Top 5 Best Keylogger Apps for Phone Monitoring

If you have any suspicions about your children being bullied or lying to you, there is a perfect solution in that case. It will also be very helpful for those people who suspect their partners in something wrong like cheating for example. So, for those who want to deal with these issues we have a solution called keylogger. This can be software or even a separate device. With the help of the keylogger, you will easily deal with your doubts and get evidence. Besides, it will prevent your children from seeing any offensive online content even when you are not near.


So, what is a keylogger? This is a type of software that you should install on the computer or any other device that you want to spy after. The main purpose of a keylogger is to function as a keystroke logger and a spying tool. Modern spy program can deal with lots of other tasks such as screenshot taking, voice recording, and blocking inappropriate content. You will get the access to all the information on the computer or mobile device with a keylogger on it. You can read messages and emails with no need to even hold the device in your hands. There are lots of different applications that can work with Windows, Android, iOS, and any other operating systems. Also, you can set passwords for your keylogger to protect your personal data.

The reputation of keylogger software is controversial. As the main group of its users consists of cyber criminals who steal users’ passwords and personal data. Besides criminals, an app is a perfect tool for employers to spy on their employees. Bosses and top managers want to be 100% sure that employees use their work computer for business purposes only.

Keylogger usage

Mostly when users get a modern spy soft, they want it to have more options that just being a simple tracking program. So nowadays keyloggers also offer such options:

  • Parental control. The keylogger software helps parents to monitor the activity of their kids and block any adult and offensive content. It notifies parents when any prohibited actions were performed.
  • Browser security. Keylogger can easily monitor all the activity on your computer or mobile device. So even if you are not using the computer, it will track the entire activity session.
  • Virtual activities control. If there are any doubts about your partner’s virtual activity and you want to have evidence, this type of software is exactly what you need.

Top keylogger list

  1. mSpy Keylogger

    mspy keylogger

    The first keylogger in our list is mSpy Keylogger. This software allows its user to have a rich access to messages of the target phone. You can see all the details of the message and monitor it just remotely from your account. And of course, mSpy keylogger has such functions as monitoring the keystrokes, browsing history, notes, SMS, passwords, and any other internet activity. The GPS location monitoring is also available and can be very helpful for a solid parental control. The installation and uninstallation of the software can be done remotely. Besides that, you can set a password to prevent any outsider access to the software.

    Except all these great features available for this software there is one that distinct it from other keylogger programs. Geofencing is an option that sends you notifications if the target device enters forbidden area. All you need to do is just to set the area locations that are permitted or prohibited for your children or partner.

  2. MobiStealth Keylogger


    This software is a typical keylogger application for Android. The main advantage of it is its complete invisibility right from the start. Once you have installed the software, it starts logging all the activity of the device and sends you reports. This process is very personal and quiet. You have all the information about the browsing history, calls, and even messages. Besides, you can also get the info about multimedia content of the target device. And on the top of that, you have constant access to GPS location of the target cell phone.

  3. SpyEra


    If you are looking for a powerful monitoring software, SpyEra would be the perfect choice for you. Modern technologies made this application one of the most advantage software existing nowadays. It provides you with deep and detailed analysis of the target device. You will get the entire picture of the internet and any other activity such as messaging via SMS, Facebook, emails, Viber, Skype, etc. Also, you will have all the details about videos and audios played via the target smartphone. All the reports will be delivered by the SpyEra software to your personal account.

  4. HelloSpy


    This software is great for monitoring messages on the target phone. The keylogger user can have access to all the messages types the device deals with such as SMS, Skype, Facebook messenger, Viber, etc. You do not have to grab the target phone to read its content and browser history. You have your permanent remote access from the internet or application account. The installation is very simple and fast, and the user of the target phone have almost no chances to notice that his phone has a keylogger.

  5. iKeyMonitor Keylogger


    This is a great example of a spying software. iKeyMonitor is one of the best keyloggers existing nowadays. You can easily monitor and log any activity on the target phone for your personal use. No matter what is happening to the target device, keystrokes or calls, this software will log everything providing the user with the tiniest details about the action. As any other top-class keylogger iKeyMonitor can be remotely controlled from your personal account. All the logs would be available just for you if you will set your own password.


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