KidLogger Review: How Good is This Parental Control App?

There is a long list of parental control applications available in the market today, with each claiming to be the best. They all offer some common, and other unique features to help differentiate themselves in a competitive market.

One of these parental control apps that you might come across is KidLogger. The company defines this product as a parental control software that’s compatible with the most used OS in the world. In this review, we’ll discuss various aspects of this software, from its compatibility, features, pricing, and more.

What is KidLogger?

As mentioned earlier, KidLogger defines itself as a parental control app that parents can use to monitor their kids on Android, Windows, and macOS. This monitoring software is made by SafeJKA S.R.L., a software company based in the Republic of Moldovia that specializes in making security tools. This tool lets you monitor the apps used, the websites, visited, monitor social media conversations, and the places they visited, among much more. All you need is a device with internet access to monitor the target phone, and you’re ready.

How to Use KidLogger on Android

The process to use KidLogger on an Android device is simple. the steps are mentioned below –

  1. Create an account on the KidLogger website
  2. Download the Android application on the target device and set it up by giving it the permissions it needs.
  3. Use the dashboard on to monitor your child’s Android mobile phone.

KidLogger Compatibility

KidLogger is compatible with various operating systems. These are listed below –

  • Android – Android 4+
  • macOS – Version 10.5 – 12
  • Windows – Windows 7 – 10
  • Linux – Coming Soon

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KidLogger Features

Time Tracking

Kidlogger parental time control

One of the key features of any parental monitoring software is time tracking or parental time control. This feature allows you to track how much time your child spends on their device, be it a Windows device or Android device. This can be a great way to check how long they spend on their phone during their school hours, while also monitoring their screen time.

While the app gives you a log of how much the target device was used in a day, clicking on a specific date shows the flaws of this system. Apart from the outdated design of the overall dashboard, the app shows us incorrect logs in our testing. For example, messages sent via Instagram are labeled as those under WhatsApp. This results in parents dealing with incorrect information about their children’s activities on their phones.

Call and SMS Monitoring

Kidlogger phone calls and text messages

Just like any other monitoring app, KidLogger also allows you to monitor phone calls and text messages on the target device. As you can see from the image above, all the text messages are presented in a list, and you can click on each to read through the whole message. The app also gives you the time the message was sent or received at.


Kidlogger messages

KidLogger also allows you to monitor messages across social media platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and more. However, we noticed a few flaws in the manner in which this data is presented on the dashboard. For one, all the messages, regardless of the platform, were shown as being on Skype, as you can see from the image above. This resulted in the information being incorrect and a hassle for someone who wants to figure out which app a conversation is taking place on.

Further, it presented all the messages in a list view rather than a conversation view, making it hard to navigate through them and understand them well.

Web History Monitoring

KidLogger also gives you a log of the user’s browsing history. It works across web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. It shows you the URLs of the sites visited on the internet, along with how much time was spent on them. However, in our testing, the app failed to show us the time spent. On the flip side, however, the app also allows you to search for tracking results based on the date, allowing you to filter through the logs to find the information you’re looking for.

Application Log

Kidlogger app installations

Another feature that KidLogger offers is a list of app installations on your child’s device. This feature is available on Mac, PC, and Android devices. It gives you the time that each application was used for, thereby also serving as a time tracker of sorts. However, we came across no option to block a certain application from the installed apps to prevent someone from using it.

GPS Location Tracking

Kidlogger location tracking

The KidLogger online account also allows you to monitor the target device’s accurate GPS location. It shows you their location via Google Maps, and you get to choose between a Map view and a Satellite view. KidLogger also gives you the option to show the user’s path on their target device. However, upon clicking the Show Path option, our request was denied via an error. This resulted in the Map feature being basic at best.

However, this still remains a fairly decent way to protect kids if they’re in a location that’s unsafe for them.

Voice Records

Kidlogger voice records

Another feature that KidLogger offers is the voice record feature. This feature works particularly well with applications that allow you to send voice notes, such as WhatsApp and Messenger. In our testing, the app was able to replay all the voice notes sent from us and the ones received by the target device. However, the app wasn’t able to identify which app the voice notes were sent or received on, and who they were received from.

On the flip side, the app does allow you to download any voice notes of your choice so that you can save them on your device to view later.

Email Reports

This is one of the most convenient features of KidLogger as it allows you to set a schedule to receive email reports about all the activities on the devices being monitored. The report tells you about the calls made to and fro, text messages, GPS locations, and everything else it’s capable of monitoring.


The screenshot capturing feature on KidLogger works together with the keylogger. The app can be set to take screenshots of your child’s devices at regular intervals. These screenshots are saved in an online gallery for you to view at your convenience. The app can also take screenshots whenever certain words are typed on a device, which is where the keylogger comes to play. This way, parents can also make use of the app’s keyword tracking abilities.

