Review Of TeenSafe – The Phone Spyware


What is TeenSafe?

TeenSafe is a cell phone and message spy software that can be used to track all teen’s text messages as well as phone calls. It was designed by the group of developers who wanted to spy on their children. So you can be sure that the app will meet all your need and will completely satisfy you.

TeenSafe is popular and was noted in many online user reviews and offline resources such as The New York Post, USA Today, The View, ABC 7, etc. All they recommend it for parents who want to protect their kids from otherwise potentially dangerous conditions using electronic devices such as phone and tablet. This application is a perfect phone spy app providing an opportunity to track your child’s phone when you are away.

teensafe_screenFeatures of TeenSafe

security1TeenSafe is widespread phone spy app that was chosen by more than 1 million parents who intended to keep their teens safe from online dangers. It allows monitoring all incoming and outgoing calls, all text messages which were sent or received with the help of the target phone, GPS location of the owner of the phone, etc. The main pros and cons of TeenSafe are the next:


  • Restricted Support. You will not be able to call to the customer support team of TeenSafe whenever you want. They are not available 24/7 as support of many other applications. But as a rule, the app works without any failures and faults, so there will be no necessity to contact customer support team often. That’s why we don’t think that you may have some problem with this;
  • LiveChat is not available at all. Yet again it can be inconvenient only in some ad-hoc situations. But TeenSafe is reliable phone spy app. And this fact shouldn’t frighten you and discourage the use of this program;
  • Visual files which were sent in text messages will not be available for monitoring.


  • There is no need for iPhone jailbreak. Many cell phone spy applications require iOS jailbreaking, which means the removing of software restrictions that were set by the producer of the phone and TeenSafe doesn’t do this. It is a great feature that makes the process of installation of TeenSafe easier and faster.
  • Low prices. Pricing policy of TeenSafe allows almost any parent to get control app for monitoring kids’ phones for the affordable price.
  • A great number of options that allow controlling your child’s Internet and phone activities.

Why Should You Choose TeenSafe?


Our kids especially teens use their phones, tablets, and computers every single hour of their everyday life. And we don’t know who they are speaking with and what content they are sharing on their accounts in social media. That’s why many parents are worried is everything ok with their children and is there any risk to their safety on the Internet. And their worries are justified. Cases of fraud, extortion and other crimes occur more and more often online. And we should protect our children from dangers on the Internet. And using of cell phone spy applications is the best tool for this.

Statistics say that 95% of teens are using online resources every day. Herewith the average age of users varies from 12 to 17 years. We also know that teens usually use their smartphones to get access to the web content. Almost all active users of smartphones in this age have their personal counts social networks that can also lead the dangers online.

Imprudent sharing of personal information online such as home address, the names of friends, the name or address of the school can become the reason of cyber bullying and cyber crimes. That’s why TeenSafe is a really great investment in your kids’ safety. It provides the possibility of tracking phone calls, text-messaging and a parent has an opportunity to intercept certain information that seems to be strange or dangerous. So this software allows parents to take measures in their efforts to keep their teens in safe.

TeenSafe Functionality

teensafe-feaaturesTeenSafe is one of the best spying services that makes it possible to monitor kids’ phones which work on different operating systems such as iPhone or Android. Like other spy apps TeenSafe enables parents to:

  • Monitor all texts. The user of the app will able to view all sent, received and even deleted SMS messages and iMessages;
  • Track all calls. View call logs of outgoing as well as incoming calls, including such information as contact name, number, date and even the duration of the call;
  • Track phone GPS location. You will be able to see the current location of your teen’s smartphone on a map. There is also an option of monitoring the history of the phone’s location;
  • View web history. Monitor all your teen’s web browser history with the help of TeenSafe;
  • View contacts. There will access to all contacts that were saved on your child’s device;
  • Monitor WhatsApp, Kik Messenger. Ability to track all chats and conversations on the messengers such as WhatsApp, Kik Messenger.

TeenSafe provides a new feature of monitoring installed apps. Now any user of TeenSafe can easily view a list of all third-party apps that were installed on your kid’s tablet or cell phone.

Do you still hesitate? Choose TeenSafe!

teensafe-privicyUSA Today said about TeenSafe: “TeenSafe has kept teens out of dangerous situations.” And we have no reason to disagree with this. So if you want to protect your children from many dangers that they can face using phones, tablets and surfing the Internet choose TeenSafe. And be sure that your family is safe.

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