How to Tell or Identify If Your Phone Is Tapped by Police?

background noise head during phone call on smartphone deviceFinding out if police are tapping your phone is more accessible today with the advancement of technology. It would yet still be challenging to identify wiretapping over landline phones. However, for a cell phone, there are companies and software apps that can assist in identifying a phone tapped by the police.

Certain companies can inform you if a fake antenna is tapping your phone. Or police are trying to hack your phone to get into your private conversations and messages.

Although, the antenna that is being used to identify if police tap a phone doesn’t involve any encrypting your calls or text messages. These antennas will only inform you that your phone is being tapped.

How to determine if mobile is being tracked

There several reasons why someone will try to hack your mobile. For policy reasons, they might need some valuable information that they may need in an ongoing investigation. Whatever may be the reason, there is a way to know now that someone is trying to hack your phone.

Tracking applications, like mSpy, are increasingly popular due to many hackers wanting to hack valuable information from your phone as everyone is solely dependent on the net. Thus, there are more tracking applications available online.

How to know if your phone is tapped

Young man using smart mobile phone and laptop computer.Wondering: Can anyone listen to my cell phone conversations? Yes, they can! Here’s what you need to look out for. Below is a list of these significant signs of someone who is trying to hack your device.

The Difficulty of Turning Off Your Device

If you are having special issues in turning off your mobile like it keeps freezing up or fails to shut down properly. It could be a sign that it is compromised, and there might be a spy app installed on your device.

  • The backlight remains on even after your device shuts down

Decreased phone battery life

Unauthorized background programs installed on your phone are probably responsible.

  • The phone heats up more than usual.

Observe random unusual activity

Inexplicable activities on your device may indicate that it is bugged. If there are weird or unexplainable activities that are not usually on your mobile, especially if you are not using it, it is the best way to identify someone who is trying to hack or target your mobile account.

  • You are receiving strange coded SMS texts with weird characters.
  • Strange pop-up ads from malware or spyware apps that you didn’t install.
  • Screen distortions and program installations without you doing them

Background Noise When Making a Call

Hearing strange, suspicious noises coupled with other signs might mean your phone has been tapped.

  • Inexplicable static, clicking or high-pitched murmurs
  • Static signals and unusual background noise when you make a call.
  • A low-frequency sound bandwidth sensor goes off when checking for inaudible sounds on your phone networks.

The phone starts behaving strangely

  • Receiving strange coded SMS texts with weird characters.
  • Strange pop-up ads from malware or spyware apps that you didn’t install.

Electronic interference

You encounter electronic interference from surrounding devices even when you’re not connected on a call.

  • Your FM radio or television emits a high-pitched sound when you’re device is close to it.

High phone bill

If you notice increased data or SMS usage, there’s probably a phone tapping software that’s responsible for it.

  • There’s spyware transmitting information from your phone to a receiving device.

Code to check if the phone is tapped

Dial these USSD codes to know if someone’s tapping your phone.

*#21# — checks if your calls and messages are being diverted.

*#62# — provides information on where the calls and messages are being redirected to.

##002# — deactivates all diverts.

What to do if your phone is tapped

Use these tips to mitigate.

  1. Get your phone services provider to help

If you tell them that you suspect your phone is being tapped, they’ll do a line analysis check using specialized equipment to detect illegal phone tapping.

  1. Get the police to help

They would use specialized equipment to test for illegal tapping on your phone and catch the culprit responsible for it.


  1. I completely believe you!!! I’m a local truck driver and this started happening to me 3 weeks ago! Feels like my whole town is against me and I can’t find out what the hell is going on. I’m ready to hide in my house and never come out and no one believes me!

  2. pamela fitzgerald says:

    For the last 3 years when I’m talking on my cell I can hear someone talking to me threatening to kill me and my family I hear typing like its being recorded when I play a video on my cell and be quiet I can hear whispering threat over and over I’m watching you and I’m going to rape you your daughter and kill your whole family I have called the police and there no help I thought it was all in my head I end up going to the crazy hospital and I’m not crazy!! but its making me crazy I have changed my number 13 times bought 7 new cell phones and the next day its the same thing I’m scared for my life and family

  3. Hello, I just found this site this morning. It blew me away. I thought I was pretty much alone. I have been stalked for years. I could tell if it’s was the good guys or bad guys. Anyway, to be honest , I don’t really trust what I am reading here. Could be just a ploy to get a take on where my head is at. Don’t trust anyone. If I may ask to hear back from you so I know you are real would be a start. To have contact with someone else going through the same shit would be a nice. Thank you .

  4. Naomi Fox says:

    They send people to you with another phone… I didn’t realize SO many are posting about it… Been 52 years for me… Oil owner. They want the oil rights. Naomi Fox aka Freda Chickenhawk @BakkenFox Sat March 31st

  5. Wow, I actually had a nervous breakdown over this happening to me back in 2008. Since my Brother was murdered by police in 2015 it’s been happening again. They shot him in the back completely lied about it lost video. And I’m crazy….Tried to sue the city with the warrior of the people attorney everyone knows. Guess what I underestimated greed. He totally fucked us. And nobody will even help us. My Brother drowned in his own blood and they didn’t even try to help him. I even have the video.

  6. Jeff victims of crime are tapped and followed. This does not mean they are paranoid or delusional. Investigations and criminal activity can be excruciating. This appears to be an accurate account of what happens when one’s phone is tapped. Victims rarely get the support they need and are frequently labelled paranoid or delusional. This is because most people are unable to question or listen to topics that run counter to their own experience.

