How to Hack a Facebook Account

Man working on a laptop to hack Facebook accountHas your Facebook account ever been hacked? Perhaps you have lost the password for your Facebook account. Maybe you cannot reset your password because you no longer have the email account you signed up. Facebook hacking is a real problem. However, there may be reasons why you will need to hack a Facebook account. This blog dives into five easy ways to hack Faceook.

Facebook has over 2.2 billion users all over the world. This social media platform is used to share photos with loved ones, as an app for messages and video calls, and advertising. It is also used to make new friends. That is where it can be dangerous. Besides the billions of legitimate users, scammers of many types also frequent it. Besides scammers, there are probably a few people lurking there with a romantic interest in your significant other. Even worse, there may be people on the site that do not have the best intentions for your children.

How to Hack Someone’s Facebook Account Without Changing the Password Online

These are the most commonly used methods to hack a Facebook account. Remember that one you have hacked it, you will have access to both the page and messenger. So what is the easiest way to hack a facebook account?

Hack Facebook Account With a Keylogger App

One of the best ways to hack Facebook is with a keylogger or spy app. This type of app will monitor every message sent on a mobile device. It will not only give you access to track Facebook and Messenger but also Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat, and other social media apps. You will also be able to track the device’s location, monitor calls, and SMS messages.

Since keylogger apps store every keystroke ever typed on the device, including a URL typed in a browser, it will help you to hack your Facebook password. This type of software will help you stay anonymous since the device’s user does not need to know it is there.

Check this link to find the best keyloggers.

❗You need physical access to your target device. We recommend using a rooted Android device to provide you with the most options for spying.

uMobix: Best Facebook Messenger spy

uMobix dashboard interface

uMobix has the best and most advanced features to spy on and to hack Facebook account. Once you have installed the software on your target device, it will upload all the messages and screenshots of the victim to the uMobix servers. Facebook Messenger spy app doesn’t require you to be a Facebook hacker and know how to work with the code and a database.

With uMobix, you can hack into someone’s Facebook account without them knowing. Here is what you will be able to do:

  • Read all sent and received Facebook messages.
  • See all Facebook contacts, along with dates and time stamps.
  • Save all messages.
  • Search messages for keywords.
  • Review all information on your secure uMobix portal.
  • Get screenshots of all Facebook activity.

uMobix tool has dozens of other features, including geolocation, call monitoring, social media monitoring, access to messages, photos contacts, and more.

Download uMobix

How to Hack Facebook With uMobix

uMobix is easy to set up and use:

  1. Head to the official uMobix website and purchase a license.
  2. Download the software on your target phone.

Once the software is installed on the device, it will hide and operate in stealth mode. It will send all information on Facebook, as well as everything else on the device to the uMobix servers. There, you can review the data from a web account from any computer or mobile device.

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Password Recovery Method to Hack Facebook Account

You will need to access the email account linked to the Facebook account. If you are not sure what it is, go to the contact section of the account. Follow these simple steps to hack Facebook account without any software.

Step 1: Enter the email id at the Facebook login.

Step 2: Click on “Forgotten your password?”

Step 3: Confirm by clicking on “This is my account.”

Step 4: If you have access to the email account, ask Facebook to send a recovery link to the email address.

Step 5: Open the link at the email account and reset the password.

NOTE: If you do not have access to the email account, it will be a bit harder, though not impossible. In that case, instead of sending a recovery link, follow these steps.

Step 1: In the Forgotten Password section, click on “No longer have access to these.”

Step 2: Facebook will ask you, “How can we reach you?” Enter a unique email address that has never been connected to another Facebook account.

Step 3: Facebook will now ask you security questions. Make educated guesses and hope for the best.

Step 4: Now you can change the password. Make sure you log in within the next 24 hours.

Step 5: If you did not give the right answer, you could select Recover your account with help from friends. Select 3 to 5 friends.

Step 6: Facebook will send them the passwords, and you can ask them to give them to you.

