16 Best Parental Control Apps for Android to Pay Less to Your Nanny

parental-control-apps37% of teenagers between 13 and 17 years old possess access to a mobile device, according to iMore. It caused a high demand for the best parental control app for Android. Tracking any device without leaving your home or office is possible thanks to the variety of spy software today. Are you stuck when choosing the best app? Please read our exciting free reviews of the best free parental control app for Android to make the final decision. It is not only the price that matters.

What Is the Best Parental Control App for Android?

parental-controlSo, before the article depicts top paid & free parental control apps for Android, it is essential to cover another critical issue. Let’s discuss how to set parental controls on google chrome because it is the most frequently used browser among children.

How to Set Parental Controls on Google Chrome

Do not hurry to use any of the apps listed below before learning some of the basics.


  • Launch Google Chrome.
  • Pick the main menu icon.
  • Choose Settings from that menu.
  • Reach the People labeled section.
  • Pick Add person.
  • Select a photo and type the account’s name. Put the checkmark next to the Create a desktop shortcut for this user.
  • Click on the empty box below the shortcut setting labeled Control and view the websites this person visits from [Active user’s email address].
  • Choose Add.
  • Wait for the corresponding notifications to show up
  • Press OK, Got It to come back to the main Chrome window.

Have a look at the top paid as well as free parental control apps for Android once you are done with some main settings necessary to start monitoring a child.

mSpy Ultimate Parental Control

Every parent deserves to know what is going on with his most valuable ‘investment’ – his own child. While teenagers can take care of themselves, the smallest kids require severe mobile parental control app. mSpy for your mobile phone will help. The app possesses one of the best, fully customized interfaces, catered to target objects with the apps you choose. No matter if you run it on your phone or tablet, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to filter out any apps you dislike.

Among the available features, parents will enjoy:

  • Reading text messages
  • GPS tracking
  • Viewing call history
  • Accessing photos & videos
  • Monitoring Internet activities
  • Recording keystrokes
  • Blocking calls, apps, and web content

In addition, mSpy parental control app has a free trial, and three paid versions to install. Invest $8.33 per month to get even more valuable options.

  • Pros: Provides unlimited device change, has all necessary functions and works in invisible mode.
  • Cons: Nothing special to admit.

Qustodio Parental Control

parental-control“Is there a parental control app for Android?” Another popular way to monitor the child’s device without letting him know is Qustodio parental control. The primary goal is to keep children safe in the cruel world. A software assists in preventing a kid from facing technological & real-life dangers thanks to its features:

  • Web surfing filtering
  • Blocking applications
  • Blocking/Limiting internet access
  • Tracking of location with GPS

These basic features are free. Do you need more? To increase the number of features, or connect up to five devices instead of a single, pay something around $55 per year.

  • Pros: Attached documentation, which proposes a keyword-searchable database to make finding technical assistance simple + free primary tools.
  • Cons: No opportunity to send the text alerts in reporting/notification options.

mmguardian parental control app logo

The MMGuardian Parental Control

Each parent with a phone or tablet may come up with any limitations on app and game usage using a parental monitoring app. The software allows managing:

  • Time spent in an internet browser
  • Incoming/outgoing calls duration
  • Contacts
  • Every message
  • GPS location
  • Web browser history & online content

In addition, MMGuardian prevents creating messages when driving – probably, a unique solution has saved thousands of lives worldwide!

  • Pros: Has a user-friendly interface, opportunities to deal with the adult content, limit access to messaging, Internet and specific apps, allows blocking individual phone contacts, also, a parent remains anonymous.
  • Cons: To watch Google activity, manage texting as well as calling activities, the parent has to pay $50 or use 2-week trial first. MMGuardian Parental Control is better for teens who prefer Android, as it is not fully compatible with iOS.

spyera parental control app logo

Spy Era

A curious parent may try well-known Spy Era: this mobile parental block app has a set of advanced features for different phones and tablets. Also, users may notice that this parental monitoring app is compatible with iOS devices. However, iPhone parental control app is a less popular app. The parents tend to buy cheaper Android devices for their small children. If you choose it for Android, be aware that rooting to get advanced features is a must.

Feature list consists of:

  • Social media and messenger tracking (from BBM and Skype to Google Hangouts)
  • Incoming/outgoing message management
  • Alert Wizard
  • Call recording in real-time
  • All multimedia files access
  • Stealth mode

You don’t have to pay anything for that!

