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DISCLAIMER: Due to technical issues and multiple complaints from our users, we do NOT recommend using SurePoint app. Instead, we need to redirect you to mSpy.

SurePoint reviewNowadays modern technologies made our lives absolutely incredible. We can reach those places we have never been before. And we are talking not just about physical aspects like space or whatever. In a metaphoric sense when we say places we mean secrets. Human secrets, actually. The aspect no one could be as sure as today. Human secrets became reachable with the help of just one simple application installed on a cell phone. And today we are going to talk about one of the best of those programs people are calling phone spies, keyloggers, and monitoring applications. Specifically, we are going to talk about SurePoint Spy application.

SurePoint is one of those easy to use cell phone monitoring programs that can impress even the most skeptical user of all times. It is simple, user-friendly, has lots of useful features, and has a reasonable price according to the modern spy app market. It will cost you one-time payment in $69.99 and a few minutes for the installation. Yes, you’ve got it right. There is no monthly payment, and the only price you will pay is $69.99. A unique point these days. So, let’s find out how this software can be helpful to you.

Strong point: It is versatile software with a bunch of helpful features fitting perfectly various situations.

Weak point: GPS Tracker takes too long time to update the location marker. Hope developers fix this as soon as possible.

Summary: This software is a great solution for those users who do not want to spend money every month and do not have any experience of cell phone spy software usage.

SurePoint Installation

  • Purchase the main installation file on the official website or special app store.
  • Target phone should be installed with the software directly.
  • You should activate the program with a special license key you will get after purchasing the SurePoint.
  • Start monitoring process immediately after the installation and activation process via your mobile phone or any other mobile phone.
As of September 2019, you shall be redirected to a better and cheaper alternative, mSpy.

Try mSpy

SurePoint Monitoring Process

SurePoint reviewOne of the main advantages of this exact spy phone monitor is its simplicity. It is very easy to use the program and can be easily used by any type of user. No matter if your experience and skills are poor or you have already used phone monitors, this exact program will impress you and fit all your expectations perfectly. You will not get stressed over it.

Just enter your personal cabinet at the official website of the spy software and start remote monitoring of the target cell phone. The logged info will be displayed to you in a simple way with all the details you want to know. For example, incoming and outgoing calls have such points as date, duration, phone number, etc.

SurePoint Spying and monitoring features:

  • Track SMS, MMS, and other text messages
  • Monitor any social media account
  • Find your target phone with the help of a GPS tracker
  • View all emails remotely
  • Monitor incoming and outgoing calls
  • Control contacts
  • Monitor browser history
  • Use target device camera remotely

Another surprise for you the feature that allows you to view even deleted files and messages. This is a super cool point for those users who try to catch a cheating spouse or an employee selling corporate info to third parties, for example. If there would be any signs of those inappropriate actions, you will definitely find out. As you see, there are no borders and nothing can be hidden from you when you are using SurePoint. No matter what is the purpose, personal or business, this monitoring application will fit all your requirements perfectly.

Operating Systems Compatibility

SurePoint reviewAnother interesting and important thing that a spy app user should know is a compatibility of the app itself and the operating system of the target phone. Please note that compatibility aspect matter only for the target gadget but not yours. You will monitor all the activity on any device you want through an internet browser and the control panel on the official site. But the programs itself should be installed on a target phone, so you should choose the installation file according to its operating system compatibility.

Few Testimonials from Satisfied SurePoint Customers

“My history with SurePoint started when I was working for a rich company with all those corporate phones and other gadgets. My job as a manager was to control all those devices as some employees used them for their personal use. So after a long search, I chose SurePoint as the ultimate solution, and it was the best business decision I’ve ever made. Easy to use and perfectly build the spy app made my job easier and more effective.”Stella Burton

“When my first kid got lost in a shopping mall I thought I would die if something would happen to him. My son was just ten, but it is enough to be able to find a way out. So the first thing I thought about was a kidnapper. Fortunately, a few days earlier following my neighbor’s advice I installed spy software on my son’s cell phone. Within just a few minutes my boy was with me again after spending an hour walking around a shopping mall and looking for me.”Juliet Weinberg

The Summary

Any cell phone spying software can be a good solution to somebody. But you should get the best one for yourself. As the modern phone monitoring apps market is overloaded with various programs, you can easily get confused. That is why you should read such reviews as this one. SurePoint is not the best spy soft existing these days. Actually, there are probably no best ones as each phone app has its own strong and weak sides, but the app we reviewed here will impress you for sure. Just visit its official website and read few more testimonials to understand the entire case completely. But if you are looking something reliable and reasonably priced, this is the point you can rely on.

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