How to Find Phone Number Owner

Do you receive calls from unknown numbers, and you don’t want to talk with callers who you don’t recognize? Or some strange phone numbers bother your children? There is a solution to this problem. With the help of new technologies, you can track some vital information about the caller using only his or her number. There are several ways to do this. Read about them below.

Using Google search to find a phone number

A woman is typing on Google search engine from a laptop

It is one of the most convenient and best ways to find who owns a phone number.

So can you Google search a cell phone number? In the case when the phone number you are looking for is publicly listed, the search system will probably show results while checking the mobile number owner. You could know the approximate GPS location, as well.

To find out who a phone number belongs to for free or even to trace phone number owner, do the following:

1. Visit using your computer or smartphone web browser.

2. In the search bar, type in the phone number in the format (123) 456-7890.

google phone number for free

3. After the phone number, you can also type in the owner or user.

4. Finally, search and review the results.

search results phone number owner

Reverse phone lookup utility service

You can use reverse phone lookup service and get help online. These phone search lookup databases and apps can give you the publicly available information online without spam. You can find out the information on individuals as well as businesses with public numbers. If you use these services, you can find much valuable information on the telephone number, for example, where its owner is located. With the help of reverse phone number lookup consumer can know:

  • Who called you;
  • The address of the phone owner;
  • First and last name;
  • City, State.


white pages

Using reverse phone lookup based on Whitepages records is one of the ways how you can find the owner of a phone number. This method can be used when you receive a call from a spammer or an unknown number.

To perform the search, one needs to enter a phone number with a specific area code. After clicking the search icon, the desired results are displayed for the searcher to use or search further.

❗This online service will show you only publicly available data which you can google. To find the owner of the suspicious phone number, you will be charged to use the Premium account.

How to find out who owns a phone number using Spokeo

spokeo phone lookup

Spokeo is one of the most proven ways to find out who owns a phone number. Comparing to other methods, this new advanced people intelligence service tool has over 12 billion records of data sources to help you find all details about the person. It was specifically developed to search people behind phone numbers by sifting through billions of white pages and phone directory records.

Using Spokeo, you can keep yourself and your family safe from spammers and scammers, and verify a caller’s identity as per your requirements.

Identify numbers with Truecaller app

truecaller app

Wondering who owns this cell phone number?

Truecaller can be your best bet. This mobile app uses a community-based spam registry from over 250 million public users to successfully identify phone owners and block spammy calls and text. You can also find the names of any caller along with their contact information.

You can enter any number to find related names and information; you can also lookup numbers using your call history or the Truecaller widget.

Find phone owner using WhatsApp

Young female holding a iPhone 6 plus with social Internet service WhatsApp on the screen

Many times you are faced with the question: Whose number is this calling me?

Well, if you want a solution to this problem without visiting any online site, then enter the number into your WhatsApp and search for any profiles online associated with that number.

If the person has a WhatsApp profile linked to the searched number, your job is done. The considerable plus it that this kind of search is free, and you won’t be charged even a penny.


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    Possible to find location with phone number or email id ?

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