How to Tap a Cell Phone Conversation?

 Cell phone tapping  is a technique of listening and recording voice calls between a caller and a receiver on the second end of the target phone. When you successfully tap a phone, you get to know what kinds of conversations your children are having and if your employees are revealing confidential company information.

woman eavesdropping

We have researched the free and paid methods and deduced that  paid methods get you better results . Most free methods tend to pose as scams and end up stealing your information through adware and malware. Old school methods take longer to prepare while hacker methods are quite pricey, so the better option is using a monitoring app.

Old School Hacker Attacks Monitoring Apps
Method Eavesdropping/ Voice Recorder SS7/Man-in-the-Middle FlexiSpy Hoverwatch
Difficulty Hard Very Hard Moderate Easy
Time required A week to months A couple of months 40 minutes 15 minutes
Money spent Free/minor equipment costs (approx. $30) Three to four-digit sums starting from $68 for one month $19.99 for a month
Success Rate 20% 50% More than 70% More than 80%

From our experiment, we conclude that the old school way of tracking using voice recorders and eavesdropping is most difficult. Similarly, for Hacker methods like the use of SS7, the process won’t be easy either. But when using spy apps like FlexiSpy and Hoverwatch, you have better success within a short time frame. These work if you want to tap into a conversation to monitor a cheating spouse or your child.

How to Tap a Cell Phone without Installing Software?

As the world progresses into superfast technologies like 5G networks, so do hackers up their game tapping phone calls. One way is the SS7 (Common Channeling Signaling System no. 7) trick, which taps a target phone from the cell phone network without installing anything on the target device. A hacker, government agent, or cell phone service provider can exploit the method that only uses a cell phone number to trace the target cell phone user’s location with precision.

Then there is tapping a phone using older and ineffective methods like eavesdropping or using voice recorders on an unmanned cell phone. In this method, you can set a recording phone to answer phone calls automatically without ringing. You can then plug the cell phone at a charging point in the meeting room, and once the meeting starts, make a call and listen in to the conversation.

How to Tap a Cell Phone Remotely Using Cell Phone Monitoring App?

Many spy apps out in online markets promise to tap on device communication, but they often do not deliver on their promise. A significant number will only provide partial data like call log timestamps, duration of phone calls, contacts. They do not dig into the subject matter of conversations, and that is why we recommend trusted apps like  Hoverwatch and FlexiSpy  to provide you with in-depth tapping. These work well as Android and iPhone spy apps.

How to Tap Someone’s Phone with FlexiSPY?

FlexiSpy lets you tap into phone(s) by securely intercepting calls through enabling a three-way calling feature on the GSM network. Once you install the call trapping app on the target cell phone, it will alert you through a message of an ongoing phone call which you can join and listen in anonymously.

flexispy interface on macbook


 For Android 
  • Phone call interception: The feature lets you listen to a live call without the other communicators noticing that you are snooping.
  • Facebook Call Recording: This is a superior call recording feature that works on all VoIP calls.
  • Spycall: The feature is unique because you can call the target cell phone and listen to its surroundings without the owner noticing you are listening.
  • Whatsapp Call Recording: The whatsapp tracker records incoming and outgoing calls regardless of the existing encryptions.
  • Environment Recording: FlexiSpy does ambient recording at scheduled times or whenever it is activated, and you can listen to the discreet conversations at a later time.
  • Viber, Line, and Skype Call Recording: The app uses VoIP recording technology to track these apps.
  • Remcam: This is a remote camera (front and rear) that lets you see the person you call.
  • Call log: Lets you check the details of every call, things like duration, name of caller and receiver, etc.
  • Text message spy: You can also monitor all sent and received text messages on the target device.
 For iOS 
  • Facetime Call Recording: This spycam feature secretly activates a FaceTime call to enable you to see what is happening at the target person environment.
  • Phone Call Recording: The feature allows you to listen to incoming and outgoing calls through a remote dashboard. You can also record the calls for later review.
  • Other common features with iOS include phone call interception, spycall, environment recording, Facebook, Skype, Line, and Viber recording.
  • Remvid: The feature activates a remote video shoot of the surroundings to let you know the child’s location at any given time.

Installation of FlexiSpy

FexiSpy is a top-notch computer monitoring app that is very easy to install. With a few minutes, you are good to go with device monitoring. Besides, they offer live support (chats) to help resolve hitches during installation.

What else? FlexiSpy is the only spy app that provides worry-free installation. FlexiSpy will do configuration, rooting, and jailbreaking to prepare a target cell phone for monitoring. The provider has standby technicians who are always willing to help when setting up the app.

