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Text message spy apps have been on the increase recently. Curiosity has made it quite rampant. Texting spy applications have come to make parenting a little bit easier since parents can easily monitor what and who their children are texting on their phones without them knowing. Text spy app allows you to read someones’ text messages remotely without installing cell phone software on the user target phone.

Can You Spy on Text Messages?

There are several ways in which you can spy on text messages. The simplest, but also the riskiest is to get access to the target device physically and read through all the text messages on it. However, there’s always a risk of being caught while doing this, which is why the alternative is to use a solution that enables you to monitor text messages on another device remotely. These tools are spy apps, and this guide will take you through some of the best options you can use to spy on text messages remotely.

Potential Ways to Use a Text Spy App

There are several reasons why you might want to spy on text messages. Parents can use it as a parental control application to monitor their children’s conversations with their friends. Employers can use it to ensure that their employees are working as efficiently as possible and also not divulging any confidential information. Lastly, individuals can also use it to monitor their partners or spouses if they want to catch them cheating.

Try the Best Text Spy App

uMobix: Best Text Message Spy App

uMobix text spy app

First on the list of the best text message spy app is uMobix. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS and does an excellent job of spying on text messages without the target device.

uMobix offers an easy-to-use dashboard that gives you the following information while spying on text messages –

  • All sent and received text messages on the target device
  • Dates and timestamps next to each message
  • The ability to retrieve deleted text messages

Further, the app also provides you details like the sender’s name and phone number or just their phone number if their contact isn’t saved in the address book.

The text messages are presented to you in a semi-conversation view of sorts. The chats are shown to you in a list, and upon clicking on one, you can view the messages under that conversation alone. However, this isn’t a true conversation view, which is a tad bit easier to navigate through.

Further, the messages are also listed chronologically, so you can easily look for something specific. However, there’s no search functionality on offer.

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mSpy: Text Message Spy Without Access to Phone

mSpy text message spying

Another brilliant application that you can use to spy on text messages without the target phone is mSpy. This is a comprehensive spy app that you can use to monitor texts, calls, social media chats, GPS locations, keystrokes, and more. This app is compatible with Android and iPhone devices and is very easy to install on both devices.

mSpy’s hidden SMS tracker is quite detailed and can also be considered among its best features, and offers you all the information listed below –

  • All sent and received text messages on the device
  • The date and time of each text message on the device
  • Any MMS files attached with the text messages

The best part about mSpy is that it provides all of the messages on the target device in a conversation view. This makes it easy to navigate to a specific message. However, the app doesn’t offer a filter function that allows you to filter messages based on their dates.

This free SMS tracker also comes with a 7-day-free trial so you can test it out to see if it suits your needs.

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SpyBubble: Text Message Tracker

Spy on text messages with SpyBubble

SpyBubble is another comprehensive text message tracking app that’s widely compatible with most iOS and Android cell phones. It offers an intuitive dashboard that also lets you monitor all other activities, such as Facebook Messenger and other social media platforms, GPS locations, browser history, media files, incoming and outgoing calls, and more.

SpyBubble’s text message interface gives you a lot of valuable information once its installed on the target device. This includes –

  • A list of all sent and received texts
  • A log of deleted text messages
  • Media and MMS files attached with texts
  • Dates and timestamps for each message, along with the sender’s name and/or phone number

SpyBubble lists all the conversations chronologically, making it easier to navigate through them to find a specific conversation from a particular day. Further, while the app is comeptiviely priced, it doesn’t offer a free trial like mSpy does.

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Cocospy: Hidden SMS Tracker

Intercept text messages with Cocospy

Cocospy is another great spy app that you can use to spy on incoming and outgoing text messages remotely. It offers a lot of information about the text messages on the target device, apart from offering all the other features you can expect from the best spy apps in the market.

Here’s everything you can see with Cocospy –

  • Read all sent and received text messages on the target device
  • View dates and timestamps for each message
  • View contact IDs and contact pictures
  • The ability to choose between viewing 10, 20, 50, or 100 text message entries.

The best part is that you can access all the details of these text messages without jailbreaking the device. This applies to both text messages and iMessages.

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Spyzie: Text Message Spy App

Spyzie SMS tracking app

Spyic is another one of the best SMS tracker apps available in the market today. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices and can be widely used to monitor your kids, employees, or even partner or spouse.

In terms of spying on people’s text messages, Spyzie does a fairly good job of giving you all the information you could need about the conversations the target is having. The app gives you the following details under the “Messages” tab –

  • The dates and timestamps of each text message in a conversation
  • A log of all incoming and outgoing texts on the device
  • A log of all the deleted messages, provided they aren’t deleted on the device immediately.
  • Access to all media files or MMS attachments with the texts

The best part is that the app provides you all these conversations in a proper conversation view that makes them easier to navigate through. Further, the app is completely undetectable on the target device due to Stealth Mode, so the target will never know that their messages are being monitored.

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What Is the Best Free App to Spy on Text Messages?

Every good thing comes with a price. There is no free spy app to track texts. Some of the spy apps do offer a free trial for a limited period. A good spy app will require you to subscribe to their packs for a fee. Also, some of the spy apps come with a money refund policy.

If you don’t find the app useful, you can always get your money back. One such SMS tracker is the uMobix app.

Can I See Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone?

With a spy app like mSpy, you can easily view someone’s text messages without their phone after the app is installed. You can do this by creating a free account on the mSpy website, selecting your subscription package by choosing between Basic and Premium, and installing the app on the target device.

Can Someone Track Your Texts?

No one is legally allowed to track, trace, or spy SMS messages without your permission. The person who hacks your mobile or tries to spy on your text messages first downloads a text message tracker on your mobile to do so.

Do Spy Apps Actually Work?

Yes, some of the text message spyware or cell phone spy apps work fantastically. These mobile apps can secretly monitor and obtain information from the target device. Not only texts, but they can also spy on call logs, videos, tracking social media, GPS location, and any other activity performed over the target device.

The text message reader is secretly downloaded in the target device and make it stay hidden. The SMS spy app then sends all the data to the app’s server to make it accessible.

Can I Spy on a Phone With Just a Number?

It’s complicated to spy on someone’s phone with just a number, but not impossible. However, you can easily read someone’s text message without them knowing and also remotely access the target device and its data and even know their location by using SMS spy apps like Umobix that is intended for legal usage. With uMobix spy app, you can spy on any Android or iOS mobile phone effectively.


Privacy, at times, is a privilege to some people. Nowadays, technology has brought many things such that privacy is now becoming vague slowly by slowly. But then again, infringing on privacy sometimes does more good than harm. Especially when it comes to parenting and company secrets. People have been debating on privacy matters, but in the end, we cannot have absolute privacy in this generation. If it happened then, something somewhere would go completely wrong. Therefore and ironically, we should appreciate the lack of complete privacy.

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