How to find out if there is spyware on my iPhone?

detect-cell-spy-softwareIf you think that your iPhone is being bugged or monitored by a spy software, you can look out for anomalies on your mobile device, and you will be in a position to determine whether there truly is a spyware or not. The spy software has become very common nowadays, and your privacy may be on the line.

Signs of Spyware Presence on Your iPhone

To avoid a breach of privacy on your iPhone using spyware or possible hacks these are some of the telltale signs.

  • Battery drain

If your smartphone is draining powers at a high rate than normal, then your suspicions have to be on the high alert since hacking into your iPhone will overwork the device’s battery thus causing the quick drain. The current Spywares can be a little hard to detect using the battery drain, but if someone uses the old software’s, then you can easily tell.spyware detective

  • Background noises

Some of the spy software can be used to spy on calls and conversations while making phone calls. The apps are programmed to hack into the system as `conference call’. You can be able to detect this if you hear strange background noises while making calls.

  • Random reboot or boot of the iPhone

Some spyware make your smartphone shut down or start suddenly without any prompting. If this happens on a regular basis, then one way or another your iPhone might be undergoing a hack.

  • Strange SMS texts

Another tell a tale sign of your mobile device being hacked or rather spied on is if you keep on getting strange or old messages on your iPhone. Some spy software may use these messages to send commands to your device.

  • Higher data use

If your data usage is higher than normal, then there is a possibility that your iPhone has been hacked. Some of this spyware require a lot of data to enable their running.

These are some of the signs that your iPhone has spyware or has been hacked. If you detect such signs, then it is advisable to visit a technician for clarification.


  1. I’m wondering if my house phone is being bugged, dose anyone know how to find out? My cell phone number is a WiFi phone number. It’s only good or use able in WiFi areas. Can it be possible to be bugged?

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