How can I Read my Boyfriends Text Messages without Touching his Phone

Shirley and Tim have been married since 2017. Last year, Tim took a new job in a big marketing company. In this new job, he immediately became friends with one of his female co-workers. After a few months, Tim started hiding his electronic devices and in case she got a hand on them Shirley could not access them as they are fully protected using passwords and PIN. She tried to confront Tim about the affair but he denied the claims.

She is now looking into ways of how she can get to the bottom of the situation without Tim’s knowledge. With the intention to be discrete, here are ways in which she can spy on Tim.

How to Check on “Who is my BF Texting?”

Finding out that your significant other is cheating isn’t easy, this is because cheaters are smart enough to hide their affairs. Thus, this makes their spouse wonder if what they are thinking is true or not.

Luckily, we are going to show you ways in which you can check your boyfriends’ messages without touching his phone.

How to see who your boyfriend is texting

With the advancement of technology, the rate of suspicious activities has gone up resulting in havoc across the globe. Hence, to solve those kinds of issues, people have turned to use mobile spy apps.

Every day, the demand for these apps is at an increasing speed compared to when they were first introduced. There are numerous reasons as to why someone would use a spy phone app. You can use these apps to monitor your cheating boyfriend’s activities or track his incoming and outgoing messages and calls.

Phone spying apps and software offer direct access to your target’s phone. It helps you unveil the hidden facts that a person may be hiding from you. Usually, women are the main buyers of spy apps to track their boyfriends’ messages. Women do this to find out if he is cheating on her or not.

Different applications have been designed differently with different features. But the main function is to spy without having to touch your target’s phone. The software is quite easy to use and runs in the background without sending notifications, so nobody knows that you are spying on them.

All you have to do is visit the official spy app website and buy a subscription plan that suits your needs. Download and install the application on your device and register the account. After that, enter the details of your target’s phone in the setting option. Then activate the app to give you access to read messages, check the call history and see his GPS location.

The process of looking for the best spy apps or software could be daunting. Therefore, look for those spy apps with advanced features like reading messages, emails, call history, finding GPS location, and keeping the records updated.
If you are the one who is constantly asking, how can I read my boyfriends text messages without touching his phone? Don’t worry, you can do it with the spying applications without his knowledge.

Check Boyfriends Text Messages for free on iPhone

Are there methods on how to see who your boyfriend is texting using an iPhone?
The best part about using the mSpy app is that it works perfectly on all iOS devices. Gaining access to an iPhone device through iCloud may be quite hectic. Buy this software to help you collect all the information required – from calls to social media websites.

When you run a mSpy app using iCloud on an iPhone, the app will be able to provide access to data and information backed up on iCloud. You are required to turn on the iCloud backup option of the targeted device and gain access and backup call logs, photos, texts, and GPS location.

You can easily download and install the mSpy software without having to physically touch the target’s phone. All you need is the target’s iCloud details, the password and you are good to go. With this, you will have access to all social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, or web browsers.

Let’s Look at Some of the Great mSpy iOS Features

If you are looking for who is he texting app for iOS, take a look at the mSpy features below. By installing the mSpy app on your target’s iPhone, you will see exactly who they are talking to and what they are doing on their device. Below are some of the exciting iOS features that make the application helpful and easy to use:

  • Read text messages and view call history – with mSpy, you can easily find out who he has been calling, who calls him, and the messages sent or received using the iPhone. You will be able to access details like contact names, phone numbers, time, and duration of calls.
  • GPS Tracking – not only does this app keep a record of your boyfriend’s GPS location but also uploads of where he has been throughout the day. You even have the advantage of seeing his location on a map in real-time.
  • View photos and videos – you can easily view all the photos and videos stored in the target’s iPhone device.
  • Monitor Internet Activities and website blocking – with the mSpy app, you can see which websites your boyfriend visits more often, their search history, and web pages viewed. You also have the opportunity to view all the applications on his phone and block specific apps and websites remotely.
  • Keywords alert – You can turn on the option to receive an email notification each time a target word has been used. You can create a list of target keywords for example, “meet” and “drinks” and add an alert feature. This means that each time any of the words get used in texts or emails; you will be notified through an email.
  • Unlimited device change – you can install this app upon one device at a time, but you have the freedom to change the target device as many times as you want without having to purchase a new license.
  • Invisible mode – the best part about using the app is that you remain anonymous, which means that your cheating partner will never know that he is being monitored. If you think that your boyfriend is cheating, use the ‘who is he texting app’ to check on who he is talking to when you are not around.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to install mSpy on iPhone

Buy the App

First, visit the mSpy official website and fill out the form. Once you fill the form, select the subscription plan that suits your needs and make a payment. After payment is confirmed, mSpy will send you the easy install instructions to get you started.

