5 Best Snapchat Spy Apps to Spy on Someone’s Snapchat

With Snapchat’s incredible popularity worldwide, it’s no wonder that people are wondering how to hack Snapchat. You might particularly be interested in this if you want to monitor your partner if you suspect that they’re cheating on you, or if you want to monitor who your kids are chatting with on the app.

The good news is that there are several Snapchat hacking apps available in the market today that you can use to hack someone’s Snapchat account. This article will list 7 of the best Snapchat hack tool that you can consider.

Can You Hack Into Someone’s Snapchat For Free?

There are several Snapchat hacking applications that allow you to hack into someone’s Snapchat for free. While several tools available in the market are available at cost, most of them are unreliable and can also cause damage to the device they’re installed on. However, we list 7 of the best tools that you can rely on if you’re wondering how to hack someone’s Snapchat account.

uMobix: Best Snapchat Hack App

Hack into Snapchat with uMobix

The best tool on this list of Snapchat hacking apps is uMobix. This is among the most reliable apps out there, that doesn’t require any surveys, is highly reliable, and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

This app is 100% invisible on the target device, so it will never be detected. It offers a bunch of features that allow you to monitor every part of the target device. The app’s Snapchat hacking features are given below.

Key Features

uMobix’s Snapchat hacking abilities include –

  • An accurate log of all incoming and outgoing messages
  • Dates and timestamps for each message
  • All the media files exchanged by the target user with their contacts

Pros and Cons:

✅ Relatively affordable when compared to the competition

✅ 100% invisible on the target device

✅ Shows app usage in real-time

✅ Full access to Instagram and Facebook on the target device

❌ Some features of the app are iOS-exclusive

❌ Doesn’t offer geofencing

Download uMobix

KidsGuard: Snapchat Hack App No Survey

KidaGuard Snapchat hacking app

An all-in-one Snapchat hacking app, KidsGuard, allows you to have a holistic view of every activity. In essence, the tool ranks as one of the leading Snapchat hacking apps with tons of features.

The app enables you to hack into Snapchat account, get their Snapchat password and view the media shared, track the target’s location, and monitor everything done on the go. It also allows you to spy on Facebook messages, social media apps, media files, and more.

This app is compatible with an Android or iOS device. While installing it on the former requires physical access, installing it on an iOS is easy with simply the target’s iCloud credentials.

Key Features

  • KidsGuard is completely invisible on the target device
  • The app gives you screenshots of all the activities on the target’s Snapchat account
  • You can read all sent and received texts tracked by the app’s keylogger.
  • Get access to the dates and timestamps of each message.
  • All conversations are available in a conversation view, making them easy to read through.

This app comes with a 30-day refund policy, so you can effectively use the app for free for this 30-day period.

Pros & Cons: 

✅  One-click installations

✅ Support multiple languages both for Android phones and iOS devices.

✅ The invisible home screen protects you from being caught.

✅ 100% secured with minimal data loss.

❌  No free trial.

❌ Monitoring allowed for a single device at one point in time.

Download KidsGuard Pro

Cocospy: Snapchat Hack App For Android

Cocospy app to hack Snapchat

Cocospy is another brilliant app that you can use to hack someone’s Snapchat account. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, this app gives you a lot of information about the target user’s Snapchat account activity.

The app is also completely undetectable on the target device, so the user will never know that their data is being monitored using this app.

One of the best features of this app’s Snapchat hacking abilities is that it syncs messages to your dashboard as soon as they’re sent out, so even if the target deletes a message, you’ll be able to view it later via the dadhboard.

Key Features

Cocospy offers a wide array of data from the target’s Snapchat account, such as  –

  • A log of all their Snapchat activity
  • All sent and received messages, including older ones.
  • Dates and timestamps for each message
  • A log of all the deleted messages, so nothing goes unnoticed.
  • All the media files exchanged in a chat, including images and videos.