  7. Jeff these people are not paranoid or delusional. Much of what they are saying is true. The tactics used by criminals and police are accurately covered here. When one is in a criminal investigation over a decade or two, one is able to observe technology used to track people and their phones. These victims are experienced observers and deserve respect. There is also serious psychological impact that results from criminal attack and counter surveillance. Society tends to belittle harassed victims with mental health labels. Sometimes these labels are purposefully applied. Also negligent medical practitioners, following under cover police intervention, play their part by applying incorrect diagnoses. When in a criminal investigation one can’t speak, as this may support the criminal’s case. Authorities do remove people or phones to avoid contaminating evidence and to collect evidence. To those of you who are victims try to stay calm and detach from the phone. In regard to the gang stalking, the technology is extremely powerful and others can be manipulated in an attempt to influence you. Try and ignore it. Alternatively if the police are collecting evidence give it to them. If gang stalking is used to convey information listen to it and follow the advice. If the criminals are tortmenting you with it, flee and try to find a safe haven. If your country has corrupt leaders and the criminals are amongst them, one day they may be brought to justice.

  8. Jane Doe says:

    Firstly, when your phone is being monitored by the police, there is absolutely nothing that you can do. They need the meta data to determine what the criminals are doing and what they have done. Irrespective of whether you change numbers, phones or countries, you will continue to be monitored. Nobody can help you because the technology is incredibly advanced. Rather than thinking about it, if you can still make calls, get on with your life, and let the police do their work. Since 2008, I’ve had a number of phones stolen from my high security locked home, have had people write to me through my phone and iPad, have been followed, locked up in a mental hospital twice, injected, place in a straight jacket, kneed in the breast by a nurse, had phones freeze (two last week), lost all contacts and have had to travel to gather people back, had money embezzled, experienced bankers defrauding me and lying, lost assets, had family members ridicule me, lost jobs and had others prevent me from working, observed people being operated by mind control technology and so forth. If your phone is hacked by police…find something calming to do and detach and hope that someday the criminal investigation will conclude. And if not ignore it. In my case this means: no money, no job.

  9. It’s sad to see how many paranoid delusional people there are on here. My advice to many of you is go get psychological help, especially if there is no reason anyone would be ‘following you’. People who have actually broken the law have something to be genuinely worried about when it comes to being bugged or who interact with criminals but other than that there is almost no reason anyone would be doing any of this to you. The chances are many of you aren’t even being followed and it’s your own paranoia getting the better of you

  10. In London , Canada the range of inexplicable activities include activation of your 4G biometric, password protected phone without your assistance . Turning on the phone, changing radio settings , controlling volumes , activating the camera for multiple shots, or the flashlight as the hacker would need to be within a certain proximity distance . This also included the changing of a radio station setting in my 2017 A3 Audi car rental while driving a city street last Christmas . Apparently a number of police hacking tools haven’t made the light of day , nor published in any national newspapers .

  11. If you factory reset your phone would that help or stop it from being tapped into?

  12. Yeah gangs. Because they come up from Mexico and in the U.S. they do robocall’s or recorded calls to your number trying to get your to call back. And these scams where they pretend to be your bank and they need your credit card numbers or bank routing numbers.
    So don’t feel threatened or afraid. Get as much information using ‘who is’ services. Get their phone number and reverse lookup that number. Then internet search their names. Then find your little local hacker space and turn over as much personal information as you can to them. Those young teens will enjoy hacking these scumbags/ Mexican gang members back and then give their personal information to the FBI.
    My local hackerspace gives free coding and language classes. And they built little robots and many group activities that are free. There is a big difference in white hat and black hat hackers.
    Most of these scumbag scammers are from organized gangs.
    A lot of malwarespyware comes from the Philippines. Browser hijackers and keyloggers and general detritus on your phones and laptops are the real enemy. You should always clear your browser and search data. And learn as much as you can to keep your computer clean. And don’t fall for that clickbait and adware that litters the Internet. Change your email address and phone number often. I never keep an email address more than 3 months. And I change my phone number a lot. Also use a VPN.

  13. Roger dale abdul raheem creasy says:

    I have also been told by a friend its possible and i get strange calls and messages from people live near me or accepted on fb and threats from some

  14. Derek Eckland says:

    So I’m putting this to inform you of a new trend. This name is a raw broad definition. This term is call Organized stalking or Gangstalking. I was noticing odd things happening to me like my camera opening up and being on the selfie mode when I would not touch my phone. I noticed a wierd scratching noise when I’d call someone. Get odd texts with links or serial numbers. My phone getting hot for no reason( so for all you immature children that will argue porn or some smart ass thing like that about virus’ do that, move out of your mom’s basement, and stop wearing the Guy faux masks and playing Call of Douche bag). Then something took a dark turn when I noticed odd happening like being followed by people who would be ” broke down” on the side of the highway as I would pass theyed close they’re hood jump in and get close to me. My personal stuff would get posted online. Or a picture would get sent to someone for what ever reason from my phone. Just FYI look in to it because this isn’t crazy.

  15. It doesn’t matter who you contact. No one cares. I’ve contacted every federal agency and nothing has happened. This country needs to be destroyed. We’re all screwed.

