keep the ear to the ground.”

In this review, we will uncover all characteristics of the new parental control app uMobix.

It is rapidly gaining popularity, providing a fast and straightforward way to control almost all your child’s online activities instantly.

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What is uMobix

uMobix is a parental control app compatible with Android 4+ mobiles and tablets, all iPhones and iPads. Its main advantage is its optimal mix of features & user-friendly interface.

Like many other similar apps, uMobix lets parents keep track of what’s going on with the target device. It provides data in the forms of detailed regular reports (charts, text messages, map routes, etc.)

All data gathered breaks down into several categories: calls, address books, messages, locations, browse bookmarks, browser history, and social media.


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Address Book

There are people out there who spend time with your kid for most of the day, like teachers or classmates. uMobix reveals their names, telephones, and tracks their calls. Any new contact is going straight to the list.

Call Logs

The app contains the complete call history of a controlled device. The call logs are displayed in chronological order along with contact names, phone numbers, timestamps, and call duration.


SMS tracker keeps all sent, received or deleted messages with timestamps and contact info.

GPS locations and routes

With this app, it’s easy to monitor child’s routes in real time. A GPS tracker retraces all the routes accurately and sees how much the child has spent at a particular location. All the areas are spotted accurately.

Browser History

The app tracks websites visited on target devices, checks the number of times a particular site was visited during a specific time. It enlists websites’ URLs, including the particular page that was accessed.

Messengers and Social Media

uMobix displays messages from apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, in chronological order, giving detailed contact information of receivers. You can check group chats as well. uMobix also has a keylogger to capture every keystroke your child makes.


umobix dashboard on mac iphone android

The app has an easy and intuitive interface. Anyone can learn how to navigate it in a minute. There is a comprehensive FAQ section if the user requires help with any feature.

How to install uMobix

A user gets step-by-step instructions for each step of the installation process after making the purchase. Physical access to Androids is required. For the iOS device — you provide iCloud credentials and adjust some settings. Physical access to the target iOS device is not required.

Subscription plans

uMobix offers full and basic subscription plans. The Basic one does not cover browser history, bookmarks, keylogger, and social media messengers. If you choose the yearly subscription, you save $15 on monthly payment.

The Full plan yearly subscription lets you save $27 monthly.

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To use uMobix, you have to own the smartphone or tablet you’re going to control or possess a written consent from a person who owns it. The app is designed for ethical purposes only. It means you cannot spy on your spouse using uMobix, for example.

Is uMobix legal?

Using uMobix is legal in case you’re legally responsible for the device. The device can belong to the other person, but he/she must be fully aware of your intentions.


uMobix is a brand-new parental control app that hit the market with its user-friendly interface and clear navigation. It allows parents to get fast & easy access to the target device.

The best mix of checking contacts, location tracking, and app management on Android and iOS devices. A breeze to install and use.

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