iKeyMonitor: Keylogger an Efficient Spying

ikeymonitorPeople are very uncertain persons, so checking everything twice is quite normal. When we are talking about close people, even thrice verification is not something extraordinary. Having only a little free time, using of special IT possibilities to be assured is a smart decision. Especially effective in this case is providing of mobile spy apps or keyloggers. Portative devices are always at our fingertips. We need only to install a specific keylogger application, such as iKeymonitor, that can track almost everything at a distance.

IKeyMonitor is one of the most progressive keyloggers and spy software for keeping an eye on someone’s cell phone. After spending hours on the Internet, you’ll explore all possible function of such apps. But if you want to save your time, just pay attention directly to iKeyMonitor. This keylogger combines a maximum of benefits and useful features only in a single program.

IKeyMonitor Assignments

All in all, spy apps are appointed to follow target mobile phone activity. Most advanced keylogger programs can track all types of messages, control phone book and made calls, monitor location, save typed keystrokes and even block some apps. The whole bunch of additional features provides an opportunity to feel like James Bond and be aware of essential information about other persons.  These functions have a few primary purposes.

  1. Childcare. The current generation of children spends much time with their mobile devices, like iPhone, iPad, tablets and more. On the one hand, it’s a big issue, but on the contrary, it gives unique opportunities for moms and dads to keep an eye on their activities by using programs like iKeyMonitor. This keylogger may actually help for better understanding of kids and parents relationships. Unfortunately, only using of iKeyMonitor wouldn’t solve all problems, but it’s a good tool for capable hands.
  2. Employee monitoring. When you have a large staff of people, be sure that a significant part of them is unsatisfied with something. Whether the greed desire or just little tricks, but someone would take advantage of the situation and sell a valuable idea to competitors or go shopping under the guise of disease. Only several clicks into your iKeyMonitor keylogger account will clarify the situation.
  3. Loved one’s check. Another important part of life is to be totally sure about your “best friend.” Of course, if you would be revealed, everything can go awry. But life with permanent doubts is much worse. As often says “the bitter truth is better than a sweet lie,” and a keylogger can efficiently clarify the situation.

IKeyMonitor keylogger can also be used for another purpose, such as monitoring of grandparents with sclerosis or other memory problems. GPS function is simple and effective at the same time.

IKeyMonitor Functions ikeymonitor

  • Full messages’ control. All kinds of text notices will be transferred to your iKeyMonitor account. Including email, SMS and popular instant messengers like WhatsApp or Viber. Even if these notes were deleted immediately after sending or receiving, they would be written to logs by keylogger without fail.
  • Files and apps control. Every taken picture, recorded video or downloaded file would not pass With this keylogger, most applications can be even blocked remotely, so every action will be written and can be used for a complex analyze.
  • Calls management. Time of call, the speak duration and written to phonebook numbers can be reported to your email by iKeyMonitor keylogger.
  • Social network following. As statistics says, people are most sincere with their friends. Most of the free time young people spend chatting on popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype or Kik and talking with their cobber. That fact gives an opportunity for iKeyMonitor to know almost the whole truth about things children or employees say about you.
  • Web browser history. It is one more useful option of keylogger that allows you to keep track of trends and interests of a target cell phone user. The full logs will tell you if a kid spends lesson’s time on the harmful websites or worker searches some personal info not at the lunch break.
  • Tracking of location. Another helpful auxiliary function to prove your guess and make the right decision. Entering your iKeyMonitor account, just ask a simple question “where are you?” You will see how it would put everything in its place. Asking of a day route also can be useful in some cases.

IKeyMonitor Unique Features ikeymonitor-features

  • Typing of keystrokes. The most important benefit of iKeyMonitor is a recording of the keystrokes. It means that programmers of this keylogger came to work most diligently. An everyday tracking isn’t an innovation nowadays, and with typing of keystrokes, it implies the next benefit.
  • Password recording. If all functions mentioned above can’t give a clear answer, you may use this keylogger feature. Maybe, it sounds like distrust limit, but the most exact answer you’ll find after entering targets account. Passwords and logins of every app or account are in your hands now. If everything is ok, a hidden format of these files won’t destroy a relationship. If not, your activity wasn’t a cause.
  • Real-time screenshots. An additional variant of confirmation when you need some details right now. The possibility of tracking such pictures into iKeyMonitor account could become an ordinary and visual argument.
  • Snapchat spying. Snapchat is a specific application. This social network allows sending text messages, video and pictures for a fixed view term (from 1 to 10 seconds). After opponent saw a note, it deletes from the server forever. Usually, keylogger programs don’t remain silent this function because to spy and record Snapchat activity is an evident benefit, and iKeyMonitor is among advanced spy apps.
  • Free 3 days demo. Right on the title page of iKeyMonitor website you’ll find a big button to activate a trial period. Moreover, the keylogger provides a trustworthy refund policy and implements a money back guarantee without any additional questions.

Final Thoughts

One of the most widespread spying apps, iKeyMonitor works excellent with iOS and Android devices. Before the installing process, iPhone/iPad/iPod must be a jailbreak. It makes iKeyMonitor keylogger a versatile and top notch spy app that can satisfy plenty of purposes. You will get proper software provided by the reliable company that gives you plenty of benefits.

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