  16. You idiot most of these people r being ganged stalked!! It is areal and true thing. If been going thru it for year’s use to work for usps if your phone is hacked buy u a bummer (cheap).if they r in your computer use VPN
    network.if you r being followed u can buy a device that go’s into your cigarette lighter to shut down the frequency of the tracking device (as cheap as 40 bucks). Hope this helps
    And everyone should go to www. stop gang stalking .com and other gang stalking site so u can be informed

  17. Stephanie says:

    My iPhone has been glitching like so much and sometimes it’s staticky when u talk I can here echoes sometimes and when I try texting sometimes it does it’s own thing do u think my phone is being tapped never been in trouble with the law someone please help very curious about it and when I try tapping something on my screen sometimes it taps another thing

  18. Tara Davenport says:

    A lot of times when I send a message after the message sends there will be a blue colored box beaidey message that says sent or send ..also when I try deleting messages I have to do it twice before they delete and yes I hear a lot of different static when. Calling or certain people call me so is that signs.?

  19. Cassandra Payne says:

    How about if you hear noice while you on the phone talking like wire being cross someone help me please

  20. Sir kisi be mere call tap ki hai mai kaise hatay I mean to say that unknown person who taps my calls with ceat me please help me sir

  21. Crazy T Mobile user says:

    T Mobile is charging me for a phone line that they say was active for 5 months. I never had this line but they claim they have records proving it was an active line. Is it likely my phone was jacked hacked or whatever. I am being charged for this LG 10 that I never owned. Is there any way to resolve this issue?

  22. My phone will make random calls by itself, and it isnt a butt dial from me. Also, it takes a long time to get my phone to turn on and to turn off. Sometimes my voice echos so bad when Im talking, that I can’t hear myself talking clearly. I have many instances where I can hear people talking or there is noises in the background when I’m talking to a friend or family member on my cell phone. The background noise is not coming from the person’s home, whom I’m talking with either. I feel like I am followed all the time in car and I have actually pulled my car off to the side of the road unexpectedly, to see tbge reaction of the the person following me. The person following me, looks startled and slows down to almost a complete stop. Crazy. I’m going to start taking pictures. I just don’t know why? I am very boring, don’t do drugs or anything illegal, so I don’t get it. Jokes on them, whoever it is, they are wasting a lot of time and money. They will never find or hear anything going on in my home that is illegal. Amen. Hopefully whoever they are, will be monitoring this site too, and see my message…get a life and get out of mine!

  23. Im currently fighting the people your all fighting. It’s nice to find this site. Your feelings I feel and lots of the things all of you have said I have said. No one believes this goes on. It’s a lonely fight. Stay strong, all of you.

    • What can we do. This is unlawful. No warrant!!

    • Anytime I been going thow the same thing. An it’s sick. An even my own husband a family don’t believe me all I have is god an they mock him as well

    • Yes it is. I’m going through the same thing. An no one believes me. Iv only Got God to talk to An now there mocking him Him an him alone his helped me through An making me stronger he has thought me to forgive my “ Enemies “ for why I ask why me ? Why all the others what’ is it going to take for us humans ,An victims of this ‘ GANGSTERS’

  24. I NEED HELP! I’m not sure if my phone is being tapped or if my phone really is just a P.O.S!! I won’t deny it, I’ve been in trouble with the law several times due to drugs, I’ve had my house raided & 2 different phones taken & gone through by the KBI, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it was bugged. BUT, if it is & ANYONE that could help me find out for sure, that would just be amazing! The only thing I’ve really noticed over the past few weeks is during conversations, sometimes I can hear my voice echoing & then sometimes the person on the other end hears themselves echoing, it’s not all the time either…
    Am I being bugged or just paranoid? HELP! *Tiffany*

  25. Worried and Wondering says:

    I called my friend and she said I was calling her on a second line when clearly I wasn’t. She clicked over and heard nothing. It happened again and when she kept rejecting the call it said I was calling her again. Is my cell phone tapped ? Or just an iPhone glitch ?

  26. Christopher Michael says:

    +Rhonda – ‘cuz ya probably didn’t use drugs, come from a blood line they don’t like, live life differently, they can’t use ya, etc. – or just for their p-sick shit’s and giggles… I just laugh, they’re children on drugs, not too bright, and they sure FEAR and WORRY about something, eh? … like, say… being replaced, lol… and it WILL happen, has to, life is cyclictic… and it’s also full of IF’s… but yeah, there’s a lot out there messing with people on purpose, I caught ’em, took 26+ years hunting the real A/C, not kidding, they wanted to play, awww… I laid BAIT… and I’m taking it from them… mwuhahahaha – fk ’em… best part, I WENT RIGHT TO THE TOP AND LET THEM KNOW… then, yawn… strolled away… B-O-R-I-N-G…. : )P

  27. Christopher Michael says:

    … adapt… dump the ‘chip’… that would BE the phone, ya don’t really NEED it anyhow, and hey, ya can start up a pay phone business and reverse the flow, there’s a market for it and the lines are still there totap off of, LQQK, I just hardwired America back up again, so people can use such to combat all these fear and worry filled old battle axe bi0tches and fuQtards, lol… for real… but if ya don’t know where you;re goin g to begin with, well…. ughmmm… yeah… and ya Christo, some CUNT – and it’s a girls coke head baby clinical Nazi Catholic girls club of some super weirdo shit that’s all basically just drug dealers, or something ‘else’, not sure YET… hahaha, least that’s my story… welp… like I said, adapt… beat the others out to the punch – OF LIFE… fuck them people anyhow, probably not even really real, but they do have and share a hive mind, almost te4lepathetic, meh… we SQUISH BUGS… period. : )

