Catching a Cheating Spouse with Phone Apps

catching a cheating spouse

If your spouse acts suspiciously, guards a phone, or doesn’t show you messages, something is wrong. You may start thinking about how to catch a cheating spouse. Are there any effective apps to spy on spouse? The good news is that you can easily find these tools for phones. Read more to understand how their use will benefit you and find out how to catch a cheater.

Spy on Your Spouse

How to spy on your spouse: What apps can’t do

How to catch a cheating spouse? Is it possible to trick your spouse to put special software on a mobile device? The main idea is that people want to do that remotely and discretely. When it comes to Android phones and iPhones, these are very smart and hack-proof. Nowadays, security is a major concern so that you can’t install free apps to spy on spouse remotely. It’s nearly impossible to get permission to start spying all activities this way, but people still can learn how to track a cell phone location without them knowing.

How to spy on spouse cell phone for free: Device rooting

cheating spouse

It’s necessary for a cheating spouse to put special software on the phone for you to check what other apps on it do while stealing text messages and other data from them. The key thing is that effective software to spy on spouse phone requires a lot of control over the phone. That’s why this type of software may require mobile devices to be rooted.

Keep in mind that rooting involves removing built-in security to allow spy apps to get their full control over phones. Rooting will also break a manufacturer’s warranty. However, you can find other apps that spy on cheating spouse cell phone free with no rooting.

How to spy on spouse cell phone for free

Do you want to catch a cheater? Get ready to take some steps. Some of them are easy, while others are complicated. First of all, it’s necessary to get a hold of your spouse’s phone, including a correct password to get into it. Make sure you have at least several minutes alone with the phone to complete the process and start tracking everything. What’s next?

Catch a Cheater

Install one of the spying apps able to record user’s actions on the phone. mSpy might be a good choice as it doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting and is even able to tell you the geofence of the object you spy on. If you don’t wish to pay money without testing, try iKeyMonitor as it offers the 3-day trial period, during which you can take advantage of plenty of its options.


Once you install the best phone tracker app without permission, you can see everything your spouse does with the phone. Some spying programs even make short videos of text messages as reports so that users can watch them later on. This function works even if your spouse prefers to use the incognito mode and delete all the messages and phone calls.

Pay attention to a special click chart that enables you to see how active and when your spouse used the phone. With the best app to spy on spouse iPhone, it’s easy to find out about all activities in less than one day. If your spouse is also a cheater, you’ll find it out fast. Sometimes, users receive the records of really weird conversations that are hard to read and believe.

Furthermore, spy software highlights the days that it has records for. Everything that should be done is to pick a particular day to view its results. Don’t forget to save evidence to show it to your cheating spouse later. Why do you need that? It will help you confront your spouse successfully. Learn how to do it below.

How to confront your cheating spouse after catching

Once you install and use a special app to spy on cheating spouse text messages, you’re lucky if there are no suspicious text messages or calls discovered. If not, you need to save evidence to confront your spouse later on. Think about taking this step when you confirm your worst fears through spy software.

cheating spouse

It’s necessary to gather as many proving facts as possible. You should use a computer, not your phone. Make screenshots and save data on your computer. What’s next? When people confront their cheating spouses, there are two things happen in most cases:

  1. They start denying everything. It’s a number one reason why you should save and print out the evidence that you have, thanks to efficient spy apps. Show evidence to your cheating spouse, and it will be impossible to deny anything.
  2. Sometimes, people get mad at their spouses for spying on them without their permission. It may sound strange if to consider that they are cheaters. It happens because no one likes feeling guilty.

If you prove that your spouse is cheating through spy apps, it’s advisable to step back and try to understand why it happened. What is wrong in your relationship? Is there anything you can do to solve this problem? To catch a cheater discretely, ensure that you have access to the phone. Start using special software for spying and be prepared to learn the truth.


  1. Louis DeLullo says:

    Impossible to get spouses phone. He’ stationed in North Carolina. Why can’t someone do a totally non access spy ware!??

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