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kid spending time in FacebookModern children could probably not imagine a time when the internet didn’t connect the world. They probably spend more time on the internet than anything else. Whether they are playing games, chatting with friends, watch YouTube or Netflix, exploring social media platforms, or browsing the web, the internet has become the modern playground.

Your job as a parent is to keep your children safe from real-life threats, whether those threats are online or offline. Children need to be protected from adult content, as well as other online dangers, such as cyberbullies, sexting, trolls, and online predators. That is where web filtering software comes in. By installing an internet content filter on your devices, you are helping to create a safe environment for your children to play and learn.

An internet filter will block any unwanted content. Parental control apps have dozens of other features that will help you monitor your child’s online behavior as well as their location. These will help you block unwanted web content, limit screen time, restrict the use of risky applications, track GPS location, and more.

Remember to communicate with your children

Internet filter software can only do so much. It can help you monitor your children’s online behavior. Putting parental controls on Android and iOS phones is simple. However, you should always educate your child about what unsafe, unsavory, or inappropriate sites are. Children should have a basic awareness of what types of characters are lurking on the internet, so they know how to act when approached by one. If you and your children trust each other, they will be less hesitant to talk to you when they have issues. If your children know you are spying on them, they may change their behavior. Older children can easily outsmart content filters if they know they are there.

Top 5 internet filter apps for families

mSpy – for iPhone and Android

mspy geofencing
mSpy is the best internet filter for iPhone and Android. Of course, this app can do much more than that. It is the leading app for parental control worldwide. You can block porn, monitor text messages, and calls, track GPS location, monitor social media, and chat apps. It is one of the only apps that can read Snapchat, view all DMs on Instagram, and WhatsApp. It is essential, especially if you consider that these apps are often used for sexting and pornography, but also frequented by online predators and bullies. It is also the best internet filter for iOS since it has a no-jailbreak version.

  • Manage, monitor and restrict calls
  • Track sent and received text messages
  • Read messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook messenger, iMessage, Skype, Telegram, Hangouts, Tinder, Line, Viber, Kik, and Instagram
  • Track location and receive location alerts with Geofencing
  • Manage and block apps
  • Keep track of everything typed using the KeyloggerView photos and videos
  • Monitor browsing history
  • Block websites
  • Monitor Wi-Fi networks
  • Receive keyword alerts
  • Read emails
  • Access contacts and calendar

All-around parental control app.
Accurate monitoring (including Snapchat and Instagram).
 Quite expensive.

Try mSpy

Qustodio – Internet filter and monitoring app

qustodio generalQustodio is an excellent internet filter and monitoring app. It will help protect your children from various online threats, such as adult content, cyberbullies, online predators, and screen addiction. With its handy online dashboard, you can see how your child uses the device, which apps he or she uses and which websites he or she visits.

The software will also help you set healthy limits to screen time, ensuring they do not become addicted. That includes time spent on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. The app contains powerful filtering technology, which will automatically protect from harmful content. This real-time internet filter will work even in Incognito mode. It will also let you read texts, see call logs and block contacts, but only if you have an Android device.  Finally, it will allow your child to contact you instantly with the Panic Button.

Qustodio is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, and Kindle.

  • Block pornography and other unwanted content
  • View time spent on social media
  • Monitor or block games and apps
  • Balance screen time
  • Track calls and messages
  • Track location
  • Respond to emergencies with the Panic Button

✓ Reasonable price.
✗ Has a few more options than ESET or Net Nanny.
✗ Lacks advanced monitoring, like monitoring Instagram, Snapchat, or WhatsApp.

Try Qustodio

ESET Parental Control – Free Internet filter for Android

eset screenshotESET Parental Control is a parental control app for Android devices. This internet filter will help you manage the time spent on various devices, as well as which apps your child can use or download. It will protect them from unsuitable apps as well. Their Web Guard and Safe Search features will also help you filter web content, protecting them from pornography, gambling, and more. You can also locate your child using the Child Locator and receive alerts on their location with the Geofencing feature.

ESET comes in two versions, a Freemium version, and a Premium version.

The Free version lets you:

  • See what your child is doing online with Web Guard Monitoring
  • Block specific apps with the Application Guard
  • Set Time Limits to fun and games apps
  • Set Budget Limits to app spending
  • Receive Basic Activity Reports

With the Premium version you can:

  • Filter Content
  • Enable Safe Search
  • Use the Child Locator
  • Receive location alerts with Geofencing
  • Get full Activity Reports

✓ 30 days trial version.
✗ Lacks the monitoring of social media platforms.

Try ESET Parental Control

Net Nanny – Internet content filter for iPhone, PC, and Android

netnanny dashboardNet Nanny is an internet content filter that will help you monitor your family’s online habits, protecting them from harmful content. You can use it to manage and limit screen time on any app. That way, you can choose when and how long your children can be online. It also offers internet filtering, which will keep your family from accessing harmful or adult content in real-time.

Net Nanny has a Family Feed which reports online searches instantly, lets you see which apps your kids are using, and sends alerts if they access pornography/suicide/weapon or drug-related content. It can monitor up to five Windows, Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire devices in one package.

  • Block pornography and harmful content with the Internet Filter
  • Manage screen time and set limits
  • Block unwanted Apps
  • Block websites

Monitoring of multiple devices with one account.
Good price.
✗ Monitoring options are somewhat limited (you can’t see what was said or shared in Snapchat or Instagram).

Try Net Nanny

Family Orbit – Internet filter for Android and iOS

family orbit generalFamily Orbit is a great tool to understand what your child is doing online. It can be crucial for their mental health and physical safety. This app helps you set limits to their online activity and help you understand which online resources, websites, games, and apps, they are using. I will help your children control the technology they use, rather than being controlled by it.

With Family Orbit, you can use one account for the entire family, allowing you to filter multiple devices. It can monitor across platforms, so it does not matter whether you use an Android or iPhone. It will send alerts to your phone. That way, you can respond instantly in case of an emergency.

Family Orbit does not require a jailbreak for iPhone or a root for Android. That makes it very easy to use and install.

  • Monitor phone usage
  • Get browsing history
  • Track and block apps
  • Limit screen time
  • Know your child’s location with the GPS Tracker
  • Get call records
  • Track photos
  • View address book
  • Track WhatsApp

Great for iOS.
✗ Price is quite high.
✗ No panic button and geofencing.
✗ The internet filter only works on Android devices.

Try Family Orbit

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