  28. Katherine says:

    I’m not doing shit let em waste there time. Honestly if they are. Its really not hurting me but it is illegal if im not doing shit wrong without a warrant. They have no probable cause with me so if they wanna go to far let me find out about it an Ill be coming into some extra income. Lmao!!!! Jokes on them…

  29. Rhonda Crute says:

    Sincerely, Rhonda Crute, not Criteria……Lol My thanks to the web site,

    • Thank you. I’m at the point that I ask God to take me out of her rather than face another day of this. I rarely leave the house. I don’t trust ANYONE that I know. Because I believe that they know and cooperate. Sick and tired

  30. I'm Fed up! says:

    I’m fed up I’m related to a person who has been convicted of a crime that is bleeding over onto us only because of the relationship I had already seen some signs that something was wrong long before this incident so I prohibited him from coming to my house. He had my phone number in his phone now we have had heard interruptions I can hear and my phone has been messing up I Just wish the police would move on he is already sentenced and they are waiting state money on this tactic I feel sorry for the boy but this is what he needs to get his life straight I just wish I could have seen what he developed into before it happened this supposedly developed In record time and wasn’t expected by anyone in the family I have an issue that there is mistakes in his prosecution and possibly a family member so who knows but I want to be left alone

    • The police wasting tax payers money says:

      I’m going threw the same thing.My husband trafficking charges got thrown out of court.Now they harassing me.

    • I am going thou what you our our house got raided for my mentally ill son giving a guy at gas station his bipolar meds because guy told him he was homeless had bipolar needs meds my son’s brain is of a 12 year old and he is 26 so they broke all my Windows thinking we our drug house mind you my son have under cover mom narcotics and it was like we or terrorist we had SWAT all over our house breaking all the windows the damage is unbelievable now my phone keeps going click click click click click click they wouldn’t let us take her phones outside they made us leave them inside and now I believe my phone is tapped

    • Help him out or it will escaltate to someone being injured. He’s not alone it’s very common. The police have a long list of people innocent ones as well that they harass. U need to man up. That’s the problem guys like u who dig a hole and put their head in. This is the USA not Pakistani.

  31. You guys are some true psychos

  32. Jack woods says:

    U are a real piece of work V OR MrV that is.. Grow some balls and,talk to me, then we’ll go from there. I DONT CALL 911!!!!!

    U and I need to have a chat,like ASAP¡!!¡!!!!!! BACK DOOR IS ALWAYS OPEN, AS U WELL KNOW…. COME GET IT, I will b waiting!! Let me tell u all a Lil piece of advice, when it comes to brilliant people That,dont have the balls to face to face it,it so easy to do what everyone is speaking of, I’ve been fighting it for years!!!!!! So,so,easy!!!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    There’s a number you can dial I forgot what it is, it was 6#8** or something like that

  34. N S CHETAN UDUPA says:

    How to Solve Mobile Tapping

    Please help me in Solving Mobile Tapping

    Mob No and What’s Up Number (9902860415

  35. Clean me says:

    Just want people who really don’t have my best at heart to leave me alone And for me to start to enjoying my life again with out drugs

    • Me too

      • They make it difficult to stop. They make it easy to obtain dope but it’s a different kind. Do you have to wait awhile for a package. I quit. They will not control my eye life. When I wake up, Nate, sleep, eat, where I go, what I see online, who I talk to. Taking back what I can and trusting my God. Is this drug related? Why are certain people in my life involved?

        • So true There the ones putting the drugs on the streets

        • I think it is drug related I think that is the hook they use I’ve quit many times but they send someone by with drug and give it to me free wtf hard to stop when it’s dangled I your face for no charge ugh but I know I need to dig deep and be stronger that the addiction they use against me why have we been selected for this type of harassment I have a few therioes the worst is that they send programmers and handlers to pose as potential love interest and right when I drop my guard see that is what they are they bug my home set cameras and I’m sure record my sexual times with the so called boyfriend /handler it’s hell I know they hope to drive many of us to suicide but no I refuse and I will find a way to thwart there agenda by the resurrection power of Christ we will have victory they may have won a few battles but we win the war.. hang in there my fellow T.I we need to unite together and go against em obviously they fear what we possibly could do otherwise they wouldn’t bother us

    • Georgie Davis says:

      Same here . I don’t bother no one I mind my own business . Went strait to work and strait back home.

  36. Cathy J. Montgomery says:

    I’m there with you. My phone dials numbers randomly and interiors my calls. It’s crazy.

  37. Christo Olivier says:

    My mobile is definitly hacked and the people is making my life a hell feels like i live in a suitcase thay dominate my income the dominate my work i have done the dominate the people i talk to thay dominate my private life….. If there is anybody out there that can help me please help me……

    • Michael says:

      Best way I would say I maybe switch the number and also get a new phone I don’t know if that works, but is a possibility. One question I have is if you goto the phone company can they tell you or see if your phone is being monitored

      • April shand says:

        It doesn’t work they have complete control over my laptop so I went out and got a new iPad and it’s been one day and they are already in and it’s the iPad 10 it should have the highest security. They are in my iPhone as well most the time when I leave my house I can’t even use my data and the phone is so hot it hurts to hold it. There’s also a long delay after I place a phone call and I can hear background noise. These a-holes follow me all the way to work in rush-hour traffic they park outside of my job site they follow me at lunch and back home again a lot of them are very aggressive to try to run me off the road. Today a guy passed me twice doing that I’m “watching you” hand signal to his eyes, he parked right next to the driveway of my work and I took a picture of him and he raced over to ask me why I did that and I said why are you following me and he sped off! I had a bunch of pics of their license plates and cars documented because it’s always the same people but now they have put dealership plates on that do not have numbers

