10 Best Call Blocker Apps for Android and iOS

best call blocker app

Nobody likes spam and unknown calls. We want to have a good time with friends and family, but instead get distracted every five minutes by calls and text messages from companies and people we do not want to get contacted by. Fortunately, there are many applications to help filter and block unwanted calls and SMS.

In this post, we will look at the finest applications of such kind and will help you choose the best call blocker app that will 100% meet your needs. What is the best call blocker app, how does it work, and what is the functional set of the solution? Let’s answer these questions together!


Truecaller is considered the best call blocker app for android 2019, available for download in Google Play. It’s designed to block calls and protect users against spam. This program can replace even the standard dialer. The application includes an extensive and regularly updated database of phone numbers involved in fraudulent schemes and sending spam. At this point, you have the two options to choose from.

The user receives a call or SMS from a strange number and can completely block particular numbers and contacts. It is a great multi-functional app that is regularly updated and always works like a charm! With Truecaller, you already know what is the best free call blocker app for Android.

Download Truecaller

Call Control

Call Control overtakes its competitors on the list with its communication features. Everything in the professional interface is well thought out and practical. To make things even better — the app is absolutely free! There are no complaints about the work of the call blocker, so you should definitely try it out! If you are seeking an easy-to-use program and are wondering what is the best spam call blocker app, Call Control will probably satisfy your needs!

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Download Call Control

Call Blocker

The simple name corresponds to the simple interface. There is nothing superfluous in the Call Blocker functionality. Its interface is simple and clear, it is never a problem to block calls and spam with the help of the built-in black and white lists. By the way, Call Blocker is supported by the work on schedule. Thus, you can relax a bit by temporarily switching off all incoming calls. Naturally, information about all incoming calls is saved in the device history. All these great features have made this solution the best call blocker app for Android 2018.

Download Call Blocker


Hiya has one of the best databases compared to its competitors. If none of the above programs came up in handy to you, Hiya is more likely to suit you. The application is absolutely free. It has already been downloaded more than 5 million times, which says a lot about software reliability and work. The excellent user interface, a bunch of necessary functions — these are not the only great things of Hiya! This best free call blocker app for Android copes well with blocking unwanted calls and SMS; you can also add text notes to particular numbers.

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Download Hiya

Call Blocker Free

If you are seeking a free, simple and highly functional application for hardware resources, pay attention to Call Blocker Free. The program has an intuitive interface and functionality in no way inferior to its paid alternatives. The numbers of people whom you do not want to communicate with are easily blacklisted. This solution is a good choice for those who are seeking the best call blocker app for Android that is a budget option or a free alternative to more expensive software.

Download Call Blocker Free


anti nuisance interface

Although AntiNuisance has a minimum of functions, this best call blocker app for iPhone 2018 works like a charm. Instead of adding as many functions as possible to this call blocker, software manufacturer decided to make a lightweight and simple software product that absolutely anyone could use. There is no ready-made number database in AntiNuisance, but users can easily create their own. What is more, there is a cool feature to block all calls from unknown numbers.

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Download AntiNuisance

Call Blacklist

Call Blacklist is another heavyweight program in Google Play. This best free call blocker app for Android 2018 has more than 10 million downloads and boasts of an interface that most Android device owners would like to operate in. The program is quite functional and visually attractive. If you are seeking an application that can do everything and does not cost anything, then pick Call Blacklist. The solution is absolutely free and covers a large number of useful functions.

Download Call Blacklist

Should I Answer?

The main function of this best call blocker app iPhone is call blocking, and the application manages this task perfectly well. The database is integrated into the program, which is automatically updated by both users and a developing company.

Download Should I Answer

Mr. Number

As in the other best call blocker apps for iPhone from our selection, in Mr. Number is a database of numbers which send spam or implement fraudulent schemes. Numbers involved in phishing and other illegal actions are automatically blocked, and the user is notified of an attempt to make a call. The application has been updated several times, but, unfortunately, the ability of this software to block SMS and calls remains limited until now. In general, the program performs its functions but not as well as we would like.

Download Mr.Number


The application differs from other similar solutions because it provides users with the ability to exchange lists of spammers, thus, creating a single database of spam mailing numbers. More than 80 thousand spam messages are stored in the SMSCop database. There is a function of screening messages by keywords. Its simplicity and wide functionality are what makes SMSCop the best free Android call blocker app.

Download SMSCop

We do hope that after reading this post, you have found an inquiry on what is the best call blocker app for Android and what is the best call blocker app for iPhone. Very few people have time to test different cell phone programs. That is why we are here and doing all this stuff. Pick any app from our rating and forget about disturbing calls and spam SMS.

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