  • Pros: Remote monitoring option is excellent as it makes it possible to take care of the various aspects of the target mobile phone at a distance. Also, it is free of charge.
  • Cons: Weak customer support and lacks the opportunity to block specific websites or keywords.


auto forward parental control app logo

Auto Forward Cell Phone Monitoring App

The fourth parental monitoring app on the list works well with Android devices, all iPhones, and the iOS 10.0. So, users of prepaid phones may not worry.
A parent who decides to install Auto Forward to take care of his kid may apply the following features of Auto Forward software:

  • SMS and e-mail messages tracking
  • Various GPS location functions
  • In-depth diagnostics
  • Entire internet browser history review
  • Media monitoring
  • Social activity review
  • Call tracking
  • Pros: Helps to protect the data on a stolen mobile device, possesses many useful features, has a money-back warranty, excellent support team.
  • Cons: Nothing special to admit

famigo parental control app logo

Famigo Android Parental Control App

Looking for the best parental control app for Android? An exciting software mentioned in our chart makes it possible to come up with a “sandbox” environment for particular apps and can limit access to the Android marketplace. So, your kids will be saved from harmful games and forbidden internet websites. The innovative app comes along with so-called Famigo Wowzer, a browser created especially for the youngest children.  In addition, it includes integrated content filtering.

  • Large selection of tools
  • Browser history review
  • Blocks explicit material
  • Blocks online games

It’s not free, but it is very cheap. Subscription is less than $1 per month, and it guarantees safety lock, exclusive fun videos, and inserted web browser. Pay $4.99 to get even more enjoyable features.

  • Pros: Great interface and no need to keep an eagle eye on the little rugrats. Supports app filtering.
  • Cons: Mostly focused on Internet activity, ignoring other important aspects of mobile phone use.

mobile spy logo

Mobile Spy

As a parent, you may have heard about this parental software as well, which is one of the best solutions for all mobile phones & tablets on the Android system. This versatile spy app is fully compatible with Android OSs that fall into the interval 2.3 – 5.1.1 and iOS; You can also apply this spyware on Blackberry.

Features that are in:

  • Managing text messages
  • Listening to ingoing as well as outgoing calls
  • Identifying location
  • Reading full browser history
  • Editing contact list, images, and videos
  • Setting profanity and keyword alerts
  • Supervising social media accounts

Try the app without wasting a cent. Another alternative is to buy Mobile Spy for $39.95.

  • Pros: Easy-to-use, all future updates are free of charge, excellent support, is 100% undetectable.
  • Cons: It is necessary to root the device in most cases.

pumpic parental control app logo

Pumpic Android Parental Control App

Pumpic is an affordable Android parental control app a parent may find in the official store. An Android child protection app is exceptionally diverse with a dozen of cool features required to spy after your child on any phone or tablet.
There are more than 20 features overall. The basic list covers:

  • calendar access
  • ability to view entire internet browser history
  • possibility to block unfavorable content and ban specific contacts as well
  • tracking GPS location + geofencing
  • the full call log list
  • remote activity monitoring

Mind that the access to the phone or tablet of your child is necessary to install; pay $5.33 monthly or $6.99 per month to get a Premium subscription.

  • Pros: All existing spying apps in a single simple-to-use software.
  • Cons: Not all people are ready to pay that price because many alternatives with a free or trial subscriptions are available online.

screen time logo

Screen Time

This Android cell phone monitoring app is perfect for supervising young adolescents who apply more functions than small kids. Screen time parental control:

  • Limits time spent in Google
  • Blocks the suspicious website from the internet browser history
  • Restricts app usage
  • Blocks target device remotely
  • Allows rewarding a kid for each completed task

Your children will be excited about its unique reward program. There they can earn extra hours by completing various educational and self-development assignments. At the same time, this unique software does not include content filtering functions.

You can either invest $3.99 monthly or $39.99 annually.

  • Pros: Both parents can connect up to six different devices, e-mail reports every day.  Also, it is fully secured.
  • Cons: Limited to Android devices and is not easy to use.



Both parent and spouse can benefit from buying and setting up Xnspy kid control app for Android. The main functions of the software consist of quick access to call history with an opportunity to hear and view:

  • Phone calls
  • SMS messenger
  • E-mail
  • Social media accounts
  • And finally, GPS history

Please note that an Android phone or tablet can use the benefits in the kid control app’s jailbreak mode. Add 24-hour efficient live agent support. If you want Xnspy, be ready to spend $49.99 or $59.99 depending on the version, Basic or Premium respectively. Weigh the pros & cons.

  • Pros: Stealth monitoring, captures call logs and messages even form the third-party messengers, sends regular reports.
  • Cons: Advanced options require jailbreaking, is rather expensive, the absence of real-time monitoring, not that easy to use.


Norton Family Parental Control

parental-controlNorton Family parental control works on numerous personal computers/Macs. It is an advanced tool used by the specifically anxious family members, with some excellent features that meet the basic needs:

  • Complete remote configuration & reporting
  • Management of instant messaging
  • Computer usage tracking (ninety days long)
  • Video access
  • E-mail alerts & summaries
  • Social networking tracking

The software is not free. It arrives at $49.99.