As you can see, the password recovery method may work. However, it has some drawbacks. First of all, the account’s owner will know his or her account tampered. It will immediately lead to suspicions. The owner of the account will probably change their password again or start using a different account or chat app instead. If you need to monitor Facebook regularly, we suggest a keylogger or Facebook hack app.

Guessing Method – Easiest Way to Hack a Facebook Account

The guessing method is another common way hackers try to hack your Facebook password. This is possibly the easiest way to hack a Facebook account if you can get the password right. Using data from your social media or other online information, they will try to guess your password. It works exceptionally well if you have a weak or visible password.

Some of the weakest passwords include:

  • Your year of birth.
  • Your marriage anniversary or the birthday of your children.
  • The name of your pet, spouse, favorite movie, children, etc.
  • Mobile phone numbers, email addresses, nicknames, etc.

Guessing can be very successful. If someone has low privacy settings on Facebook, it can be effortless to gather all sorts of information from any database.

Man in the Middle Attack 

Man in the middle attackMan in the middle attack is a procedure that involves connecting to a fake Wi-Fi connection. It is not very easy to set up and requires severe hacking skills. The man in the middle will direct you to a fake login page, which will record your login details. To avoid this type of attack, never connect your phone or laptop to an unsecured Wi-Fi network as it can lead to someone hacking Facebook.


Facebook privacy

Phishing is another typical Facebook account hack. It is probably the one that hackers use the most when hacking Facebook accounts. Instead of connecting you to a fake network, they will try to hack your Facebook by redirecting you to a fake login page. The page will look just the same as your regular login page, but the URL will probably be different.

As soon as you fill in your details, the Facebook hacker can use them to access your page. The same method can be used to hack emails, Instagram, and even bank logins. If you want to be safe from phishing attacks, make sure you always use the original version of the website and do not click on fake links sent to you via junk mail to avoid being a victim.

Sometimes, phishing will use another route. Instead of hacking Facebook messenger directly, they will hack another website where you have an account, usually one with lower security. Once they have these details, they will try to use them for other accounts, such as emails or social media.

We recommend having one unique password for every website or app. That will go a long way to stop hackers from hacking Facebook.

Why Would Someone Hack a Facebook Account?

There can be plenty of reasons people try to hack a Facebook account. Some are legitimate, while some are not. This article is not written to try to help scammers; instead, helps people who may have a good reason to hack a Facebook password to gain access to certain information. If you’re wondering why someone might indulge in hacking Facebook, read on. 7

For Children’s Safety

Child staring into a phoneEven though children are turning to Snapchat and Instagram, most still have a Facebook account. As long as they have a Facebook account, they can add (or be added by) any of the 2.2 billion users as a friend. That means your children are potentially in contact with bad friends, bullies, scammers, and online predators. Another issue that has been in the media the past few years is sexting. Children are sharing sexual photos or videos of themselves with their friends, only to have their friends share them with the rest of the school. Even worse, once these photos end up on the internet, it is impossible to remove them, since they will be copied and shared on the dark web. Because of these and other reasons, parents need to monitor their children’s Facebook accounts. In some cases, hacking Facebook to gain access to their chats might be the only option.

Suspicions of Infidelity

Facebook mobile app

Facebook is not only a place where people share with their existing friends and family. It is also a dating app. There are numerous Facebook groups for dating, and recently, Facebook has even added a dating feature. On top of that, people often use Facebook to chat with their dates from Tinder or other dating apps. If you need to find out if your spouse is cheating on you, you may need to hack their Facebook password.

In Conclusion

This guide took you through various methods of hacking Facebook, and it’s up to you to decide with works best for your needs! These include using a spy app cum keylogger like uMobix to hack a Facebook account, using the password recovery method, the guessing method, the Man in the middle attack or phishing. These are five of the best ways in which you can hack a Facebook account. Remember, that spying on someone without their consent can be illegal, so you must always check your local las for clarity. However, a parental control tool to monitor your child’s activities online is perfectly legal.


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