NOTE: The keyword tracking feature is only available on Windows and Mac devices.

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How to Install KidLogger on Android

Just like most phone monitoring applications, installing KidLogger on Android require physical access to the target device. This android mobile phone tracking app is easy to install. The steps to do so are given below. Note that these are the steps for the professional plan to which we subscribed to –

  1. Prepare the target phone – The first step is to prepare the target device to install KidLogger PRO. This includes disabling any antivirus protection on the device and doing the same for Google Play Protect.
  2. The next step is to go to the Download page of KidLogger and download KidLogger PRO for Android. then, you’ll have to install the APK file of the application.

Next, install the file on the target device and then click on Done on the dialog box that appears.

Finish installing Kidlogger PRO

  1. Next, open Settings > Accessibility > Installed Services > System Android and then turn it on. On the dialog box that appears, click on Allow.
  2. Then, click on the Settings button and tap Activate Application.
  3. Next, allow the application permission to all the necessary resources it needs to function.
  4. After this, you’ll have to click on each of the options in the menu and configure the application to function on the device. The steps to do so are listed on the KidLogger website.Allow permissions on target device
  5. When you reach the last option called Prevent to Launch this activity, you must tap on it to prevent the app from showing up on the target device. You can also delete the installation package from the target device to ensure its invisibility.
  6. Once this is done, you’ll be able to log into your dashboard on the KidLogger website and start monitoring your child’s activities on their Android device.

How to Install KidLogger on Windows

The process of installing KidLogger on a Windows PC is relatively simple. The steps to do so are listed below –

  1. Open the Control Panel, tap Update & Security, Windows Security, and then Virus & Threat Protection.
  2. Under the Virus & Threat Protection Settings, tap Manage Settings, Add or remove exclusions.
  3. Next, add the following folders – Downloads and the C:\Program files (x86), to the list of exclusions.
  4. Download KidLogger from the website’s download page.
  5. in the event that Google Chrome doesn’t allow you to download the file, open Menu, Downloads, and then tap “Keep dangerous file.”Keep dangerous file on Chrome
  6. Extract the files from the zipped folder.
  7. Run the Install.exe file by selecting the option Run as Administrator.
  8. The KidLogger program will automatically launch once the installation is complete. However, if it doesn’t, you can open the KidLogger.exe file and select Run as Administrator.
  9. Tap the Connect to Server option on the program’s main window.
  10. On your web browser, open
  11. Log in using the credentials you used while registering for your account on the website. Then, tap Connect to account. To connect a device to the account, enter its device ID into the field and then tap Connect to account.Connect to Kidlogger account
  12. You can then return to the main window and start monitoring the target Windows PC.

How Much Does KidLogger Cost?

KidLogger offers three major plans, namely Basic, Standard, and Professional. The Basic plan offers to monitor up to 5 devices, and offers basic features such as logging calls and texts, limiting the time spent on games, blocked applications, and location coordinates. This plan is free of cost.

The Standard plan allows monitoring for up to 5 devices and it keeps logs for 30 days. This plan offers more advanced features, such Analytics for apps, chats, locations, and the web browser. It also comes with technical support.

The final plan is the Professional plan which allows you to monitor up to 10 devices and keeps the log history for 60 days. This plan gives you advanced features like scheduled email reports, keystroke monitoring, and recording of surrounding sounds. On Android devices, it offers the whole gamut of features the app has to offer.

The pricing for all three plans is given below –

Kidlogger pricing

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What Can KidLogger Do?

KidLogger allows you to view all the keystrokes typed on-screen on a phone or a computer device along with all text copied to the clipboard. You can also view all the photos captured by the phone’s camera. You can also record all incoming and outgoing calls, monitor their duration, and the most often called contacts.

Is KidLogger Safe to Use?

Yes, while keyloggers can often be interpreted as malware, KidLogger is safe to use as it’s intended to be a parental control software that parents can use to monitor their kids, with the latter knowing about it. It offers several tools to monitor what they’re doing on their devices and to set up controls on their screen time, among others.

Verdict: Is KidLogger Worth It?

Overall, KidLogger offers a decent set of features that most people look for in a parental control app. It comes with call and text message monitoring, GPS location tracking, social media monitoring, a keylogger, screenshot capturing, and also offers routine mail reports. However, all these features aside, the app itself has a very dated interface that isn’t the easiest to navigate. Further, a few features such as the social media monitoring didn’t really work well, as mentioned earlier.

Additionally, the fact that a lot of entries aren’t updated chronologically makes the information difficult to piece together. As a result, despite the app’s wide compatibility and relatively cheaper price, we’d say that there are better options in the market that you can consider for a more well-rounded experience.

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