What is the Best Tinder Tracker and How to Use It?

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Learn how to use Tinder tracker to expose a cheating spouse and ward off sex pests from your family’s way. This blog focuses on:

  • What Can You Do with the mSpy Tinder Tracker?
  • How to install mSpy on both Android and iOS?
  • How to Monitor Tinder with mSpy?
  • How Much Does mSpy Tinder Monitoring Cost?
  • Why Choose mSpy Tinder Tracker?

Tinder is one of the popular dating apps that allow users to exchange pleasantries digitally.

There is a risk of explicit exposure through this app as it lacks the necessary controls for detecting kids’ activities.

When your partner is cheating or sex predators are having a field day, you can detect the threats and take action to stop further damage.

Tinder spying is essential as it digs into matches and exposes flirty messages flying around while enabling you to stop them from luring your loved ones.

We have found a way of making spying easy with the mSpy app.

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What Can You Do with the mSpy Tinder Tracker?

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mSpy does three primary things:

  • Displays critical information on matches made through swiping;
  • Presents a hacked tinder profile in full view;
  • Records interactions and account activity on your partner and child’s cell phone.

Typically, when you search online, you get many promotional sites that don’t tell exactly how to spy but promise easy or even free solutions. Be wary, scam alert!

Tinder’s mSpy goes a notch higher by digging insightful information from Tinder and other dating sites like restricted profile pictures, profile settings, or even messages.

mSpy isn’t just any Tinder tracking app. Such spy apps cut across many other platforms. You can use this GPS tracker to reveal the target’s movements and footprint information from popular instant messengers & social media like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Snapchat.

The Tinder spy app combs through the target device text messages, chat conversations, call logs, and GPS location.

A keylogger tool records keystrokes that the device owner hits on the keyboard, which is a perfect way of stealing passwords.

Apart from all the spoofing, the cell phone tracker allows unlimited access to videos and photos. The tool also tracks internet usage, enlightening you on the sites they visit.

How to Monitor Tinder with mSpy?

mspy tinder tracker dashboard messages


The mSpy no Jailbreak solution for iOS is the indomitable choice for Apple lovers. To initiate mSpy:

  1. Trigger the iCloud Backup on the target device.
  2. Navigate to iCloud user settings and select iCloud Backup.
  3. Select Backup Now to continue. Subsequent Backups happen every 24 hours when the cell phone is charging, connected to Wi-Fi, or is on sleep-mode.
  4. After Backup, log in to the mSpy web account. Then choose a device to proceed, next you will enter the target’s iCloud credentials for login.
  5. Select the Backup you want to download. Finish the process and check the dashboard regularly for new Backups.


mSpy for Android is as easy as ABC. A stable internet connection and Android version 4 onwards is all it takes.

Just like with the Jailbreak version for iOS, you need physical access to target cell phones to install the phone tracker. Ensure that you are working from a rooted target phone to increase the chances of success.

When you want to do some Tinder spying and monitoring with mSpy, follow a few easy steps:

  1. Start by purchasing a plan suitable for you.
  2. Then fulfill the payment obligation and wait for a letter with installation instructions.
  3. Download the Tinder spy app from the target device to proceed.
  4. Once installed, you can conveniently check text messages, GPS information, and monitor the Tinder conversations at the palm of your hand.

When setting up, use the incognito mode of your browser to minimize traceability. Also, don’t forget to turn on keylogger tracking.

Once done, go to the mSpy control panel, set up the platform, and enter the registration code. Be sure to select Android to avoid hitches.

The mSpy monitoring software offers a robust platform for exposing predatory trends in dating apps.

Do not hesitate to reach out to the amazing mSpy customer support when faced with any technical issues of setting up the phone tracker.

How Much Does mSpy Tinder Monitoring Cost?

Tinder Tracking with mSpy is available at premium packages. There is room for flexibility, the price depends on the period you wish to enjoy Tinder Tracking.

If you want a package for one month, three months, or an annual one, the choice is yours. The most attractive plan is the yearly one priced at $16.16 per month, followed by $39.99 if you choose the three-month plan. But if you need the spy software for only a month, the subscription costs $69.99.

mSpy Price Comparison

1 Month

3 Months

12 Months

$69.99/ Month



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Why Choose mSpy Tinder Tracker?

There is no reason to have chills when using mSpy. It is quite safe for you to deploy this app on your kid’s cell phone. Tracking your kid’s online movements using the Tinder spy won’t raise any legal questions.

Plus, your child won’t know they are on your radar, you view everything from a customized dashboard. As to the speed of the tracked device, the smartphone owner won’t notice any change whatsoever.

mSpy surveillance software works seamlessly in the background, digging the much-needed information.

Moreover, the payment plan is quite flexible, and you can decide how long you want to track your subject.

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