How can I Read my Boyfriends Text Messages without Touching his Phone


Install and Set-Up

You need to use the iCloud details of the iPhone device you want to monitor in order to get the most out of the advanced features. The next step is to download the application on your target’s phone.

mspy ios icloud login

Start monitoring

Simply log into your control panel and start tracking your target’s iPhone.

mspy dashboard

How to See who your Boyfriend is Texting using mSpy on Android Devices

Can I see who is texting my boyfriend? Yes, using the who is he Texting App.

By installing mSpy on an Android device, you will be able to track call and text message history, GPS location, web history, and other data.

Before installing the app ensure that you have a stable internet connection. After this, you can now easily download and install the software to help you check boyfriend’s text messages for free.

You will receive free updates each time a new version of the app has been released. Using mSpy to track someone will give you unlimited access to their device without their knowledge.

Exciting mSpy Android features:

  • GPS tracking
  • Access to call logs, messages, photos, video, emails, and all internet activities
  • Website blocking
  • Keylogging
  • Online messengers tracking

How to install mSpy on Android:

Buy the subscription

You need to buy a subscription that fits your needs before installing the app. Create an account with mSpy by using a valid email address. Ensure that you accept the terms and conditions applied to ensure that it works.

Install the app

Visit the official website and download the app. Install the app on the Android device you want to monitor and start getting the information you are looking for.

Activate the app

Open the confirmation email from your mobile device and click on the option, ”connection received” and this will redirect you to the control panel for monitoring.

Other Alternatives on how to Read Boyfriends Text Messages

How can I see who is texting my boyfriend if I don’t have the mSpy application? In case you don’t want to use the mSpy app, you may decide to look for other alternatives which may not be as effective as the app but can still work. They include:

● Direct confrontations – you may decide to directly ask your partner for their mobile device and check if there are any signs of unfaithfulness. The problem with this method is that it is highly unlikely for a cheating spouse to openly give their phones especially since there is always something to hide. And if they agree, you find that they have deleted the call logs and text messages.
● Hire a hacker – some use private investigators or hackers to see who their boyfriend is texting or calling. This hacker will remotely access the boyfriend’s phone and start monitoring. Hiring a hacker could be a problem as the hacker may retrieve useful information from your partner’s phone and use it to his or her own advantage. They may also give false information which may worsen the situation even further.

Comparison Table between mSpy and other Alternatives

Features mSpy Direct Confrontation Hacker
GPS Location X
Text, email and call log list
Browsing And Internet Activities
Keywords Alert X X
Jailbreaking X X
Rooting X X
Apps, website and call blocking X X
Remote device lock X

Tips on what to do after Finding out that your Boyfriend is Cheating

No matter how upset you are, it is important to ensure that you have information about what happened between your boyfriend and this other person by using apps like mSpy.
It is not healthy for you to sit around with the information, therefore talk to your friends. Utilize your support system by calling or talking to them. This will help you clear your mind as well as distract you from falling into a deep dark hole.
Look for ways to enhance self-care. Get some exercises or even talk to a therapist as this will help throw out any negative feelings and keep your mind occupied. The final thing is to ensure that you accept the reality and understand it was not your fault that they cheated. No matter the situation, your boyfriend had a commitment to you and you are not responsible for his actions.


1. Is it ok to check his messages?

Yes, especially if you doubt him of having an affair. If you want to spy on your boyfriends text messages without touching his phone, we recommend that you use this software.

2. How to find out if your boyfriend is deleting messages?

If your boyfriend has the habit of deleting his messages, then it is very easy to retrieve the texts from the backup. You can retrieve or track deleted messages on someone’s phone using spy software like mSpy application.

3. How to see who your boyfriend texts?

If you want to see who your boyfriend is texting, simply download and install mSpy software that will track and monitor your boyfriend’s texts and call logs. This will help you see who your boyfriend is talking to and make it easy to view his messages.

Conclusion on How to Read your Boyfriend’s Text Messages without Touching his Phone

How can I see who my boyfriend is texting for free? If you are suspicious of your boyfriend, now you know how to find out whether you are right or not.
Therefore, use the mSpy app to monitor and check what your boyfriend is doing when you are not around, especially if you doubt him. This application is very beneficial and offers great advantages that help you find proof.

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