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spyera-applicationThere are hundreds of monitoring apps these days on the market. You can easily choose the software you like and make it your everyday spying tool. But what is about security, quality of performance, and the price? These points are extremely vital for any app user and spy applications are on the top of the list.

Today we are going to tell you about one of the best monitoring tools you can get for the money. We will talk about its performance, features, origin, and of course the price. It is called SpyEra, and it is definitely worth of your attention.

As of September 2019, we don’t recommend SpyEra anymore because the software company is defunct. You shall be redirected to mSpy.

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Why SpyEra?

spyera-pc-bigFirst of all, let’s learn more of SpyEra background. This software was developed by a Hong Kong based company, and it offers a wide range of various monitoring features for modern phones and tablets users all over the world. SpyEra is one of the most popular spying solutions today, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that the software is compatible with a wide selection of operating systems.

Some users consider SpyEra as expensive software to buy, and they are definitely right. Comparing to other products on the market SpyEra may seem an expensive thing to download. But you should note that this software is not just a toy, but a serious monitoring solution for business and personal use. So if you are looking for reliable spying software, you will definitely find SpyEra worth of its price.

SpyEra is provided with multiple professional monitoring features such as SMS and MMS monitoring, call logging and recording, emails reading, messengers monitoring, access to address books and other contacts, Media files viewing, GPS location tracking, and many others. Besides that, this software has something really unique to offer like surroundings monitoring. It is an absolutely fantastic feature which allows you to hear everything that is happening in the area where the target phone is at the moment.

Another cool thing to try is SpyEra geo-location tracking feature. It is not a new one on the market and is a must for any good spy application nowadays. But SpyEra GPS tracker works properly and in real time with an accurate pointing on the map. It is a great thing to trace the entire route of the target phone and its user.

Also, the software has one great advantage among other paid monitoring solutions. You can use it on different phones and tablets as long as your license is valid. It means that you pay once and may use the software on various devices. It is a useful advantage for corporate users that have lots of gadgets that should be monitored properly. Or if you buy SpyEra for the entire family this would also be a great advantage for you.

Remote Controls

spyOne of the most interesting things about SpyEra is about its blocking capabilities. With this software, you can block any applications on the target phone. As any other actions, this one can be operated remotely. But there is nothing too special about remote controls for SpyEra. You are able to see what actions were performed on the target phone, what applications were installed and uninstalled, what websites the user visited, and so on. Also, you should know that it is impossible to block content and calls with this software.


Any modern user got used to customer support, and we are expecting high-quality services. SpyEra provides its customers with customer support option, but there is no live chat, and this fact is a little bit disappointing. In this case, the immediate response is just impossible, what a shame.

But there are few phone numbers available for the users of SpyEra. This is one of the most popular ways to reach company’s reps today while a classic request way is also available for you. Besides that, before proceeding with your questions try to find the answer in FAQ category on the official software website. It is quite long, so you will probably find everything you need there.


the-price-good-qWe can’t say that SpyEra is cheap software. Actually, it is more expensive than a majority of spy applications on the modern market. The minimal package consists of three months and starts from $189. So some users may suggest that it is possible to find more powerful and comfortable software for the price of SpyEra and they will be right.

Quality Correlation

banner-qualityWell, while you are thinking of the price still, we must say that SpyEra is worth of every penny because of the quality it provides you with. It is professional monitoring software with a bunch of powerful and top-class spying features developed on the highest level of quality. This is the fact that makes SpyEra one of the most reliable monitoring apps on the market.

Positive Features

There are few main positive moments about SpyEra:

  • This software is a perfect choice compatible with various operating systems such as Android, Blackberry, Symbian and iOS. These are the most popular operating systems these days.
  • Its stealth mode works perfectly. It is almost impossible to detect the software on the target phone.
  • All controls are remote and make the usage of the program really
  • Great list of top-class features that work with no real bugs and problems. Surrounding tracking is a unique

Negative Features

And of course there are always few weak sides:

  • Your iPhone should have a jailbreak for the installation.
  • The price is not very reasonable.
  • Poor customer support with no online chat.


SpyEra is one of those monitoring solutions with great potential and capabilities. It is a perfect choice both for business and personal use. Despite its price, the software is totally worth it. You get a reliable tool for everyday monitoring with a wide range of features. While there is a poor customer support, you always can find an answer in long FAQ list.


  1. Lewis says

    June 24, 2019 at 7:10 am

    Can I get a free trial for SMS to access credibility.The price is too high and like you said worth it.Would like to free test the App for a few hours or a day before my paid subscription.
    Please help.

    • Admin says

      June 24, 2019 at 12:26 pm

      Try an alternative like mSpy, they have a 14 days refund guarantee.

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