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Nothing is sacred these days. Any information from your personal life can be easily achieved and viewed by others. And your desire to become famous and loved is the main reason for that. There are many social networks these days and almost everyone of us has at least one account where we display our habits, needs, thoughts, and personal life. Another way for a stranger to know anything he wants about us, are Android phone applications.

No matter what phone operating system you use, iOS or Android, there is a monitoring app that can deal with it. Any of you text messages, multimedia content or even phone calls, may be easily logged and transformed by an Android phone tracking application. Today we decided to talk about the most popular operating system, Android. There are lots of devices with that particular OS installed, so our article will be very helpful to their owners. If you want to learn more about parental control apps for Android, you may find some answers here and continue reading below.

Phone monitor features

android-monitoring-phonesSo what does a phone monitoring application is able to do? Is it really that interesting and dangerous? Well, yes. Modern Android spying solutions are very useful, powerful, and even helpful to some certain group of users. And the main thing that differs them from their predecessors is the stealth mode. Due to that feature a target phone user almost unable to figure out that he is monitored. You may find the list of the most important Android phone tracking apps features below:

  • Incoming and outgoing calls tracking
  • Received and sent text messages
  • GPS location tracker
  • E-mails monitoring
  • View all photos
  • Watch all videos
  • Facebook (any other social network) activity monitoring
  • Social media logs monitoring
  • Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, etc. calls and messages monitoring
  • View all contacts
  • View all notes
  • Calendar meetings, notifications monitoring
  • Real-time camera view
  • Blocking of a target Android phone
  • Remote access to control panel

Android app monitoring capabilities

These are the features that make any Android phone monitoring application a really good one and worse of your attention. Of course, not all monitoring apps have these features included, but a good program will have at least a half of them. Due to a modern phone monitoring apps market development some simple options like text messages and calls tracking are just not enough. But, these features are essential with any Android phone monitoring app to have. Here you can read more about their usage:

  • Text Messages

It is known that phone users send and receive over a thousand of messages every single month! Sounds fantastic, right? Well, no matter how many messages the target phone user receives or sends and what kind these messages are (SMS, MMS, social networks, chat apps), a good monitoring system will show you any of these. That feature will be very useful due to any reason you are using Android phone monitoring software.

  • Web Browser History

The Internet has become a massive and very important part of our lives. So today if you know what person likes and watches online, you know him even better than after a simple talk. If this is your kid’s phone, you can see and even block in some particular cases inappropriate content and find out what exactly your kid’s online life looks like.

  • Screenshots

The feature is one of the favorite ones for a great number of monitoring applications users. With this feature on the Android target phone, you can get any evidence of any actions that were performed on the Android device. All the applications, web browser, calendars, messages, etc. will be perfectly monitored and screenshot.

  • GPS Location

It is something revolutionary in a phone tracking industry. With this feature enabled on your monitoring application, you may easily and fast find out where the target phone owner is at the moment. It can be extremely helpful, especially for parents who want to know where their children are at the moment. Sometimes it even is able to prevent kidnapping or help you to find your lost or stolen Android phone.

Best Android Phone Monitoring Apps

So, let’s give you few most popular monitoring apps examples to choose from. To get a wider list of monitoring solutions, please, visit our special review chapter. Below you also will find one of their most powerful and useful features:


The Android application can be easily found online. There is a bunch of reviews of mSpy so you can easily get a full impression about the application. It is a reliable and perfectly-built application.

  • GPS Tracker

GPS tracker at mSpy is an accurate and reliable feature that may help you out in various situations. Lots of modern monitoring solutions have this option on board, but here you will find something more than just a simple spot on a map.

iKeyMonitor Android

ikeymonitor-logoiKeyMonitor would be the best choice for those users who are looking for reliability and usability. The interface of this phone tracker is very user-friendly with too complex details. It can be controlled remotely and has one very useful feature any parent will appreciate.

  • App Blocker

iKeyMonitor is not just a simple Android keylogger solution. It can deal with any average features and tasks, but there is something more interesting and useful. If you are a parent, you will like its app blocking feature for sure. If you do not like your kids to use some certain applications on your phone or buy goods from the internet, you can simply block any program on your Android device.

MobiStealth Android Monitoring Software

mobistealth-logoMobiStealth is another great solution for those who want to track someone’s phone. It is easy to use and has lots of useful features to deal with. But there is one point in this app that makes it even better than it seems at the first sight.

  • Stealth Mode

Any application is good when it is invisible for the target device user. But MobiStealth name speaks for itself. It is totally invisible even for anti-virus programs.

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