How to detect spyware on iPhone?

iphone spywareOur phones have evolved to become our digital counterpart. However, as cybercrime is on a steady rise, our phones are no safer.

Instead, they can expose your data and crucial information, someone can spy on your messages and compromise with your security.

Not anymore. In this article, we will have a closer look at how you can detect spyware on iPhone.

How to detect spyware on iPhone

Is there spyware on my phone? Keep a watch on your phone for these warnings.

! Faster draining of battery

Spyware on your device can increase the usage of battery and could make it drain out faster.

First, check if you have any app that uses a lot of resources.

If not, ask yourself, “Is there spyware on my iPhone?” and get the issue tackled.

! Increased data usage

increased data usage ios

If you doubt that someone has put the spyware on your iPhone, accept the truth. Trust your instincts.

Hackers can compromise with your phone and steal information from your device. It happens every time you exchange messages or make calls.

So, check if your data usage has increased.

! Overheating of the device

Monitor your device to see if it is warm even when not in use. A friendly iPhone indicates that a malicious app is running in the background without your knowledge.

! Strange noise while calling

Have you ever noticed strange noises coming from your iPhone while making calls?

If yes, then the chances are that your privacy is compromised and hackers are listening to your conversations.

! Search for Cydia app

The Cydia app only works on iPhones that are jailbroken. If you didn’t jailbreak your phone but still find this app on your device, the chances are high that your phone is infected with spyware.

To look for the app, dial “4433*29342” in the spotlight search and see what pops up.

Types of iPhone spyware

1. Masque attack

Masque attack ios

Masque attack is like showing you something attractive while you remain oblivious of the underlying danger.

The spyware is inserted through any trusted app you have been using. One fine day, you will be prompted to update your app with the latest add-ons.

The moment you upgrade it, consider your device masque-attacked.

2. iCloud backup attack

iPhones are equipped with iCloud backup, which allows you to store all the valuable data at a safe location in the cloud.

Although this option sounds convenient, it also provides a secure gateway to hackers.

The malicious users need your Apple ID and password, which they can obtain using spying software.

That is why it is highly recommended to keep changing your password to avoid such kinds of attacks to an extent.

3. Spy app infestation

Since the Apple app store rarely has unverified apps, your phone will likely get compromised with spy app infestation when you download the app from untrusted sources.

The best bet is to install anti-spyware software before the system goes out of hand.

If you want to check whether your boyfriend decided to spy on your activity, click here to read more.

How to remove spyware from my device?

Wondering how to protect my iPhone from spy software? Let’s check out.

Update your OS

Just like updating antivirus, keep updating your operating system as well. OS upgrades usually come with better security, thereby eliminating spyware.

New email address

It is also a good idea to create a new email account altogether.

Malware scan

Use any of the antivirus solutions available for cell phone spyware detection and removal. Remember that this does not prove to be helpful in all cases.

Change your password

change password ios

If you think that your iPhone is not behaving normally, you should go ahead and change its password to stay safe.

Two-factor authentication

2FA, when enabled, will ask for a second authentication during login and other account activities.

Physical protection

The use of biometrics, pattern, or pin code can help protect your device.

Factory reset

As a last resort, you can go for the factory reset to clear spyware and stalkerware. Perform this after backing up important data. Go to Settings > General > Reset

More problems can affect your iPhone than you can imagine. Stay alert and keep away from unnecessary clicks, be it updates or websites. And know that every issue can be resolved with the right approach.

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