The Best Free SMS Trackers for iPhone

While spying on other people’s phones, you might use two types of SMS trackers – free and payable ones. This quest is not the easiest one, but it is beatable thanks to such apps as keyloggers, spy software, and SMS trackers. And today we are going to tell you more about free apps that can be easily downloaded online these days.

Their free status does not mean they are better or worse of those with the price. Mostly they are not as powerful as payable phone apps, but if you need just to track someone’s SMS messages, free apps will work for you perfectly. Sometimes free apps are limited versions of payable products with different packages. Besides, it is a great way to test the application you want to purchase to know its functions and usability. Anyway, today we are going to talk about both sides of this interesting case.

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Purposes of usage

There are various reasons for people all over the world to use SMS trackers. The history of the first keyloggers started a few years ago, and these days these phone apps are completely legal and well known to a great range of iPhone and Android phones users all over the planet. You can learn everything with applications like that. Maybe you want to learn about the person who is somehow undiscovered for you. Or you may just want to control your kids when they are not at home. Also, you can catch your cheating spouse with the help of an SMS phone tracker. Also, managers are using SMS trackers to monitor the activity of their employees while they are using corporate iPhones and other phones.

Besides that, using a keylogger or SMS tracker with GPS tracking feature on your own phone, you can easily find it when it was stolen. This reason is one of the most popular among phone spy apps users. But if you are interested exactly in SMS tracking, you might need a simple program with minimal features available. This is a perfect chance to try one of those free SMS trackers we prepared for you on the list below.

FlexiSpy 728x90


There are lots of various applications these days that can satisfy your needs in spying, and The TruthSpy is one of them. This phone spy app has various helpful features to help you find out any kind of truth you want. Besides the basic SMS tracker (tracking all messages such as SMS, emails, MMS, chats) we all are interested in, you got GPS navigation system to control your children and spouse. Also, this magic option allows you to find your lost or stolen iPhone in minutes. The indexes on a map are clear and accurate, so you will easily find the target phone you are spying on.

Also, you have permanent access to all contacts on the target iPhone. You can easily log incoming and outgoing calls viewing the entire history and details such as date, time, and phone number. More about calls. You can block any numbers from contacts. Due to its keylogger function, the app can log all the passwords used via a target iPhone. Every single key and tap will be displayed on your monitor remotely. Besides those cool features, the app can also impress you with a user-friendly interface that will make its usage absolutely easy and simple. If you want to get more functionality from this phone app, you can purchase its premium package only for $14.99. It is the lowest price among other top-class SMS trackers such as mSpy, Mobile Phone Spy, Steathgeine.

Romaco Keylogger

Romaco is a free SMS tracker. It is easy in use even for the inexperienced user and can be a helpful tool for parents in the first place. Mostly this app is used on computers. The application logs all the keystrokes and displays them in a separate window. The app should be launched if you want it to track actions on the target phone. The logged messages export to a special text file automatically every few minutes. Also, you may export the logged text manually. To hide the software you just need to shut down the window. The program may be easily closed by a previously-set hotkey.

Revealer Free Edition

Revealer is an SMS tracker with few editions. And if you need just to record all the keystrokes on a target iPhone, its free edition will definitely satisfy all your needs. It is very simple and fast with no extra options that will not confuse an inexperienced user. If you have not used any phone SMS tracker, Revealer will definitely be the right choice for you.

There are minimum settings to configure and, basically, the best mode is already included by the developers of the software to its free edition. It can be used to track passwords and any chats. If you use Skype or Facebook Messenger, this software will easily log all the words being typed. Besides, the program can be protected by a password. What is more important, it is totally invisible. The software does not appear in the taskbar. Just enable the stealth mode and enjoy your spying remotely and for free.

Actual Keylogger

This application is also one of the simplest programs on the market these days. It is a top-class SMS tracker for automatic use and free exploitation. It will track all the keystrokes on a target phone with no signs of its existence. It is also a very popular app for computers. All the functional keys such as Alt and Ctrl will also be logged with this software.

You can protect the interface of the tool and all the logged information with your personal password. Actual Keylogger is compatible with such popular operating systems as iOS, Android, and Windows. It is easy to use and will be the best choice for those people who do not want to spend money on spying applications for the first time.


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