12 Best Parental Control Apps for Android to Pay Less to Your Nanny

37% of teenagers between 13 and 17 years old possess access to a mobile device, according to iMore. It caused a high demand for the best parental control app for Android. Tracking any device without leaving your home or office is possible thanks to the variety of spy software today. Are you stuck when choosing the best app? Please read our new free reviews of the best free parental control app for Android to make the final decision. It is not only the price that matters. If you’d like to read more about iPhone parental apps, click here.

What is the best parental control app for Android?

So, before the article depicts top paid & free parental control apps for Android, it is essential to cover another critical issue. Let’s discuss how to set parental controls on google chrome because it is the most frequently used browser among children.

Have a look at the top paid and free parental control apps for Android once you are done with some main settings necessary to start monitoring a child.

mSpy Ultimate parental control

mspy app logoEvery parent deserves to know what is going on with his most valuable ‘investment’ – his child. While teenagers can take care of themselves, the smallest kids require severe mobile parental control app. mSpy for your mobile phone will help. The app possesses one of the best, fully customized interfaces, catered to target objects with the apps you choose. No matter if you run it on your phone or tablet, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to filter out any apps you dislike.

Among the available features, parents will enjoy:

  • Reading text messages
  • GPS tracking
  • Viewing call history
  • Accessing photos & videos
  • Monitoring Internet activities
  • Recording keystrokes
  • Blocking calls, apps, and web content

Highster Mobile


Highster Mobile is another Android parental control app blocker that works for Windows, Mac, and iOS. This app is the best way to keep your children safe using parental controls for Android across Windows, Mac, and iOS.

Setting up this Android parental control app, you can monitor all phone activities such as calls and text messages. You can even keep tabs on the social media activity of your children and limit their screen time. Further, you have the option to track your child’s device using GPS and determine your child’s location. With a quick and easy setup process, Highster Mobile is the best way to ensure that your child’s Windows, Mac, or iOS device is not a source of danger.

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Auto Forward сell phone monitoring app

auto-forward-logoThis parental monitoring app on the list works well with Android devices, all iPhones, and the iOS 10.0. So, users of prepaid phones may not worry. It helps to protect the data on a stolen mobile device, possesses many useful features, has a money-back warranty, excellent support team.

A parent who decides to install Auto Forward to take care of his kid may apply the following features of Auto Forward software:

  • SMS and e-mail messages tracking
  • Various GPS location functions
  • In-depth diagnostics
  • Entire internet browser history review
  • Media monitoring
  • Social activity review
  • Call tracking

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Bark parental control

bark app logo

Bark is, without doubt, the best child lock app for Android. The Bark app gives you the complete Android parental control features to ensure the safety and security of your children.

Using Bark’s award-winning dashboard, you can keep tabs on your children’s every online activity. This app blocker even allows you to monitor emails and alerts you in case your child gets into danger. With Bark, you get complete peace of mind.

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hoverwatch logo

Hoverwatch is the best child lock app blocker for Android. This Android parental control app gives you peace of mind regarding your children’s online safety on any Windows, Mac, and Android devices. This app for Android gives you the ability to track text messages and calls, monitor social media, and use the geofencing option to set up location boundaries for your child.

And you can achieve all this by remaining utterly invisible to the person you are tracking. With affordable plans and easy setup that anyone can complete, this is the one app that can truly make you happier.

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Qustodio Parental Control

qustodio logo

“Is there a parental control app for Android?” Another popular way to monitor the child’s device without letting him know is Qustodio parental control. The primary goal is to keep children safe in the cruel world. A software assists in preventing a kid from facing technological & real-life dangers thanks to its features:

  • Web surfing filtering
  • Blocking applications
  • Blocking/Limiting internet access
  • Tracking of location with GPS

These basic features are free. Do you need more? To increase the number of features, or connect up to five devices instead of a single, pay for the premium plan.

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Mobicip: Safe Browser with Google Chrome Parental Control

parental-controlIt does not matter where your kid is using tablets, computers, or mobile devices. It is possible to restrict access to adult or gaming content to help your child focus on things that matter in life. Viewing the full browser history is one of the best options. Mobicip safe browser with Google Chrome parental controls also allows:

  • Managing to filter.
  • Monitoring applications.
  • Accessing schedules on multiple devices for multiple users.
  • Reviewing the entire device’s content.
  • Limiting access to specific web content.

