An Examination of the Geozilla Family Phone Locator Program


What exactly is Geozilla anyway?

The family locator app Geozilla is a special program designed for use on cell phone devices. The phone locator program helps to track a device connected to the account so that a parent can monitor a child location or the location of a loved one who made need special monitoring and care.

The maker of the family locator app boasts a cool 350,000 families that have already started using the phone locator program to protect their families and children.

The latter figures include users from around the world. The family locator app Geozilla features artificial intelligence and special algorithms that allow the application to track, monitor, and notify the user if there is something that is not quite right or that occurs out of the ordinary.

What Can The Family Locator App Geozilla Do?

geozilla-000The family locator application is capable of controlling and adjusting the accuracy of identifiable locations as well as the frequency of tracking to ensure the most accurate results possible.

If a person is being tracked with the phone locator program deviates from a planned route at any time or from a regular route home, the parent is immediately notified of this deviation.

Parents are allowed to monitor the speed of movement and the speed limits of teen drivers as well this empowers the parent to become an even stronger disciplinarian and an excellent teacher and guide for a child who may need a bit of monitoring to stay on track.


  • The accuracy of the family locator phone program is more than impressive. Through the use of geo-tracking and satellites, parents can know exactly where someone is as it is pinpointed on a map. This information is displayed in real-time.
  • Even when a child is traveling alone, the parents’ eyes are on the child’s via the locator app.
  • Parents always know where the kids are this gives them great peace of mind thanks to the innovations of a simple locator app.
  • The phone locator family does not drain the battery on a device that is being targeted. This ensures that the phone will always be on and not drained so they can be tracked with ease.
  • The locator program has also given users tools to help keep the family connected and more convenient ways and allows parents to check on children quickly. For instance, to do list allows all family members to know what parents need to be accomplished and these errands can be shared with other family members to complete.
  • The application allows for parents and children to send private messages between members on the account via Voice Over Internet Protocol calls or VoIP.
  • If a family member ever finds himself in emergency situations, they can notify all the family members on the account immediately. The speed in which every member of the network is contacted is remarkable.
  • This family locator app has a unique phone locator program allowing the tracking of members who are active on social media to Swarm and Facebook and the app alerts parents when something is amiss.
  • You can control a cell device from a distance and know how much battery life remains on the device as well. You can also monitor a child’s location history instantly.
  • Family locator app uses a passive mode when tracking information and wakes up when there is a change in location. The application does run in the background uses very little data or bandwidth.



  • The GPS information of the application shares as far as location is not always 100% accurate. This is because the accuracy of the GPS reading is dependent on a number of factors including the phone device and the environment. If there is a poor signal in place or there is an absence of a signal this can also affect the ability to receive exact information or to track the device. If there is a question as to whether or not the information is accurate, your cell device has a native map app to see if there is a similar inaccuracy at the same location.
  • In order to ensure the accuracy of the phone locator program and the information conveys you have location services that can be activated, including Wi-Fi and GPS. The phone locator program will derive the location information from three primary sources including cell tower signals, GPS, and Wi-Fi. The information is then provided to you on an interactive map with the closest location detected. If a cell tower is used for detection, it could be within a few miles from the actual location.
  • Occasionally you might get a “couldn’t locate” message. There are number reasons why this can occur, but it can be unsettling when you are trying to use an app to locate someone that you love. Reasons for getting this message include the phone not being activated or turned on, the location settings on Android device are turned off, the wireless networks are turned off, there is no network connection in the area where the phone was located, or the phone has been set on airplane mode. Sometimes you also see an unknown address message this is due to an inaccuracy in the map and not necessarily due to the phone locator program.

The Cost Of The Family Locator Program: Is It Worth It?

geozilla_screenshots_1You can download the family phone program Geozilla free by visiting the website or by visiting Google Play or the Apple App store. The download is free. You have two options for subscription payments when you open an account. You can pay the premium of $4.99 per month or $49.99 for he entire year.

In comparison with Sprint and Verizon, the app’s prices are relatively inexpensive. Subscriptions are automatically renewed unless you cancel the account within 24 hours of the billing date. You will not be able to cancel the current subscription, only a future one.

The makers of the family phone application are continually improving the program and with the newest versions have improved the performance, the location precision, and the user friendliness of the phone application. With ongoing fixes and improvements on the program and low cost of the family phone application, the program only keeps getting better and is certainly worth the investment.


  1. Girlfriend69 says:

    Yeah my bf and I have this app and his locations are constantly hugely off, like in another state off… then back, then off again. He works at the airport so I’m not sure if it’s just the cell towers there. I’m pretty sure his location settings are all optimized to what the geozilla FAQs say they should be. These jumps in location are actually not humanly possible even by jet so not sure what’s going on, if it’s a glitch or if he’s somehow manipulating it?? I wish I knew! I sent an email through the app so we’ll see what they say.

    Also I have noticed my map is almost always incredibly accurate! Like to the parking spot. But then he often tells me he is not at a place the map is saying he’s at. Granted it’s close, but usually a block or two away. Am I being naive or is this to be expected??

    Anyways thanks!!!

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