How to Hack Someone’s Snapchat in 7 Minutes

Man holding a iPhone X with social network service Snapchat on the screen. iPhone X was created and developed by the Apple inc. Snapchat application on iPhone XThere can be many reasons why you need to hack someone’s Snapchat. The first reason is that infants use smartphones and tablets with Wi-Fi and data plans without efforts. That, in turn, puts them at risk from predators, trolls, stalkers, and harmful friends. We believe all conscious parents realize the violent aspects the Internet doesn’t hide anymore; using an internet filter can be one of the various solutions. Still, there are more things to be concerned about. An encrypted app like Snapchat that deletes all messages automatically can abuse your kids, not less than any other social media.

The second reason is the lack of trust with your partner for personal purposes. Hacking his/her Snapchat gives access to know what your spouse is doing online.

The trick about Snapchat you should know

Snapchat is a social media app that allows users to send voice messages, images, and videos.

How does it differ from Facebook or Instagram? Texts, videos, and pictures sent in chats are deleted by default. That means it can be impossible ever to find out what is said in a particular conversation. It makes itself the perfect app for flirting and hooking up since all evidence of wrongdoing is deleted.

Snapchat is also popular with the younger generation, who use it as a place to share things their parents will never see. The added secrecy is the reason Snapchat is replacing Facebook as the app of choice for children under 18.

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How to hack someone’s Snapchat

If you suspect foul play from your spouse or are worried that your child is in contact with the wrong people, you can hack Snapchat. Though this may sound like a techy, complicated process, it is effortless. There are 3 real ways to hack someone’s Snapchat:

  1. To reset their password
  2. To use a keylogger
  3. With the help of working spy apps

Read the detailed overview below and see what pros and cons these methods have.

Resetting the Password: Resolved

Finger and button on touch screen. Forgot password.So what’s one thing that comes to your mind when you want to know how to hack into someone’s Snapchat account? Probably, the only options that you can think of include – Forget Password and Recovery method.

Before you move ahead with any of these methods, it is essential to know that these methods are meant for the existing users who have lost track of their passwords to help them regain access to their accounts using an email or a phone number connected to their account.

+ Free

+ Takes from 3 to 5 minutes

You need to know the login and email credentials

These methods might work for you if you are close to the person whose Snapchat account you want to hack. However, if you found no luck, follow the method given below.

Find out the credentials with a keylogger

Wondering is there a way to hack someone’s Snapchat? A keylogger could be the answer.

For starters, keyloggers are programs that run in the background and log the usage of pressed keys. This way, keyloggers can be used to crack passwords. The best part – using a keylogger, you cannot only extract their Snapchat passwords but other crucial details as well, like Gmail password, bank username and password, credit cards, and so on.

If you are convinced of the usefulness of keyloggers and are looking for the best keylogger in the market, mSpy has got your back. It is tracking software that lets you track the activities on the target device effortlessly.

+ Storing passwords of all social media accounts

+ 24/7 Customer support

+ Ethical hacking

–  Not free

The top three Snapchat hack apps

That way, you can see whatever the device sends before it is deleted. Most Snapchat hack apps also allow you to track a host of other apps, such as Facebook, Tinder, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, etc. Some apps even allow you to intercept and record phone calls as well as get access to the phone’s location. Below, we’re listing the top 3 apps for hacking Snapchat.


mSpy is the industry leader when it comes to spying apps/hacking apps for Android and iPhone. It is one of the few apps that you can use as a Snapchat hack. Track virtually everything on your target device in a matter of minutes.

How to hack Snapchat with mSpy

First, get a hold of your target device. Remember, if you own a device, you are legally allowed to install whatever you want on it.

Next, go to the mSpy website and purchase a plan. Download the correct version of the software for your target device (Android or iPhone). In some cases, you may need to adjust security settings. Go to the Settings option. Select Security and enable downloading from unknown sources.

Once installed, click “grant.” The app will now run in stealth mode. It will delete its launch app, become undetectable for the phone’s user, and start sending information to the mSpy servers, allowing you to see the contents of various apps, including Snapchat.

Download mSpy

+ Round the clock support and assistance

+ Jailbreaking not required

+ Reasonable price

+ Compatible with both iOS and Android

The free version only contains some basic features


qustodio graphicQustodio is a much less intrusive app than FlexiSPY or mSpy. It is less spy-oriented, and more of a parental control app for families. The phone’s user can be fully aware of the software is there, since it has a panic button for emergencies. It is much cheaper than FlexiSPY or mSpy but has fewer features. Qustodio will let you:

  • Block porn and adult content.
  • Monitor screen time on Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, hack their Instagram.
  • Track browsing history, GPS location, calls, read SMS.
  • Block unwanted apps.

How to hack Snapchat with Qustodio

If you wish to install Qustodio, head to the website and purchase a plan. Download Qustodio to your target device, and you are ready to monitor your child’s device.

It can be used to block, delete, or set time limits on apps, but it cannot hack Snapchat or read messages from other communication apps. Still, if app management, location tracking, and content filtering are all you need, Qustodio is the right choice, given its low price. Qustodio offers a free trial version and a 30-day refund policy.

Download Qustodio

+ Monitors an impressive range of activity

+ User-friendly

Doesn’t capture keystrokes or screenshots


flexispy-monitoring-app-on-different-deviceFlexiSPY is another Snapchat hack app that offers location tracking, geofencing, social media monitoring (including Snapchat and Tinder), app management, and a keylogger.

FlexiSPY has two versions: Premium and Extreme. The Premium version is on par with mSpy. The Extreme version allows you to:

  • Receive call notifications: Receive an alert every time the target device makes a call or sends an SMS.
  • Intercept and record calls: Listen in and record all voice calls, including Snapchat, Skype, Line, Viber, Messenger, and WhatsApp calls.
  • Record the surroundings: FlexiSPY Extreme offers ambient recording. Bug the phone’s microphone and find out which conversations are taking place as if you were there yourself.
  • Take photos and record videos remotely: turn your target device into a spy device. Switch on the front or rear camera to take pictures and make videos.

How to hack Snapchat with FlexiSPY

If you want to hack Snapchat with FlexiSPY, the installation process is similar. Head to the FlexiSPY website and purchase a plan.

Download FlexiSPY to your target device. The software hides and sends the content of Snapchat and other apps, as well as a wealth of additional information to the FlexiSPY servers. Access the data using the FlexiSPY dashboard.

Download FlexiSpy

+ Runs in a stealth mode

+ Compatible with both Android and iOS devices

+ Equipped with unique life-recording feature

A bit pricey

The bottom line

Many users are looking for a free Snapchat hack app. Unfortunately, there is no real free app that you can use to track the content of Snapchat. mSpy and Qustodio are the only apps that offer this service. Designing an app that can read encrypted messages, and maintaining servers to store the messages, images, and videos shared on Snapchat costs a bit of money. However, if you take a yearly subscription to mSpy, it will only cost you $16.65 per month. That is the price of four cups of coffee. Keep in mind that you can also use a trial version with these apps, while some offer a full refund. Peace of mind is priceless.

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