A Review of Highster: What the Mobile Phone Spy App Delivers

highster spy app reviewA Bit About the Program

ILF Mobile Apps Corporation has created a mobile spy application that parents and companies can turn to when they want to start monitoring the activity on a device remotely and in stealth mode.

Parents can legally use a mobile app to spy on their child’s activity if the child is under age. Companies can use a software application like Highster to track an employee while the individual is on the clock at work and is unsupervised or needs to be monitored; however, the employee needs to be notified that he is being monitored by a spy application.

ILF is located in the USA, and they have intentionally made the Highster software program compatible with both Apple and Android devices. The use of the application is simple enough; the program is installed onto the target device, and tracking begins.

The information Highster gathers from a mobile phone is then uploaded to a secure area online. The user of the Highster application gains access to the tracked information by simply accessing a control panel that supplies the user with all the gathered data.

Highster Features


  • Ease of Program Installation with a Three Step Process
  • Installation takes less than five minutes time
  • Remote Installation Possible with Apple Devices
  • Ability to view calls, texts, chat, videos, and photos
  • Ability to view deleted material
  • Ability to monitor third party apps
  • Fair refund policy
  • No Hidden Fees Associated with its Use
  • Instant download of product after payment
  • Program continues to work even when the phone number gets changed


  • Pricing is moderate compared to other programs but still may serve as a deterrent for some
  • Jailbreaking an Apple Device Voids the Product Warranty

Breakdown of Highster’s Mobile Phone Tracking Features

highster appThe feature list associated with this mobile device tracking application is, indeed, remarkable. Here is a list of what the Highster software program can do:

  • Text Message Tracking: Highster tracks iMessages on an Apple device, SMS messages, texts, email, and chats on Android devices. Find out what is being said and how your child is communicating with others while using the mobile device. Texts are even tracked when they are deleted. Whether you are a concerned parent looking to monitor a child’s communication or you are a business owner fearful that an employee may betray you by revealing company secrets to one or more of your competitors, the Highster Phone App can help you ensure you do not miss a word being shared via telephone calls, text, or chat.
  • Social Media Behavior Monitoring: See what a child is doing when using Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, BBM, Skype, and Viber. Find out who your child interacts with and view chat content with Highster.
  • Mobile Phone Call Tracking: Parents get access to a the Highster control panel revealing a log of calls including date, time, contact information, and phone number.
  • GPS Tracking: This mobile phone spy tool works wonders for a parent looking to define the boundaries of where a child goes physically. One look at the Highster control panel and a parent will know right where the physical location of the phone is at that moment. Meanwhile, if a company is concerned an employee is not making the most of their work time, then using a bit of GPS will help to ensure the employee is always on the job where he is supposed to be and not off somewhere taking care of personal business while on the work clock.
  • Videos and Photos: Both new and deleted videos and photos are visible to the person monitoring the target device.
  • Internet Access and Websites Visited: Now you can see every move a child or employee makes on the Internet thanks to Highster, even if the person is savvy enough to delete browser history.
  • Application Management and Control: Delete apps remotely, block apps, and watch and monitor a user’s activity with a third party app, all with a simple install of Highster.
  • Highster Safety features: You can lock a device remotely: If the mobile phone is ever lost, you can ensure no one can get in and access all the private information on it. There are remote uninstall features as well.
  • The makers of the Highster Mobile Phone Spy App have really gone above and beyond by provide with the ability to snap pictures with the device in question from a remote location. This can help you monitor a child or employee’s surrounds, or even better, it will help you when you lose the device to determine where it might be located.
  • Keyword Alerts: Just a few keywords listed and if they are used in a search query or text, you get an instant alert.
  • Clean, unobtrusive control panel: The Highster control panel that comes with the Mobile Phone Highster spy program is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

What About Compatibility?

App-Spy-highsterThe mobile app is compatible with a variety of devices featuring an Android operating system. You can use the mobile phone spy program on a Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Pantech, or Huawei device and all others are supported in every single country.

The app works with iPods, iPads, and iPhones too. The software works no matter what the cell phone carrier.

The Bottom Line

The mobile program for spying on a cell phone is definitely worth the investment, especially if you are a concerned parent or a concerned company owner. The Highster application has enough features to make surveillance easy.

Parents can readily enjoy greater peace of mind knowing what a child is doing in their phone, and company owners can maximize efficiency while minimizing loss by using such a simple software program.


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