Review Of TeenSafe – The Phone Spyware

Our kids especially teens use their phones, tablets, and computers every single hour of their everyday life. And we don’t know who they are speaking with and what content they are sharing on their accounts in social media. That’s why many parents are worried is everything ok with their children and is there any risk […]

Spy on Cell Phone with FlexiSPY

We don’t feel safe surfing the internet; doubt the honesty of our spouses when they overly secretive with their Android phones or iOS tablets. We worry about who our children are chatting with and what files our employees have sent to some third party. FlexiSPY is a unique application that can help us with all these […]

A Review of How Well the mSpy Phone App Operates

What Does the mSpy Phone App Really Offer? mSpy is a hot app on the mobile market; Endorsements for the mSpy app appear on CNN, Daily Mail, Fox News, TNW, Forbes, ABC, The Huffington Post, and Cnet. The Next Web suggests the application is a necessary innovation intended for legal use and further asserts that […]

A Review of Highster Mobile Spy App

A Bit About the Program ILF Mobile Apps Corporation has created Highster Mobile spy application that parents and companies can turn to when they want to start monitoring the activity on a device remotely and in stealth mode. Parents can legally use a mobile app to spy on their child’s activity if the child is […]

An Examination of Geozilla Family Locator

What exactly is Geozilla? The family locator app Geozilla is a special program for cell phone devices. It helps to GPS track a device connected to the account. In this way a parent can monitor child location or the location of a loved one’s. The maker of the family locator app boasts happy 350,000 families. […]

Review of Bosspy Cell Phone Monitoring App

In fact, we can’t be with our children and our spouses during the whole day. We have so many tasks to do every day. But we shouldn’t forget that our main task is to protect our children and our families from numerous threats. And such spy applications as Bosspy, in this case, become real helpers. […]

Phonesheriff. Reasons to Install This Monitoring Software

Spying applications have become a great solution for people who need to control phone activities. Even though it is a question of much dispute, spying software is a legal product, which people use in most countries of the world. Recently people have begun to use Phonesheriff software – one of the most popular tools for […]

Choose SurePoint Monitoring Solution

Nowadays modern technologies made our lives absolutely incredible. We can reach those places we have never been before. And we are talking not just about physical aspects like space or whatever. In a metaphoric sense when we say places we mean secrets. Human secrets, actually. The aspect no one could be as sure as today. […]

Choosing Easy Spy as the Best Spying Application

The Internet is full of reviews dedicated to various mobile applications, which can track phone activities but this particular review will be about Easy Spy software. Easy Spy is a relatively new program, but it has already introduced itself as a reliable application. Many people around the world purchase and install Easy Spy on their […]

Auto Forward Mobile Spying Software Review

Rumors claiming that an overall tracking campaign has been accompanying us have much in common with reality capturing minds of people. The most innovative approaches have come to the market affecting the mobile applications’ capabilities aiming at the deeper monitoring activity. Auto Forward stealth program leaves completely no trace by using unique technologies preventing the […]