Pros & Cons: 

✅ No rooting or jailbreaking required for Android or iOS devices, respectively.

✅ Easy to install and use

✅ 100% invisible in Stealth Mode.

❌ Doesn’t offer a free trial

❌ Some advanced features require jailbreaking/rooting.

Download Cocospy

mSpy: Free Snapchat Hack App

mSpy app to hack into someone's Snapchat

mSpy is one of the best apps to hack into someone’s Snapchat account for free. The app comes with a 7-day free trial, so you can use it for free to see if it serves your needs and to test its reliability. The app is iOS and Android compatible, and can thus be used effectively on both platforms.

mSpy is also among the most reliable apps in the market and has seen immense popularity among its users. This comes down to its ease of installation, easy-to-use dashboard, and the accuracy of the data it provides to the user via the dashboard.

Among its other features, mSpy also allows you to monitor all of the target’s activity on Snapchat, among other social media applications.

Key Features

  • All-round management and tracking of Snapchat activities.
  • A conversation view to monitor Snapchat conversations with ease.
  • Keep track of the Snapchat media.
  • Live control panel with Stealth Camera.
  • Dates and timestamps for all text messages, both sent and received.

Pros & Cons: 

✅ Easy to install and use with an intuitive dashboard.

✅ Offers plenty of tracking options.

✅ Comes with Stealth Mode for complete invisibility on the target device.

❌ It’s not very easy to filter through collected records.

❌ Advanced features require rooting for Android devices.

Download mSpy

Spyic: Hidden Snapchat Hack App

Spyic Snapchat hack app Android

Last on this list of the best apps to hack Snapchat accounts is Spyic. Just like the others, this is an intuitive app with a wide range of tracking features. However, the biggest downside of this tool is that it only allows Snapchat monitoring on Android, and not on iOS devices. Looking through the app’s dashboard, we discovered that the Snapchat option was missing on the iOS interface altogether.

Regardless, when it comes to the other features, the app does function with iOS devices and is also completely invisible on both operating systems.

Key Features

Given below are the key features of Spyic Snapchat hacking feature –

  • Get a detailed log of all the sent and received Snapchat messages from the target device.
  • The name of the contact the messages are being sent to or received from.
  • The date and timestamp of all the messages.
  • A report of all the media files exchanged via conversations on Snapchat.

Further, unlike mSpy, Spyic presents all these messages in a list view, meaning that it isn’t so easy to follow through a conversation on the dashboard.

Pros & Cons: 

✅ The app doesn’t require rooting/jailbreaking for basic features.

✅ Offers a relatively simple installation process.

✅ Offers a variety of tracking options.

❌  Doesn’t offer Snapchat monitoring on iOS.

Download Spyic

How to Spy on Someone’s Snapchat

To spy on someone’s Snapchat, you need to choose a reliable Snapchat spy application and install it. Below we present step-by-step instructions on KidsGuard application example.

Step 1: Create an account on the uMobix website, for example.

Step 2: Follow the Setup guide and complete the installation process.

Step 3: Verify your setup and start spying on Snapchat.

Installing an app like uMobix or any other app on this list will require physical access if you want to install it on an Android device, while iOS installation can be done remotely using the target’s iCloud credentials. However, if the user has two-factor authentication enabled, you’ll need to access their iPhone to retrieve the verification code.

Is it Legal to Hack Into Someone’s Snapchat?

It is legal for you to hack into someone’s Snapchat account using a tool like uMobix or KidsGuard if they’re your child under the age of 18, or of you have their consent. However, if you don’t, using an app like this to monitor someone is illegal. you must check your local laws to be sure, though, as most of these Snapchat hacking apps work without the user knowing.

What App Can Be Use to Hack Into Snapchat?

The best app to hack into someone’s Snapchat is uMobix. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and gives you access to all Snapchat messages, media files, dates, timestamps, and even deleted messages. It does all of this while being completely invisible on the target device.


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