How to Spy on Someone’s iPhone: A Complete Guide

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Spying on your spouse’s or friend’s iPhone can be tricky. Both Apple and your friend will hate it. But for certain reasons and depending on the circumstances, it has to be done. If you’re looking forward to spying on an iPhone, here we will share how to do so – both for jailbroken and non-jailbroken phones.

Can you spy on iPhone?

Even though Apple claims to be providing the highest quality of privacy to its users, iPhones can still be accessed and spied on. This is because it uses iOS as the operating software. All iOS devices must use iCloud for cloud storage. And this is where its vulnerability lies. In other words, this is where the opportunity lies for you to use iCloud to spy on spouse, friend, children, whoever. All you’ll need is the iCloud ID or Apple ID, and in some instances, access to the phone.

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How to spy on iPhone with Apple ID for free

apple id on iphone

You can spy on someone’s spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password. And that too for free. This will follow a non-jailbreaking process. In layman terms, jailbreaking refers to modifying the restrictions imposed by the device manufacturer, which in this case is Apple, and gaining access without the knowledge of the device owner. But we’ll use a simpler process instead which does not involve jailbreaking.

NOTE: By following this procedure, you’re not installing spyware on iPhone or a bug remotely. It is much harder to install one on any iOS devices because Apple’s operating system provides maximum protection to its users.

You can spy on an iPhone without jailbreaking it merely with the Apple ID. Here’s how to do it for free:

  • Get the iPhone if iCloud backup is not activated

The first thing you need to check is whether or not the device is syncing the data to the iCloud storage. Most users do so to back up the files, messages, photos, etc. If it isn’t, then you won’t be able to spy on their device with this technique. So grab their phone secretly and activate the cloud backup and monitoring. You can find it under Settings > Backup. So, for the first step, you need to have physical access to their phone.

  • Get the user’s Apple ID

After you have activated syncing to iCloud, get their unique Apple ID. The company provides this to every user. You can find it on the phone itself under the settings panel. Otherwise, it is also listed under “About device.” Other places where you can find this ID is in the original box where it was packed or in the receipts.

  • Select Spying Options

Apple gives you a lot of options for syncing to iCloud. These can be messages, locations, videos, photos, contacts, and other file types. The ones you select will start getting back up and syncing. You have to choose the ones which you want to spy on. Once done, you can start seeing them as they are stored on the user’s device.

After you’ve done all of this, you can sit back and wait for them to sign in into their account. Once they go through their phone and generate data, the data will get synced with their iCloud account, which you can then view for free.

How to spy on iPhone without jailbreaking it

Alternatively, you can use paid iPhone monitoring software like mSpy to spy on someone’s iPhone with Apple ID. You need to select the no-jailbreak package, and you’ll have your own Control Panel from where you can monitor the device. The software is straightforward to use and comprehensive.

How to spy on iPhone that is already jailbroken

Some iPhone devices may be already jailbroken. That means half of the job of spying on his/her phone is already done for you. To spy a jailbroken phone, you need to install the mSpy app on their phone manually.

This best iPhone monitoring software won’t ask for Apple credentials, and you can see the messages or data straightaway. Just remember to grab the iOS download URL which was provided to you at the time of subscribing to mSpy and add it to the “Add Source” field. The rest of the steps are straight-forward and you just need to keep selecting the right option, this method is both convenient and safer in some regards.

How to spy on iPhone without having access to it for free

How to spy on someone’s iPhone without them knowing? Let’s say you don’t have access to the phone of your spouse or the person you want to spy on. The above techniques will fail in such scenarios. The only thing you will be able to track is the location. Find my iPhone, a now-closed service, allowed you to track an iPhone with credentials. You can enjoy similar features in the mSpy iPhone monitoring app.

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