Step by Step Installation of FlexiSpy


1. Download FlexiSpy by buying a suitable subscription from the official company website. Note that you won’t find this app on Google or App Store.

flexispy apk download link

2. Install the app by granting permission to the target cell phone to download apps from unknown sources. Accept the terms to complete the process.

verifying flexispy installation

3. Activate the app using an activation code provided after you purchase a subscription. The activation code means you are accepting the terms and conditions for using FlexiSpy.

flexispy activation code

Since the activation code comes to your cell phone, make sure the SIM card is on. Upon successful activation, they will ask you whether you need the app to run in hidden mode or to be visible to everyone.

Download FlexiSPY

Tapping a cell phone is that easy with FlexiSpy, you do it without being discovered by the target person. Note that FlexiSpy serves thousands of target users, but the package you enjoy depends on what you want to monitor. Remember, you can always upgrade to higher versions to benefit from a pool of loaded features.

How to Listen in on a Phone Call Using Hoverwatch?

Want to tap phone calls on an android cell phone? Well, Hoverwatch is the best phone monitoring solution that lets you keep tabs of what is going on in call conversations and messages and chats within a target cell phone. The remote running app runs invincibly on the background of the target phone, and you can download recorded data at your convenience.

hoverwatch dashboard


  • Call, GPS, and SMS tracker: The app keeps a record of outgoing, incoming, and missed calls together with SMS. You can also track a cell phone location at any point in time.
  • Phone Recorder: Hoverwatch stores recorded conversations for easy reference when needed.
  • Stealth Mode: The app conceals itself in the background as it records calls, SMS, and other aspects of the platform.
  • Device History Tracker: Hoverwatch saves information regarding online calling services like Whatsapp, Viber, and Facebook.
  • Android Screenshots: The app maintains a record of screenshots taken while backing it up on the cloud. When you analyze the screenshots, you can get an in-depth understanding of calls and messages sent through a cell phone.
  • Contacts Saving: Regularly, the app will update the contact list on the target device.

Steps to Tap a Cell Phone using Hoverwatch

1. Prepare the Device

Get the device ready by turning off Play Protect on your android cell phone settings

2. Download

Download Hoverwatch and sign up with your email/password

3. Install

Install the downloaded app by initiating the process from downloads

4. Launch

Launch Hoverwatch by accepting the terms and conditions

5. Set up the App

Here, you grant the necessary permissions to Hoverwatch, do activation then select activities to monitor. Also, customize the screenshots to be taken and create a pin.

Download Hoverwatch


Now that we know that cell phone monitoring by number is a preserve of the government, you are only left with a few options like eavesdropping, using voice recorders, or through spy apps. The reliable online alternative, in our view, is the use of spy apps like Hoverwatch and FlexiSpy, which you can start using right away.

These hidden Android spy apps snoop on cell phones by recording conversations of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. They also have additional features like screenshots capture, facetime record, VoIP call recording, and more. So, by choosing FlexiSpy and Hoverwatch, you benefit from an extended portfolio of features that meet your phone monitoring needs.


How Much does it Cost to Tap a Cell Phone?

It isn’t costly to tap a cell phone, especially if you look at the benefits of phone monitoring features.

For full-time spies, the $199 Extreme three-month package on FlexiSpy comes with recording options for all audio streams. Besides, you get other amazing discovery tools, and you are eligible for a 10% discount.

To use Hoverwatch to track a target person, you get the same services for only $19.99. For Hoverwatch, the business package is ideal since you can monitor up to 25 devices at only $6.

How to Tap a Cell Phone without Touching it and for Free?

Our site focuses on authentic sites that tap cell phones at a fee. However, beware of the many sites advertising free monitoring on the net. Most of those apps are scams, carrying ransomware, adware, and malware that could pose severe threats to your computer system, network, or website.

To steer clear of online scams, we insist that you use an official app to tap on cell phones. That is why, in this review, we deep dive into the most reliable spy apps that work.

Next time you see those free ads that purport to help in tracking, take caution because it could take a negative turn on your sites and computer.

How to Tap a Cell Phone with Just the Number?

Tapping phones with a number happens so often when government agencies and law enforcers follow up on suspicious activities.

To tap a cell phone is not your ordinary cup of coffee, and such services aren’t readily available for use by the public.

Despite the complexity of the technology used to track a cell phone number, government and cell phone providers still use the technique to spy on suspected criminals and other lawbreakers.

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