        • Peter Knowles says:

          I had this happen to me also. It went on for many many years. It turned out to be some weirdo who was a police impersonator type. A real scumbag. I think he liked peeping on my kids or wife. He was just a sick freak (with some of his bar friends some of whom were EMTs and jail guards and stuff like that. I only found out after someone in my family (who knows some of them) told me what was going on. Don’t lose your cool over it. What I mean is don’t quit your job or get violent. I had to move to a different county and it stopped (at least nobody dumps fuel oil in my yard anymore, that’s what really bothered me the most). I wish so much I could help you. I can tell you this much, they are probably within range of your wireless signal. Look out for a truck with multiple unusual antennae. I could be wrong in your case but I sadly wasn’t in my case. Good luck and stay sane. Also protect your personal information as much as possible. (They say they’re looking for “leads” but it is most certainly a sexually perverted vouyer type of thing). I hope the best for you. I would’ve thought I was crazy for the rest of my life if I hadn’t found out what was going on.

          • Can they actually see yu through yur phone?!?

          • Gang stalkers

          • I’ve had almost identical experiences with it getting much more aggressive in the past year…I really did think I was going crazy in the beginning, but when the only two other people that I spent significant time with saw it going on as well and couldn’t deny there was something there to say the least. I soon found out about the whole gangstalking thing and 5G and how it specifically relates to what has gone on here in New Rochelle, NY. One of the first places these technologies and one world policies have been rolled out for a variety of reasons. Was selected as well as Newark and Miami-Dade to first start getting funding for ICLEI (a guise for the NWO Agenda 21 initiative). I am also the Grandson of a high ranking CIA operative and am paying the price of saying too much physically. Have developed skin cancer due to “UV Rays” when I have never overexposed myself to the sun, which brings in the irradiation from the 5G targeting. God Bless and God Save America.

        • I knew a guy about 30 years old who played this game as well. He and his friends hacked a coworker of them and acted childish like 14 year olds who made fun of this coworker. It all should just all be fun and game and nothing serious was in mind. But that hacked guy got depressed when he found out and one night everything went wrong. That guy got drunk and lost his mind while he was really angry he drove to one of these guys family and killed all of them while they are alone cause man was at work. Sadly there were children upon the victims who aren’t fault of their father’s crime. Everything could’ve ended in peace when someone told the hacked guy about the trojan on his pc further. He was a nice guy, a little bit weird but most of the time really calm. I couldn’t believe that he turned into a murderer. I would have helped him if I knew he was bullied that time. He has moved to our county for only several years and wanted to start a new live here I guess. He told about his life in the past and that he have done many things wrong and many bad things happend to him. Maybe that’s one of the reason why he got bullied by these guys. Whatever I felt really sorry for the victims on both side. Everything shouldn’t have happened. But here we are: The father of the murdered family was devasted when he was informed by the Cops.

          • Shaun Franklin says:

            It’s not surprising to me that this happened. The cowards should have learned or known when they crossed that line to invade someone’s privacy for control or leads. When I find out who is responsible for doing this to me it will probably be worse and yes everyone is held accountable. If you are man enough to invade someone’s privacy, no matter the what the reason was, they should be well aware of what they have coming when that person finds out. I have zero tolerance for high class idiots who think they should know everything about you and your family. Messing with me is bad enough, you bring my wife and kids into it and your getting fed to the hogs! So whoever these government officials do is all a favor and get a life and stay out of ours before I personally make you regret even knowing who I am. This isn’t a threat it is a promise! I will find you outside of your little private jet flying around my house 24/7. Easedropping my family life like a coward. Be a man and face me and tell me or ask me what you want to know and maybe I can help you, well actually too late for that so you better disappear because the hogs are getting hungry! F###ing cowards

          • Yes gang stalking is a real problem. Recently A pregnant female friend of mine was being gang stalked by her coworkers. They were trying to scare her to death. She would call me in the middle of the night crying.
            Enventually i calmed her nerves. We first ruled out paranoia by me being there several times when she was being followed/stalked.
            Once i identified the perps she called the police but police said if no physical attack was committed, they would do nothing.
            I video taped several incidents and now i am in the process of humiliating these scumbags. I will get them fired and i will destroy their families.
            I will start by posting pictures of them throughout their neighborhoods and explain that they were suspected of stalking and window peeping. Then i will have some of my larger friends outwardly stalk them anywhere they go. Always making contact and letting them know they stalked the wrong woman.

            Pay back is a bitch.
            Some of their names are ascott r. Baize , andy stansbury, micheal vizcarra, micheal gobster, brandon lamoureux ect…just to name a few..
            They all work at rogers corporation in chandler arizona

          • Scum bags desever what they get and OFFING them is what’s needed.
            People join a group and turn vigilance because someone they don’t like is different or does not conform. This below is all fact.
            Look no further, than your local CITIZEN CORP a VFW spin off headquarters in your local police dept or state police dept.
            This charitable organization works with, police, fire emt, military, civil air patrol, lions clubs masonic , kkk, jw, gangs and all faith based groups and organizations.
            Look them UP. wiki has all their associates listed.
            These listed above is not a complete list,. Any of these folks can work or live anywhere. You can bet, that there is at least 1 member of their group on every block in America

          • People can see you through camera on device. If you’re not using it put piece of tape over it. Computer n laptop not sure about phone but why not?!!!