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XNSPY-logoBoth parents and spouses can benefit from buying and setting up XNSPY kid control app for Android. The main functions of the software consist of quick access to call history with an opportunity to hear and view:

  • Phone calls
  • SMS messenger
  • E-mail
  • Social media accounts
  • GPS history
  • Stealth monitoring captures call logs, and messages even form the third-party messengers, sends regular reports

Please note that an Android phone or tablet can use the benefits in the kid control app’s jailbreak mode. Add 24-hour efficient live agent support.

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Pumpic Android parental control app

pumpic logoPumpic is an affordable Android parental control app a parent may find in the official store. An Android child protection app is exceptionally diverse, with a dozen cool features required to spy after your child on any phone or tablet.

There are more than 20 features overall. The basic list covers:

  • Calendar access
  • Ability to view entire internet browser history
  • Possibility to block unfavorable content and ban specific contacts as well
  • Tracking GPS location + geofencing
  • Access to the full call log list
  • Remote activity monitoring

Screen Time

screen time app logoThis Android cell phone monitoring app is perfect for supervising young adolescents who apply more functions than small kids. You can connect up to six different devices, e-mail reports every day. Screen Time parental control:

  • Limits time spent in Google
  • Blocks the suspicious website from the internet browser history
  • Restricts app usage
  • Blocks target device remotely
  • Allows rewarding a kid for each completed task

Your children will be excited about its unique reward program. There they can earn extra hours by completing various educational and self-development assignments. At the same time, this unique software does not include content filtering functions.

Norton Family Parental Control

parental-controlNorton Family parental control works on numerous personal computers/Macs. It is an advanced tool used by the specifically anxious family members, with some excellent features that meet the basic needs:

  • Complete remote configuration & reporting
  • Management of instant messaging
  • Computer usage tracking (ninety days long)
  • Video access
  • E-mail alerts & summaries
  • Social networking tracking

Kids Place

kids place logo

“What is a good parental control app for Android?” Parents can monitor what their children can or cannot do on their mobile devices. Kids Place parental control allows exploring every online step of the kid. The misuse of WiFi may lead to adverse effects such as a drop in academic performance and communication with suspicious strangers. Kids’ Place allows for avoiding unpleasant situations. The developers included some great features:

  • Timer feature to lock the software after a specific amount of time.
  • A custom home screen that shows authorized applications.
  • Incoming calls block.
  • Disabling of wireless signals.
  • Custom alerts.
  • SMS messages review.
  • Restart software stopped by little kids by accident.

The developers added stunning wallpapers to customize the kid’s experience. Also, the tool is free of charge.

How can I monitor my child’s Android phone?

You can easily monitor your child’s Android phone by using mSpy. To install mSpy, you need to have physical access to the device you are targeting. Just follow the instructions under Android in your mSpy control panel, and you are ready to keep track of your child’s device and limit their screen time.

Be sure to remember that mSpy can be installed and used without rooting the target Android device. However, keep in mind that if you want to monitor social media and email, then the target device needs to be rooted to function correctly.

What is the best free parental control app for Android?

Now to face the truth: there are no free Windows, Mac, or Android parental control apps. Most apps that work either offer you a free trial, after which you have to buy the license or give you a great refund policy as with mSpy.

In case you find some free Android parental control apps, then be sure that these are scams that are out to get your money. Even if they are not scams or malware, they are sure to be limited in functionality as compared to proven phone block apps that work.

How to set parental controls on Google Chrome

Do not hurry to use any of the apps listed below before learning some of the basics.parental-control

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Pick the main menu icon.
  3. Choose Settings from that menu.
  4. Reach the People labeled section.
  5. Pick Add person.
  6. Select a photo and type the account’s name. Put the checkmark next to the Create a desktop shortcut for this user.
  7. Click on the empty box below the shortcut setting labeled Control and view the websites this person visits from [Active user’s email address].
  8. Choose Add.
  9. Wait for the corresponding notifications to show up
  10. Press OK, Got It to come back to the main Chrome window.

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