Meet 10 Most Demanded Parental Control Apps for Android

parental-control review spy appsTo be able to watch after every step of your beloved child in order to prevent undesired consequences, you definitely need one of the leading Android parental control apps to be installed on your device. As a parent, you might lack knowledge of technological aspects. Besides, the choice is rather big. Parental control software for the youngest kids is one of the most popular apps on Android stores. You may get confused when observing all those parental monitoring apps on your won.

Tracking any Android device without leaving your home or office is possible thanks to the variety of spy software today. If you get stuck when choosing the best solution, please read our exciting free reviews to make the final decision. It’s not only the price that matters.

Most Recommended Android Parental Control Software Apps


kidsplace parental control app logo

mSpy Ultimate Parental Control

Every parent deserves to know what is going on with his most valuable ‘investment’ – his own child. While teenagers can take care of themselves, the smallest kids require severe control. And mSpy for your Android will help. The app possesses one of the best, fully customized interfaces, catered to target objects with the apps you choose. No matter if you run it on your phone or tablet, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to filter out any apps you dislike.

mSpy parental control app has free trial and 3 prepaid versions to install.

mmguardian parental control app logo

The MMGuardian Parental Control

Each parent with Android phone or tablet may come up with any limitations on app and game usage. Time spent in internet browser, incoming/outgoing calls duration, contacts, etc. Control every message in the best anonymous way. In addition, MMGuardian prevents creating messages when driving. Probably, it has already saved thousands of lives!

To watch Google activity, control texting and calling activities, the parent has to pay $50 or use 2-week trial first. The app is better for teens who prefer Android.

spyera parental control app logo

Spy Era

Speaking of other control apps that are nor free and even a bit expensive. A curious parent may try well-known Spy Era. It has set of advanced features for Android phones and tablets. Users may notice that this spy software is compatible with iOS devices too. If you choose it for Android, be aware that rooting to get advanced features is a must.

Feature list consists of:

  • Social media and messenger tracking (from BBM and Skype to Google Hangouts)
  • Incoming/outgoing message management
  • Alert Wizard
  • Call recording in real time
  • All multimedia files access
  • Stealth mode

auto forward parental control app logo

Auto Forward Cell Phone Monitoring App

The 4 app on the list works well with Android devices, all iPhones, and the iOS 10.0. Users of prepaid phones may not worry.
A parent who decides to install Auto Forward on Android to control his kid may apply SMS and e-mail messages tracking, various GPS location functions, in-depth diagnostics, the opportunity to view entire internet browser history, etc. Plus, the software offers a 30-day refund option.

famigo parental control app logo

Famigo Android Parental Control App

An exciting number 5 software mentioned in our chart makes it possible to come up with a “sandbox” environment for particular apps and can limit access to the Android marketplace. Your kids will be saved from the harmful games and forbidden internet websites. The innovative solution comes along with so-called Famigo Wowzer, a browser created especially for the youngest children. It includes integrated content filtering.  It’s not free, but is very cheap. Subscription is less than $1 per month, and it guarantees safety lock, special fun videos, and inserted web browser.

mobile spy logo

Mobile Spy

As a parent, you may have heard about this parental control software as well. It is good for all mobile phones and tablets on Android system. This versatile spy app is fully compatible with Android OSs that fall in the interval 2.3 – 5.1.1 and iOS. You can apply this spyware on Blackberry too.

Features that are in:

  • Controlling text messages
  • Listening to ingoing/outgoing calls
  • Identifying location
  • Reading full browser history
  • Editing contact list, images, and videos
  • Setting profanity and keyword alerts
  • Supervising social media accounts

pumpic parental control app logo

Pumpic Android Parental Control App

Pumpic is one of the most affordable apps a parent may find on Android store. It is extremely diverse with a dozen of cool features required to spy after your child on any phone or tablet.
There are more than 20 features overall. The basic list covers:

  • calendar access
  • ability to view entire internet browser history
  • possibility to block unfavorable content and ban certain contacts
  • tracking GPS location + geofencing
  • full call control
  • remote activity monitoring

Mind that the access to the phone or tablet of your child is necessary to install.
screen time logo

Screen Time

This Android cell phone monitoring solution is perfect for supervising young adolescents who apply more functions than small kids. This software limits time spent in Google, blocks the suspicious website from internet browser history, and restricts app usage.

Your children will be excited about its special reward program. There they can earn extra hours by completing various educational and self-development assignments. At the same time, this Android-based software does not include content filtering functions.


Both parent and spouse can benefit from buying and setting up Xnspy for Android. Control functions of the software consist of quick access to call history with an opportunity to hear all calls, SMS messenger, e-mail, social media accounts, and GPD history.

Please note that Android phone or tablet can use the benefits in the jailbreak mode. Add 24-hour efficient live agent support.
applock logo


The free and primitive parental control app prevents your child from downloading and wasting time on useless web or mobile phone apps on the internet or Android store. In addition, a parent will be able to lock phone’s “calling” function to save personal phone bill.


  1. I did not realise there are so many peanuts control apps! I am using kidslox for android for about half a year. How would you rate it? Have heard some positive things about mmguard i an too

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