          • Thanks for the advice Nancy, all I needed to do was take shit into my own hands and send those mother fuckers a message. I have just got home, bit shaky but I think I’ll be okay now.

            I had some of those bastards in my cloud. There was one in my Dropbox, and these three guys who were always following me in cars.

            They always used different cars, and were masters of disguise. Sometimes they were Puerto Rican guys, sometimes they were all done up like Mrs Doubtfire, but I knew it was them. Whenever they were tailing me, a could hear this buzzing coming from somewhere, I think they had a device in my left ear. It’s cool though now, a burned that one off. It hurts like hell, but the buzzing has stopped.

            I was finishing up at the drive thru today, and I heard the guy in my drop box. My phone was wet, so I knew the other guy had been in my cloud. Or it might have been that bitch.

            But it’s cool. One of them was dressed as an old guy, tailing me on his shopper bike when I left work. I waited for him to overtake me at the lights, and when they went green, I took him down hard. Hard and fast. Made sure I went over him with the front and back wheel. He won’t be tailing anyone for a while.

            I knew that one of the guys had a hide out in the house that backs on to mine. I see him out there pretty much everyday, hanging his washing on the line. I see him through his windows too. He is one of those deep cover guys. Well, he was. I never even saw him out of costume.

            After I’d taken out that guy on the bike. I knew what I had to do next. I had to bring it home, like that friend you mentioned. I had to go in hard and firm, and teach that sneaky bastard who he was fucking with.

            I knocked on his door, his filthy little dogs were all barking. He opened it a crack with the chain on, but that wasn’t a problem as I had my bolt cutters. One chop, the chain was down, my right boot landed on the door, smahed the mother fuckers face. His false teeth fell out and he went down.

            Those filthy little dogs of his were barking at me, they were trained to kill, but I took them down, hard and fast. And firm. With the bolt cutters. I used one as a hat, and set the other one on fire.

            I saw him start to come round, still playing the nice old lady. This guy was deep, deep cover. I showed him the dog that I’d set on fire, then I went over to his fish tank.

            I fished out two of his gold fish with one of those little green nets you use when your take the fish out of the tank to clean it. But I didn’t clean the tank. He would have been expecting that.

            I swallowed his fish whole, looking him in the eye so he knew I was serious. I think he got the message.

            I left him alive, I told him to tell the other motherfuckers to stay out of my cloud. I told him my drop box is off limits.

            No I’ve shown them I’m not a man to fuck with, and burned my ear off, I think everything is gonna be okay.

            It’s all down to you and your story Nancy. Thank you for your insight.

        • Damn me too b , the people are everywhere see everything I have the x iPhone they In my cloud there too … if you can help rather not get too into it all online ? hackers or y’all smart technologies stuff

        • They are suposed to act invisible but they are so obvious look for neon colored clothing also in the stores they have spy glass eye wear with a small wireless remote in hand the backs of their clothing hoodies they have cameras in the hoods and in jackets. Google fed agent clothing you will see all of it. They have 9 people at a time. Its a nightmare

        • I have and am going through the same issue ,, before and after I quite a job for a major well known hospital they contacted my manager and set me up to get fired , I quite before they did , then I was stocked , phone tapped a nd slandered for potential job opportunities, I have a clean record, no mistemedors or felony’s, not even a traffic ticket , I have been happily married since 2003 , before I met my wife I dated women from “ HELL “ who tried to ruin my reputation and my character, I moved on but I believe they are responsible for this harassment, along with others involved , so I understand what your going through,, hang in there as I am also .

          • I was injured at work in 1999 I suffered 5 operations and was left disabled I sued the ins comp and their evil lawyer dragged the case out for years every time I proved my case and won they appealed we fought we won they appealed to Supreme Court we won they put off settlement discussions for another 2 years after decision from Supreme Court was upheld they finally settled for 1/2 of what we wanted I threw in the towel and took their peanuts because I couldn’t take the threats the tapped phone the lies and hate they whipped up with my neighbors when I settled I moved 1500 miles away from my home bought a house got settled in and felt that I could finally breath but 2 years later they tracked me down again , this one woman who has physically threatened me is a sicko she thinks she is special and she believes she has every right to destroy my life I have gone to the police and they are not helpful they let her run her little investigation and then it finally ended she wasn’t around for 2017 and I thought yes I can finally live again but unfortunately she is back she has wormed her way into my neighbors life their home which is right next door I left for 10 days only to come home and discover she broke into my home I called the police and even though she stole my iPad have done nothing other than file a report I asked for a detective to come check out things in my house and nothing ever happened I am beginning to feel panicked and have been crying way too much this is insane what do I do sell my house move again ? Change my name ? How far do I move away this time 3000 miles ? I don’t know what to do

        • Google organized gang stalking

          • I agree with you. Also Facebook stalkers.

          • I am about to google that. I am being stalked horribly. Bought new phone and number but I’m still being stalked. I’ve even heard radio signals like a walkie talkie. It’s horrible

        • Look no further, than your local CITIZEN CORP headquarters in your local police dept or state police dept.
          This charitable organization works with, police, fire emt, military, civil air patrol, lions clubs masonic , kkk, jw, gangs and all faith based groups and organizations.
          Look them UP. wiki has all their associates listed.
          These listed above is not a complete list,. Any of these folks can work or live anywhere. You can bet, that there is at least 1 member of their group on every block in america

        • Ignore them and pray, because you are being gang stalked. Don’t let the foolishness bother.

