SpyBubble Review: Is It Worth Purchasing It?

Phone monitoring apps are not a new concept. Make a Google search on it, and you’ll get thousands of hits in a fraction of a second. But the abundance could create confusion. That’s where a crisp, honest, and detailed SpyBubble review comes for your rescue.

What is SpyBubble?

SpyBubble is an ultra-modern and feature-packed phone monitoring designed to monitor the phone’s activities remotely. Using this tool, one can easily track movements like phone call records, media, chats, and 25 other phone activities.

People use this cell phone monitoring tool for purposes like parental control, spouse spying, kids, and employee monitoring. When installed on the target mobile, SpyBubble will keep you posted about the activities that happened with the precision and accuracy of its information.

Features of SpyBubble

Before we conclude whether or not SpyBubble is the right choice to make, we must take a dig on its features and facilities. Here is a list of some main features that the SpyBubble app claims to offer.

Call Monitoring

Helps to find out the call logs details like the name of the caller, call duration, time of call, etc.

Text Message Monitoring

Using this feature, the end-user can fetch the text messages activity details. Details like text shared and recipient details can be obtained.

Alerts on Prohibited Actions

You will be notified when your child/spouse/employee does any prohibited actions. You have the facility to personalize the list of prohibited activities.

Social Media and Website Monitoring

Find out what all activities the monitored person is doing on the social media platforms like Facebook & WhatsApp and find out the details of websites visited.

GPS Location Tracking

This feature is designed to update you with the live phone details of the monitored person from miles away. Althought, it’s not in the list of the best GPS trackers it still allows you to locate your device.

YouTube Monitoring and Email Check

This feature is the ideal help that one can get when knowing the YouTube and email activities happening on the targeted phone is essential.

Photo Monitoring

Find out what all pictures are clicked and saved on the target cell phone.

IM tracking

Do live and reliable tracking of IM services. Spy on FB messenger, iMessages, BB text messages, and WhatsApp conversations and find out what all things the target device is sharing.

Read Contacts and Notes

This feature helps you to find out the details of saved contacts and notes.

Blocking Apps

Block the apps that you don’t want your child or spouse to use and have a hold over the app usage with this feature.

How Does SpyBubble Work?

SpyBubble installation is like any other phone monitoring tool’s installation. There is no rocket science acting behind the curtain.

SpyBubble app is compatible with all the leading OS like iOS and like and runs almost on the latest version.


How to Install SpyBubble

Here are the steps that you need to follow for getting started with SpyBubble:

Step 1: Get the subscription and activate the account.

Step 2: Install the cell phone spy on the targeted phone and finish the configuration process.

Step 3: The spy software will start operating automatically.

Step 4:  Access the control panel using any device and browser, and you can see the live data rendering over there.

How much does SpyBubble cost?

All your answers regarding “where can I buy SpyBubble” can be found in this section. There are two subscription options. The price details of those subscriptions are mentioned below:

  • Basic Plan – $49.95
  • Premium Plan – $84.90.

The Basic Plan has limited features, while the Premium plan gives full access to the feature-suite and its efficient control panel. The three and twelve-month subscriptions are more pocket-friendly than the per month plan. So, if you need to use a phone monitor tool regularly, then it’s better to go for a three or twelve-month subscription.

Is SpyBubble free?

SpyBubble is not a free spy app. To avail of its services, you need to buy the right subscription. Unlike the majority of tools, it doesn’t offer a free trial.

How to Detect SpyBubble on Your Phone?

Detecting SpyBubble would be a challenging task for the target device owner as  it comes with stealth mode . Activation of this mode hides the presence of this monitoring software on the targeted phone and makes its icon vanished.

How Good Is the Customer Support of SpyBubble?

A text message or GPS location tracking is nothing like your regular errands. They require special technical skills. For that, SpyBubble offers customer support, which is  available 24/7 . For the iOS version, you have an un-installation alert facility.

There are an online chat and embedded calling facility on the official website. That’s all you’ll get. There is no Spybubble free trial and live demo facility. Many Spybubble reviews also complain about this. Considering this, we found its customer support very ordinary.

How Good Is SpyBubble?

 SpyBubble can be trusted as long as you don’t have any issue with rooting or jailbreak . For some iOS and Android version, rooting and jailbreak is necessary. Likewise, it can’t be an ideal choice for everyone because we all know what dangers can haunt you if you’re taking the help of rooting or jailbreak.

Though this spy software claims to provide free online help of installation, the path ahead would be challenging and risky.

It is right from the point of view when ease of phone monitoring is concerned. SpyBubble’s installation is easy. It’s not very much troublesome. Also, it supports various languages. So, it can cater to the global market.

Final Verdict

SpyBubble is an average spy app tool that can be used for remote phone monitoring. Its features are limited. So, it can be a good option for parent control.

However, we don’t suggest it using for employee monitoring as it won’t be able to suffice your purposes completely. For this purpose, we’d rather advise mSpy.

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