Top 5 SMS Trackers to Spy Text Messages

sms trackersDo we worry about our minor children when they use their phones for online activities? Do we think that something could go wrong when our teenagers don’t come home from school on time? Or maybe we feel jealous when our spouses are too secretive with their phones… All these situations can bring so many problems to our lives. But you can solve these issues thanks to new technologies such as SMS trackers.

If you feel suspicious or insecure and think that something can threaten your family, just use special cell phone spy applications, and all your suspicions and concerns will be dispelled.

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How do SMS Trackers work?

SMS trackers are special cell phone applications that can gather all the information which goes through the target device and give you access to it. Using these apps, you will be able to be aware of all SMS messages, emails, phone calls, media files, etc. SMS tracker usually works in the stealth mode so you can be sure that the owner of the target phone number or tablet will not notice you.

How to install the SMS Tracker?

The installation process of the usual SMS tracker is easy and fast. Just follow several simple steps, and your personal electronic detective will be on your phone in several minutes. In order to use the app, you should:

  • Choose the SMS tracker and visit the web page of the service;
  • Download the installation file;
  • Run the installation and adjust the settings;
  • Create your personal online account;
  • Sign in and track SMS messages and other information.

So as you can see, you do not need to exert much effort. A tracker will do all the work, and you can enjoy the monitoring.

Find all great features in one tracker

Main features

  • Tracking SMS messages: sent, received messages, drafts;
  • Spying on deleted SMS messages;
  • Spying on chats and conversations on social networks and messengers.

Other features

  • Tracking GPS location. You will see it on the virtual map;
  • Monitoring phone calls. You will be able to know about all incoming and outgoing phone calls of the owner of the target phone. You will also see time and date logs, and even the duration of every call;
  • Spying on media files that were taken with the phone camera or that are stored in the phone memory. You will get access to photos, video files, sounds, screenshots;
  • Spying on browser history. You will be able to check every page of every website that was visited using the target phone or tablet. You can also determine inappropriate content and forbid the access to it;
  • Managing events and reminders. You will see all the scheduled events and all important occasions.

Which trackers are the best?

sms trackersThere are many SMS trackers, and all of them have different advantages, pricing policies, and compatibility. We have conducted an independent study, and we have something to say. So read about the most reliable spy applications below.

Highster Mobile

sms trackers highsterHighster SMS tracker is a special app that can extract the necessary information from the target device (cell phone or tablet) and give remote access to it. You can track messages, calls, web browser history of the target device without having access to it. All information will be displayed in your personal account, and you can gain access to it from any device with the Internet connection.

Advantages of Highster:

  • 100% risk-free app;
  • An option of a 30-day money-back guarantee if something goes wrong;
  • Compatibility with the latest OS.


sms trackers flexispyFlexiSPY is a very popular and extremely convenient application that makes SMS tracking easy and fast. This app is trusted by thousands of users all over the world.

The service provides a free 24-hour trial version. You can download it from the official website and check if it suits you.

FlexiSPY is available in two packages:

  • Premium package: pay only $ 68 per month, and you will be able to use all common features;
  • Extreme package: it includes more features. For example, the option of recording all calls and other audio streams on a cell phone or the ability to control the phone microphone remotely.


sms trackers spybubbleSpyBubble is a top-class cell phone monitoring application. It is invisible and reliable. The cost of this application is quite affordable. You should pay only $49.97 (for a 3-month license). It should be noticed that SpyBubble provides 24/7 customer support, so it is easy to reach a customer team at any time you need.

Advantages of SpyBubble:

  • Compatibility: the tracker is compatible with Android, iOS, Symbian and BlackBerry, devices;
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed: if you are not satisfied with the app you will be able to get a full refund without any questions;
  • Easy to use: SpyBubble provides a quite clear and easy to follow instructions on step by step downloading and installing the app.


sms trackers thetruthspyTheTruthSpy is one of the most well-known and widely used cell phone monitoring apps. It makes SMS tracking easy and enjoyable. TheTruthSpy provides a great number of innovative and useful monitoring features.

It is compatible with almost all devices, but still, check the compatibility of the app on the official website of the service.

Affordable prices, 24/7 reliable customer support and stealth mode, which ensures the app’s invisibility makes it attractive to many customers. This app is perfect for parents who want to control their kids, but it can also be used for monitoring employees.


sms trackers xnspyXNSPY is a high quality and reliable monitoring application. It is popular among parents who use it to control phone activities of their kids and employers who want to make sure that his or her employees use their phones for business purposes only.

This SMS Tracker copes easily with SMS tracking and provides many other great functions. It can show the current GPS location of the target device on the special virtual map and can provide 24/7 support and alerts to inform you about, for example, outgoing and incoming calls from particular numbers.

So here is a short review of the most popular and reliable SMS trackers. All of them provide a great service and can become real helpers. Simply choose the best one for you!


  1. My neighbor hacked my phone & can see everything & hear all calls . how can I see what’s on his phone to prove hes monitoring my phone

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