        • Sarah Donovan says:

          It is called gangstalking. You are a Targeted Individual. Refer to “Edward Snowden”. Be careful they may be intending harm by trafficking you. I have gone through this for 18 years. I am still being trafficked. Law does nothing but laugh at me when I cry for help.
          Be safe…

          • People think I’m crazy. I haven’t even spoken with anyone because people will think I’m crazy as they already do. So I just pray

          • All these story sound like what’s happen to me an others I know an there marking us look crazy we all need to come together an stop them

        • Get a nice gun keep it fully loaded!!! They come again blow their heads off!!! You’ll get away with it!!! Let the Feds know what’s happening beforehand!!! Handle your business stay safe!!! One cannot trust people nowadays!!! ????????

        • I am having that happen to me now. Paper tags are covering real tags too. I can’t go anywhere without being followed by the same people.

        • John A Rodriguez says:

          Same shit. EXACTLY!!!! Fuckin assholes. One of these mother fuckers is gonna get fucked off. I’m tired n going through to much personal shit. I’m going to ruin their day like there ruining mine. Hack that message bitch

        • Fred Myers says:

          They been doing it over 2 years now!

        • I am so glad that I’m not the only one who has been going thru this shit!! They have total illegal control over my phone. If I try to do anything regarding the state or the federal government ( like apply for state benefits or file taxes etc. My phone (they) stop me. They used to follow me everywhere I went, cars (only certain ones) with black windows. They sent so many “undercover into my work, it has caused a severe social anxiety in me. I never know who I can trust and who I can’t. There is always a baby monitor beep on my calls they are listening to, which unlawful phone tap, and surveillance is completely against the law. They are always in my phone and read, hear, and see what I do……wow super creepy, and I’m filing a civil stalking charge.

        • Omg the same thing is happening to me word for word

      • I smashed my phone to peices and drilled thru the graphics and memory with a drill no more random “12” activity around my area

    • I can help you buddy

      • Ghafoor Mohammed says:

        How can you help my phone is definitely been hacked by police

        • the man with 4 names but one is a cross says:

          so what if they want to waste their time let them – after all they are spending public money and those who matter monitor the police every single second

          • Mac Davis says:

            Yea they could waste their time ,or they could be using those working days and hours to create cases on who ever they want to and have all the evidence they need to put you away .after all you gave the phone permissions that anybody in their right mind would probably not give to anyone , even if they trusted them .

        • The localbuyharassment is common. Have u done anything to anger one off them. This info came from a retired detective with a local Ca. Police department. U could hire a PI to watch u being that it happens every day.

      • Lisa Stephens says:

        How I have all kinds of for sure things and know my phone us tapped or wired. I’m harrased and stocked by the Scott co Tn DTF for sure have been cut of important phone calls to a nurse 4 times in 1 day and lost doctors and nurses cause of it can u please help me

        • What code to use to see if my cell phone is tapped?

        • Fred Myers says:

          My phone is pranked, hacked, if I am typing something some idoit gos back and changes my words! Or he will turn the computer off when I’m talking into the Mike to have it type words. It won’t type anything; it gets real hot in about one minute, it switches to other sites, shut off the phone, types stupid dumb things about the president! , It will go to g mail, texts, all by itself! It’s been doing this for over 2 years now! If somebody knows who it is! I would really appreciate it if you could get rid of them, because they been doing it over 2years! If you can put a end to them? That would be great! Because there is some sick person out there that’s doing this! I don’t know who it is!

      • April shand says:

        How?? I want help, I need a bug sweep to get rid of the GPS tracker and need
        my devices back.

      • Hello, I saw your response to assist with the possibility of someone tapping or hacking the gentlemans phone. Not to sure what your process is but would be extremely great full to hear your side. I believe I’m having some real issues with someone who has basically allowed for my phones, yes phones to be hacked. Always trying to stay one step ahead they are to act as if I’m not aware of the situation. I want to be able to prove it and then let the due course of the process legally take affect.

      • I could use a little help like asap. I know why they’re on mine so the sooner the better what be greatly appreciated!

        • Text me @ (312) 620-3817

          I can help everyone being tracked, hacked, spied on by anyone. I can sweep any phone or device and can monitor all activities on the device. I could also give you steps and advice to protect yourself. I charge a fee and depending on your budget it’s quite pricey.

          • Amit Sharma says:

            Hi need some suggestions belongs from Delhi India
            , need to know how to identify about same if some one sharply doing this against me???

          • Michele Mallory says:

            R U still offering help??

      • Being spyed on says:

        My phone is being tapped what do i do i changed numbers and phone hook up in a fake name the new phone within one day was doing exactly what the other phone was doing every time I try and make a call it says dialing then goes beep and hangs up you tap on the Google search bar and it doesn’t do anything then if you touch the home button a black line runs all the way down the screen and then you can push the Google and it’ll work my phone’s hot my batteries burning up apps are launching clothes and doing all types of goofy shit
        Like I just posted this its 8:43 where I’m at and it says it posted at 3:43 in the morning also like anything I upload to the cloud it doubles my pictures every pictures double triple I believe it’s the feds

        • My android is doing all the exact things. Only when Im home. Literally within 200ft of home i lose 4g and all but 1 bar. And as crazy as it sounds. 2-3 times a day i hear a loud beep from the next room or even maybe next door in my apt home and then within 3 sec I lose all network. Can barely open anything including settings to check services running. Also haptic feed back turns on everytime. I cannot turn it off. It stops once my signal returns.

