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Text message spy apps have been on the increase recently. Curiosity has made it quite rampant. Texting spy applications have come to make parenting a little bit easier since parents can easily monitor what and who their children are texting on their phones without them knowing. Text spy app allows you to read someones’ text messages remotely without installing cell phone software on the user target phone.

How to use a text spy app

text spy appThe text spying app has to be installed on both phones for you to be able to access messages being sent to and forward, basically to spy on text messages. Its installation on the phone being spied on will enable the app to access the texts on the particular ios devices or Android ones. The messages are infiltrated without the knowledge of the phone’s owner.

  1. You need to download the app on the phone. Then, open an account with a password and username.
  2. This account can be easily accessed regardless of the location of the user or the browser.
  3. After installing the app, all the messages will be directly transferred to your account. And you can access the information in it at any time you want.

Potential ways to use a spy text app

Parents are justified to use this app on their children’s phones; employers can also use it on some of their employees.

Employees who are not trustworthy can divulge trade secrets to rival companies if their phones are bugged.  The employer may realize what has happened and make a snap decision to counter it. Cheating spouses can also be bugged so that you can show the messages as evidence.

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Text messaging spy apps: Key features

The messaging app has many features that enable it to function appropriately and efficiently. These futures are either the common features or the premium ones.

But for premium users, there are charges which are incurred. These features simplify and make the use of this messaging app less complicated. There are different spy apps in the market, but they share similar features. Get the date and time records of text messages.

Texting spy displays the exact date and time when the text messages were sent and received.

Once you login to your account, you will have a detailed record showing the exact time date. That gives information precision and surety. It is enough evidence that cannot be disputed at all because it has all aspects of realism. This feature is essential in instances when the individual being spied on deletes messages and tries to deny the evidence provided.

Once you are presented with all the facts, it is hard to refute the claims. It can also be filed in a court of law if the need arises. Courts require evidence which supports its claim. The presence of the date and time will prove to be vital in any case.

1. Control over account: 24/7 text monitoring

Another essential feature is that the app is controlled by the person who has the account. Even if the person being spied on deletes his/her messages on their phone, it will not affect the messages being stored in the account. It is a significant feature since regardless of what happens to the individuals’ phone, it will not affect the messages that have been stored in your account.

The only problem is when the person discovers that he or she is being spied on gains access to the owner’s account and deletes the stored messages. That is the only time that there can be a loss of data. To prevent this, the account is usually secured using a password to prevent access to the stored messages.

The phone app also shows the person or individual on the other end of the conversation. It is an essential feature of the app because the individual, on the other end, is the determinant of the whole spying thing. It will determine how the person spying on the individual will react to the information he/she is receiving.

Mostly, for parents, the person on the other end of the phone messages will determine whether the parent will forbid the child from talking to the individual. Also, for spouses, this is very important because you can carry a background search on the individual on the other end of the phone, and you can brainstorm on the next cause of action.

2. Get access to phone monitoring account from any device

access texts

Another essential feature is that you can access the information on your account on any device. As long it has a browser and an internet connection.

Regardless of your location or whether or not you have your mobile or not, you can still access the logs in your account very quickly as long as you still have your phone log in password and username. The information can also be sent to your email address, where you can access it quickly.

3. Live control panel

There is also a premium feature called the Live Control Panel. It allows you to view what is happening on the other screen as soon as you log in.

The live control panel feature is typically charged; you will incur a charge to use it. It is a little bit realistic, and if you want to keep a record of the events, you can take screenshots of the occurrence as it is happening.

Though it is not as efficient and effective as other features, it is more of a live happening event. It is not that efficient because apart from taking screenshots. You cannot keep track of it to use at a later time.

What is the best free app to spy on text messages?

Every good thing comes with a price. There is no free spy app to track texts. Some of the spy apps do offer a free trial for a limited period. A good spy app will require you to subscribe to their packs for a fee. Also, some of the spy apps come with a money refund policy.

If you don’t find the app useful, you can always get your money back. One such SMS tracker is the Umobix app.

Can someone track your texts?

No one is legally allowed to track, trace, or spy SMS messages without your permission. The person who hacks your mobile or tries to spy on your text messages first downloads a text message tracker on your mobile to do so.

Do spy text apps actually work?

Yes, some of the text message spyware or cell phone spy apps work fantastically. These mobile apps can secretly monitor and obtain information from the target device. Not only texts, but they can also spy on call logs, videos, tracking social media, GPS location, and any other activity performed over the target device.

The text message reader is secretly downloaded in the target device and make it stay hidden. The SMS spy app then sends all the data to the app’s server to make it accessible.

Can I spy on a phone with just a number?

It’s complicated to spy on someone’s phone with just a number, but not impossible. However, you can easily read someone’s text message without them knowing and also remotely access the target device and its data and even know their location by using SMS spy apps like Umobix that is intended for legal usage. With Umobix spy app, you can spy on any Android or iOS mobile phone effectively.


Privacy, at times, is a privilege to some people. Nowadays, technology has brought many things such that privacy is now becoming vague slowly by slowly. But then again, infringing on privacy sometimes does more good than harm. Especially when it comes to parenting and company secrets. People have been debating on privacy matters, but in the end, we cannot have absolute privacy in this generation. If it happened then, something somewhere would go completely wrong. Therefore and ironically, we should appreciate the lack of complete privacy.

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