Review of Bosspy Cell Phone Monitoring App

DISCLAIMER: Due to technical issues and multiple complaints from our users, we do NOT recommend using Bosspy app. Instead, we need to redirect you to mSpy.

bosspy review

Bosspy is a reliable mobile phone monitoring application which is well-known among many users. An enthusiastic small team of developers worked on it with all their efforts. They made it free for all people. But at the same time, this app is a high-quality technological product that ensures sophisticated monitoring. It is possible to download it for free from the official website of the application, but if you want, you can donate some money for the future development of the project.

Don’t think that Bosspy is helpful only for monitoring kids. If you are a business owner or a TOP manager of the company this app will also be very useful for you. With its help, you can track all phone activities of your employees. You will be able to make sure that confidential and sensitive information about your company is safe and nobody discloses it.

What Can You Use This Spy App For?

In fact, we can’t be with our children and our spouses during the whole day. We have so many tasks to do every day. But we shouldn’t forget that our main task is to protect our children and our families from numerous threats. And such spy applications as Bosspy, in this case, become real helpers. They answer many of our questions such as “where is my child?”, “why does my child come home so late?”, “who my spouse is chatting with?”. As you see, spy software can dispel many of our doubts and make our life safer and calmer.

Use Bosspy spy application for monitoring:

  • Minor children;
  • Employees;
  • Spouses.

You can monitor all phone and online activities without any difficulties in one click. You should use your personal online account for viewing the information at any time and from any device which has more or less stable Internet connection.

If you are going to spy on your employees’ devices or devices of your adult children (who have reached the 18 age) you should warn them about your intentions. Otherwise, you will violate their right to privacy. And this is a direct violation of the law.

Bosspy’s Monitoring Features

bosspy reviewBosspy is a great monitoring application which provides a complex set of monitoring functions. If you use this app, you can be sure in the sophisticated monitoring. In fact, this spy software is able to provide all important information in a real-time mode. The information from the target device will be captured and uploaded to your own online account. Look at the most important features.

  • Tracking the history of the web browser. Using this app, it is possible to see all information of the web browser. It means that you will see all URLs that were visited by the owner of the target device using his or her cell phone or tablet;
  • This powerful spy software makes it possible to spy on social messengers. With its help, you are able to monitor all activities that are conducted using the device. Sign in to your personal account, and you will see all activities on the account on social media. It also allows you to view chats, conversations, files that the owner of the phone sent or received via social messenger such as WhatsApp, iMessages, Viber, access Snapchat messages, etc.;
  • Spying on SMS messages. Bosspy makes it possible to monitor received and sent SMS messages. You will also see deleted messages. That is possible due to technology, according to which the application will catch and upload copies of SMS messages directly to your web account. And even if the owner of the target device delete messages, they will be saved in your personal account;
  • Tracking exact GPS location. You will see the exact current GPS location of the device that you monitor. It will be displayed on the virtual map.
  • Tracking incoming and outgoing calls. Bosspy tracks phone calls and uploads call logs to your account.

Benefits Of Bosspy

  • The information is tracked and displayed in your personal account immediately;
  • Ability to capture the lock screen passcode. With the help of the spyware, you will know all passwords of the user of the target phone;
  • The application works in the stealth mode so the user of the device will not notice it and you can keep monitoring someone’s phone without him knowing.

Who can use Bosspy?

bosspy review


Parents can use it as a tool for parental control. The app offers the possibility to:

  • Consult parents on their child’s current GPS position to make them sure that everything is good;
  • Ensure the parental control over the Internet activities;
  • Provide parents with copies of SMS messages of their children.


Individuals can use the app to control their personal life and personal information. Bosspy allows to:

  • make a backup of the device data;
  • find a stolen or lost mobile phone and save the information.


Spy application is also useful for employers and TOP managers who can use it for monitoring employees. They are able to:

  • Install the spyware on the corporate cell phones and tablets and locate the devices in real time;
  • Make sure that corporate devices are used for business purposes only, and confidential information is safe.

How to Use Bosspy?

It is the app that is quite easy to use and to install. You should follow several simple steps. You should download the app from the official website and start the installation process. In several minutes you will be able to start monitoring.

Bosspy has a user-friendly interface, so you don’t need to be a hacker to use it to hack any social media account like WhatsApp or Instagram. You can find the detailed algorithm of the installation process on the official website of the spyware.

So as you see, Bosspy is multifunctional and quite reliable spy application. It provides free access to such important data as SMS messages, calls logs, web browser history, etc. This information can give you the complex picture of what is going on with the person whose device you are going to monitor.

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