How to Track a Lost Phone

Track Lost Cell Phone

It might have happened to all of us. One momentary loss of focus and you lose one of your most prized possessions. The gadget you use to communicate with your friends, tell time, retrieve information, and set your daily schedule has just disappeared. Luckily, there are plenty of ways on how to track a lost iPhone and smartphone:

  1.     With the help of spy apps.
  2.     With the help of built-in Find My Phone or Find My Device app.

Find my phone apps

find my phone

If you want to track a lost phone, a lot depends on the type. Is it Android or IOS? I believe, yes. In that case, you are lucky and can count on a wide range of methods to find your lost device. Find my Phone can track a lost iPhone location. Find My Device will help with Android. The process of tracking a lost iPhone and smartphone is easy-to-understand. Enable these options to prevent possible future trouble.

Find My Phone

Find my iPhone is available on iPhone and works for tablets as well as smartphones. This app will keep track of your phone’s location at all times and can save a location history for your device. It is often used by families to see each others’ devices when they finish work or school. The basic version is free, though the app contains in-app purchases and often prompts you to buy an upgrade.

Find My Device

Find my Device is a similar app, available for Android devices. It is part of Google Play protect. It offers Google tracking for your phone, tablet, or watch. It provides indoor maps for airports and large buildings. It can play a sound to help you find your device. You can use it to erase or lock the device, leaving a custom message and a contact number on the locked screen. This feature should only be used as a last measure, since there is no way to unlock it, other than a complete reboot.

The problem with Find My Phone apps

These apps work great for finding a lost phone. But what if your phone gets stolen? The apps track the location of your phone at any moment, but whoever gets their hands on your phone can remove the sim card and uninstall them at will. If you need an extra level of security for your phone or need to know where your loved ones are at any moment, we recommend spy apps.

The 4 best spy apps for finding a lost phone

If your phone has valuable information on it, you could consider installing a spy app to track its location at all times. The added benefit of spy apps is that they conceal themselves from the phone’s user. The phone’s user will never know the app is there, and the app will continue working, even if they switch the sim card. Spy apps also offer many other handy features to help you find out who is using your missing phone. From social media tracking, screenshots, an ambient recording, and even remote camera use, it will not take long for you to identify the culprits. Below, we have listed the four best apps you can use to track a lost phone:


FlexiSPY is mSpy’s main competitor. They offer two versions of their product, Premium, and Extreme. The Premium package includes similar features to mSpy. These include Google tracking, Geo-Fencing, Social Media Monitoring, Call Logging, Internet Blocking, Automatic Screenshots, and more. The Premium version is probably the ultimate weapon for retrieving a lost phone.

The Premium features include:

  • Call Notifications: Get an alert every time your device makes or receives a call.
  • Live Call Interception and Live Call Recording: Listen in on all calls as if you were on a conference call and record the calls to the FlexiSPY servers.
  • Ambient Recording: Switch on the phone’s microphone, and listen in on the surroundings, record everything that is said.
  • Remote Photos and Videos: Switch on the phone’s front or rear cameras to take photos or make videos.
  • Spoof SMS: Send a dummy SMS to any number you choose, without the phone’s user ever knowing.

Download FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY has plenty of other cool features. Read our full FlexiSPY review here.


mSpy is the best spy app when it comes to tracking lost or stolen phones. This full-on spy app will let you know everything the phone’s user is doing. It offers Google tracking, plus a host of other features, which will help you identify the phone’s user in no time. These features include:

  • Geofencing: Get an alert any time the device enters or leaves a designated zone on the map.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Find out what is being sent through Snapchat, Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, and more.
  • Call Logging: Find out who is calling your phone and read the contents of all SMS.
  • Website Blocking and Internet Blocking: Block the internet on the device, so it is useless to the phone’s user.
  • Keylogger: Find out what the phone’s user is typing, including passwords, personal messages, and URLs.
  • Monitoring Wi-Fi Connection: See which Wi-Fi points the user is using and shut them off manually if necessary.

Download mSpy

Other cool features for retrieving your phone include phone locking, data wiping, and SIM change notifications. Read our full mSpy review here.


hoverwatch interface

Hoverwatch is another app (alternative for Highster Mobile) you can use to track a lost phone. It is available for Android only. It will give you access to the device’s location, contact details, calendar, call logs, camera, phone calls, and texts. It can also monitor social media. It makes it a great app to monitor your phone’s location and track down whoever might have stolen it. Its main features are:

  • Spying on text messages: Read every SMS sent or received, even after the user deletes them.
  • Tracking browser history: Find out every site ever visited, even in incognito mode.
  • Monitoring Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Viber: Read all messages sent through communication apps, including audio files, videos, and images.
  • Tracking cell phone location: Find out where your phone is at any time, even if the GPS is switched off, using the location details from the nearest GSM tower. Keep track of every location ever visited.
  • Saving Android Screenshots: Take automatic screenshots and find out who has your lost phone.
  • Detecting SIM Card Change: Get an alert any time the sim is changed.
  • Save Contacts: Make a list of all phone contacts, including Snapchat, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber.
  • Tracking Camera: Take a photo with the front or rear camera without the phone’s user ever knowing.

Download Hoverwatch


qustodio interface

Qustodio is an excellent parental control app. This app is particularly useful for families to keep track of each other’s whereabouts. It is less suited as a spy app for tracking a lost phone since the phone’s user knows the app is there. It is highly suited as a security app since it contains a panic button that your child or loved one can use in case of an emergency. You will automatically receive an alert of their location so you can respond accordingly. Qustodio also has other parental control features, mainly aimed at filtering content and managing screen time so the child can focus on study or other important matters. Qustodio features include:

  • Blocking porn and other adult content.
  • Monitoring screen time spent on various apps.
  • Setting limits to screen time.
  • Blocking specific apps or setting time limits for them.
  • Tracking calls and reading SMS.
  • Location tracking and Panic Button.

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