TheOneSpy Monitoring App. Purposes and Opportunities

DISCLAIMER: Due to technical issues and multiple complaints from our users, we do NOT recommend using TheOneSpy app. Instead, we need to redirect you to mSpy.

TheOneSpyTheOneSpy is one of the most popular and proper spying programs that become indispensable software to know the truth. TheOneSpy can monitor almost every mobile phone: BlackBerry, Android device, and iPhone. What can be better than a full control over the situation and a pure truth? Check the following TheOneSpy review.

TheOneSpy Functional Features

theonespy-phoneTheOneSpy app has various useful opportunities directed on maximum chances to collect the veracity.

  • Calls control. Regular development of TheOneSpy products allows you not only viewing of the call list and phonebook but also listening to the dialogs online and even record them. It is an advanced option, and even such leaders in mobile spy industry as MSpy or uMobix can’t boast of such benefit.
  • Web browser viewing. You may easily read the list of visited sites and block the harmful ones. The history of the search requests is also available, and you may find out the true interests of the tracking person.
  • GPS location. It is another additional feature to confirm or disprove some surmises. A visual illustration of the phone monitoring is available in your account. We mean a route map and real-time location of the tracking device. The GPS feature is useful for various purposes. It helps to protect kids and grandparents with memory issues or check the honesty of your employees who can lie about their sickness, for instance.
  • Remote options. Even James Bond could envy to these spy possibilities. It provides the remote taking pictures and online listening to the surrounding of the phone due to the built-in microphone. Also, TheOneSpy offers some control (on/off, restart, remove) of the applications. This function gives great possibilities to heedful moms and dads because they may check all programs by the inappropriate content and remove them from the child’s phone if needed.
  • Managing files. A phone gallery is available, so any picture, video or file can be viewed. Entering personal account, you have full access to them. You may copy them to your computer, delete them from a target device, listen to music or just monitor the phone files.

Track Messages with TheOneSpy

  • Access to all messages. Use the app to spy on texts, monitor emails, SMS, and MMS. This option helps not only to read minds and plans of the person you track but also to monitor trends: addressees, time and frequency of messages.
  • Spying on social media. Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Kik, Viber, Skype, SnapChat and other messengers are open for you with TheOneSpy. We should pay particular priority to This contemporary app sends messages and deletes them after a small period (about 10 sec) from the mobile phone and even a server. XNSpy and TeenSafe, for instance, can’t offer such monitoring ability.

Drawbacks and Limitations

theonespy-iphoneProbably the only drawback of TheOneSpy which you find in this review is that iPhone must be jailbroken if you want to spy on his user. Apple products have much less available functions if not being jailbroken before. TheOneSpy positions itself as monitoring software with the extensive list of services and the company wants to help customers more efficiently. So, the support team assists to the customers with a phone jailbreaking. You shouldn’t worry about that and only find a couple of additional minutes to complete this procedure.

What Else Can You Get with TheOneSpy?

  • Find out logins and passwords. This function is being able thanks to a KeyLogger, special software that monitors a phone screen.
  • Complete anonymity. TheOneSpy app is completely hidden in the target phone. Even programs dispatcher doesn’t show this invisible spying app.
  • A broad range of mobile operators and countries. The newest list of maps would detect real location; all legal mobile phone operators will help users with it.

TheOneSpy Purposes


  1. Childcare. What can be more expensive and crucial than children? The available range of TheOneSpy options can give you a feeling of being closer to your offspring. By monitoring him or her cell phone, you can prevent dangerous acquaintance, harmful software, and troubles at school. But you should be quite attentive. Losing of child’s trust is one of the riskiest ways that can lead to a psychological imbalance within the family.
  2. Business care. It seems to be a rule: each director should give all possible opportunities to his employees: PC, the Internet, prepaid cell phone and other goods that ensure comfortable and efficient work. But he also must monitor their activity as well. The intellectual property should be carefully protected so that TheOneSpy can be the right decision in this case. Calls, SMS or suspicious assignments will be under well-defined checkout with an organized phone.
  3. Spouse honesty. It is another important purpose of TheOneSpy. The future creating is a very delicate process, so being quite sure in you loved one is a must. If he or she lies to you, it can cause the unstable relations. The functionality of TheOneSpy monitor app can easily solve such a dilemma.


TheOneSpy-pricingThe first thing we should mention is that there are three basic variations of packages that depend on the type of operation system and other factors. Each operation system (Android, iOS, and BlackBerry) has three levels: quarterly, 6 months and a year subscription of TheOneSpy.

We need to mention other popular monitoring apps that also provide different variants of the subscription that depends on the available functions. XNSpy, FlexiSpy, and MSpy offer $69.66, $99 and $59.99 per three months for a minimal set of features. TheOneSpy starts from $55 for a quarter subscription and offers various versions which depend on your monitoring needs. The widest one is suitable for Android devices and costs $75 per 90 days.


If you look for mobile monitoring software with particular functions, you may choose among different variants of TheOneSpy subscription. If you look for some app to monitor your child/employee/spouse, pick TheOneSpy as the cheapest software among invisible spy apps for android and similar phone apps. Numerous benefits and available options make this software outstanding and valuable in various life situations.

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