        • I understand, while using my phone it takes pictures of me and in the past before I changed my # it went to my text message and typed out and sent my brother a text and I never touched the phone !

      • Hey, I saw ur txt n I was wondering if u could answer a question for me, I believe my iPhone is being tapped by the police, someone told me that if I cal the phone company they hav to tel me if it is. I purchased my phone from Verizon n that’s who I hav service with, so do U no if that’s who I wood cal to ask them if it is being tapped? Thanx so much

      • Hi Matt I was googling how to tell if your phone is hacked I came across your reply to someones post. Can you help me I had to get new phone and number still having problems.

      • Madison aronis says:

        May I get help?

      • Hackerhater says:

        It’s not just police. Scumbag hackers do this. U just gave everyone the phone # and that’s all they need to hack the phone.

    • Joshua orca says:

      I believe you, im in the same boat as you. But why? Are they doing it? Why do THEY intimidate us, they dont like how we think , what we view? Its kinda scary, when you tell acquaintances about it, they distance themselves from you. Now i am a total loner.

      • April shand says:

        Me too, everyone thinks I’m crazy and the more evidence I have proving these people are following me the more insane people think I am or on drugs .

        • Give them the silent treatment set a trap and you will catch them dont let them know that you have proof of their manipulation towards you because they will plan something to get you in trouble always kjeep receipts that shows proof where you were during that time just in case they make a fake call to police and lye, im going through the same experience you are, the silent treatment drive them crazy when they dont know your status they make dumb desitions

          • Georgie Davis says:

            I was jus replying to to you I was at the part wher I spent 8 months in jail for sonthen I didn’t do. I don’t go out of my house because I hate being watched. My house is bugged my yard is bugged my phone is bugged . How can a person live llike this? All my so called neighbors have cameras pointed at my place. I mean ther not jus middle age or young people some of tham are older than mathuzlem. I’ll go to a store ther won’t be but maybe 2 or 3 cars there . Before I even get to tha front door of tha store thers at least 12 to 15 vehicals. These people have been following me since 2006. Ther always rite ther wher i am. I got really sick and depressed . Stayed in bed because my arthritis I have , my thingers are deformed an i couldn’t even pull up my pants. I don’t go outside if I don’t have to. I quit goin to the Dr.’s I had to quit work. I dont know what else i can do. And yes they will get you in trouble with tha cops. These people mess with my sewer system, they mess with my electricity. Is ther no end as to how far these people can push a person.? Please is ther any one that has any advise or that can help?

      • Ashley Porter says:

        I believe you too dude. My closest family think I’m crazy.

        • Naomi Fox says:

          You Cant call the feds, it gets WORSE if you do… Their ex-military turned Feds, with “a concealed weapons permit and your in my crosshairs.” I got back on the grid n WHOA! they are DEFinitely MORE BOLD than they use to be. Their feds!

      • Yeah right says:

        If any of you have Rh negative bloodtype, get use to it they never go away. Js

      • I feel the same way! Everyone thinks I’m crazy that I feel like I’m being followed and my phone is tapped.

    • Look up organized stalking

    • he who comes a second time says:

      chuck the phone – simples

    • My real name says:

      Holy Christmas. I am in the exact same situation. They’ll block a call if they don’t want me to get a certain job. People think I’m crazy when i try to explain it. They’ve turned technology into a total policed state.

    • Do you owe money to the Feds because especially the IRS will stop at nothing to get you they will infiltrate your whole life sex life work career sabotage your car house they stop at nothing and they will also baker act you too

    • you know I know this guy in the same situation. only reason he hasn’t got out yet because turn out his baby mama is a gang member too!! and he has been deeply in love with her for 3 years and had two kids with him. When in all reality she was extorting him through child support and waiting on her real “husband” to get out of prison

    • I’m dealing with the same thing what did you do?

    • Kristin Harris says:

      Yes. They are doing the same thing to me and then some.

    • Chandler Bing says:

      Dark Web. I found it easy to source people who were willing to eliminate the source of the hacking. It’s an uber competitive marketplace so you can pull the price lever surprisingly low for “elimination” services.

    • L1zardk1ng79 says:

      When my phone powers up there is a strange lock icon that then unlocks. This is new on my phone and I found out this means it has been rooted and I didn’t do it. Could law enforcement have access to my phone. Plz help

    • Mrs Schoenung says:

      I think y’all need to put the meth pipe down and back away very slowly. Get some rest and find some therapy or maybe a J O B

    • Turn your phone off and take the battery out if you can. Place it under your seat in car. Place in metal container if possible. They should not be able to track you if you do this.

    • Sweetie these people are next going to try to extort you for money do not use you tube ok as they have special subliminal hypnosis videos that will play mind games on u.also they hack into your wi fi them put black tape on all camera lenses on your phone..then on your setting they take screenshots of your phone in various states then they place the screenshot on your phone so they can manipulate the buttons you press..example turn off Bluetooth and any location also use airplane mode ok.. remember tho once they see u are smart they will compromise your new technique by making u turn on function when your really turning off a function put your phone in airplaneode and observe it ok keep in touch w me I know alot it’s been done to me

    • This shit is so weird that you say so man.. I am having the exact same problems and I wonder why because I havent even really done anything. Idk what even started the shit but it’s been going on some years now. They control where I work and what I do and all kinds of shit. I could go on and on and on but we are having the same problem and I would like to talk with you a little more about this because I am trying to figure out what the fuck is going on!!!

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