  • Pros: A powerful multi-computer parental system compatible with almost all existing operating systems & devices.
  • Cons: Cannot filter HTTPS traffic, notification e-mails do not link directly to the particular log event, is a bit expensive.

Watchdog Parental Control

parental controlParents who are not satisfied with just one device being connected to the target mobile phone should pay attention to this app. With Watchdog parental control, it is possible to connect & monitor numerous devices (no more than five at a time). The software has a wide choice of logging features. Overall, the software contains the given functions:

  • Call log monitoring
  • Messages review
  • Access to pictures & videos
  • Access to contacts & events
  • GPS tracker

This software costs $100, and it does not fully justify its price as some of the surveyed parents were expecting more from this tool.

  • Pros: Simple-to-review browsing history, quick installation procedure, temporary blocking feature.
  • Cons: Does not run in complete stealth mode, lacks geo-fencing, cluttered activity log, high price.


parental-controlOne more excellent surveillance app used to watch children remotely is Funamo parental control. Parents who look for the optimal app to keep their children safe will stay satisfied with the basic features of this software. They do not differ much from similar apps’ features:

  • Location tracker.
  • Incoming/Outgoing calls monitoring.
  • Access to text messages and related logs.
  • Online resources blocker.
  • List of downloaded applications review.
  • Pros: Comparatively low price, ability to manage the target mobile phone activities such as messages, web history, and calls along with the opportunity to block undesired resources.
  • Cons: Does not allow following social networks & multimedia files, lacks keystrokes tracking support and the ability to block incoming calls by phone numbers.

Funamo is relatively cheap – the price is $19.99.
Learn how to track a phone number.

Kids Place

parental-control“What is a good parental control app for Android?” Parents can monitor what their children can or cannot do on their mobile devices. Kids Place parental control allows exploring every online step of the kid. The misuse of WiFi may lead to adverse effects such as a drop in academic performance and communication with suspicious strangers. Kids Place allows avoiding unpleasant situations. The developers included some great features:

  • Timer feature to lock the software after a specific amount of time.
  • A custom home screen that shows authorized applications.
  • Incoming calls block.
  • Disabling of wireless signals.
  • Custom alerts.
  • SMS messages review.
  • Restart software stopped by little kids by accident.

The developers added stunning wallpapers to customize the kid’s experience. Also, the tool is free of charge.

  • Pros: Supports multiple user profiles, prevents a child from purchasing/downloading new applications, simple-to-use interface & customizable characters.
  • Cons: Even though it is free, Kids Place may involve many ads and some paid content, regular permissions to turn on/off the WiFi.

applock logo

AppLock: Free Parental Lock App

It is not the best free parental control app for Android. A free and primitive parental lock app prevents your child from downloading and wasting time on the useless web or mobile phone apps on the internet or Android store. In addition, a parent will be able to lock a phone’s “calling” function to save on personal phone bill. It:

  • Secures specific applications on the target phone.
  • Restricts access to the questionable content.
  • Prevents from downloading/buying new apps & games.
  • Pros: Locks specific applications, supports profiles, quickly locks/unlocks tools, good search option.
  • Cons: Unclear instructions, confusing upgrade to Premium package.

Mobicip Safe Browser with Google Chrome Parental Control

parental-controlIt does not matter where your kid is using tablets, computers, or mobile devices. It is possible to restrict access to adult or gaming content to help your child focus on things that really matter in life. Viewing the full browser history is one of the best options. Mobicip safe browser with Google Chrome parental controls also allows:

  • Managing filtering.
  • Monitoring applications.
  • Accessing schedules on multiple devices for multiple users.
  • Reviewing the entire device’s content.
  • Limiting access to specific web content.

The app is free of charge. Also, there are no extra options for the money.

  • Pros: Available for all types of operating systems, applies kid’s profiles to many different devices & user accounts, proper online configuration & management.
  • Cons: Several communication issues and delays between online console and local software, no regular cap on Internet usage, lack of real-time notifications.

So, we have covered the best parental control for Android phones & iOS devices. The market of the best parental control app for Android is expanding every year – be ready to try other options in the future! An honorable mention goes out to TheOneSpy.


  1. Suggested by my colleague as she is using this app name TheFamilytime for monitoring her kids while working at office and tracing her kids location i found it very convenient and using this app since 6 months and had no idea that there are so many other apps thank you for useful information.

  2. I did not realise there are so many peanuts control apps! I am using kidslox for android for about half a year. How would you rate it? Have heard some positive things about mmguard i an too

    • i didn’t knew too that there are so many available parental control apps as im using TheFamilyTime and its working fine for kids.

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