The 5 Most Powerful Android Hacking Apps

android interfaceAndroid hacking apps are becoming increasingly popular. Parents need to know what their children are doing online to keep them safe from sexting, cyberbullies, trolls, and sexual predators. Employers have a right to know where their employees are and what they are doing during office hours. Finally, Android hacks are also becoming popular to monitor your spouse’s online behavior, to make sure they are not on Tinder or meeting others in secret.

Whatever your motivation is for using a hacking app, it is always best to use quality software. In this article, we will review the top-5 best hacking apps for Android. Finally, we will also explain how to stop Android hacking apps, what game hacking apps are, and why you need to root your Android device.

How to find hacking apps for Android

If you need spy software for your Android device, you will not find it in the Play Store. Instead, you will have to visit the website of a hacking app using the target device and download the software.

Once installed, the software will remove its launch icon and operate in stealth mode, sending information to the hacking app servers, where you can track a phone number from their online dashboard or companion app on your mobile device.

Check our list below to find the best Android hacking app for your needs and budget. There are no android hacking apps with a free download, though several are have a free trial period.

The 5 best Android hacking apps

mSpy Premium

mSpy android hacking app

mSpy is the best and most popular Android hacking app. It will let you monitor everything about your target device. It can read SMS, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Messenger, and more.

With this software, you will get a list of contacts and calls made. It also has a keylogger, which will let you see every keystroke ever typed on the device.

It will let you block apps, restrict or block internet access. It also has GPS tracking and a geofencing system. The latter will send you an alert whenever the device enters a restricted zone on the map.

Survey: With these many features, the price is of $199.99 per year (or $16.65 per month per device) is very reasonable. We like the advanced features offered by mSpy. The only other hack app that can rival it is FlexiSpy, though mSpy has better options for Snapchat monitoring.

Try mSpy

Highster Mobile

highster mobile hacking app

Highster Mobile is an excellent undetectable hack app that allows monitoring any mobile devices. It can quickly gather all data, even old and deleted one, without having possession of the phone you are spying. With this function, you can upload up-to-date data to your secure online account and always stay in the picture. Moreover, it quickly locates and detects IMEI numbers.

Gather GPS location, text messages, calls, photos and videos, capture posts from Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp and many more with Highster Mobile!

Survey: It’s one of the top choices as an Android hacking app. With its appealing customer support, reasonable price (basic $29.99 for one-time payment) and extensive functionality, we highly recommend it.

Try Highster Mobile


flexispy premium hacking app

FlexiSpy Premium has almost all the same features as mSpy Premium. The only difference is that social media, such as Snapchat and Instagram, have limited monitoring features.

Survey: FlexiSPY Premium is an excellent all-round hack app. It comes in at $50 cheaper per year than mSpy, making it a good value option which comes at $149 per year (or $12.41) per device.

FlexiSPY Extreme

FlexiSPY Extreme is a more pricy version than FlexiSPY Premium. However, you will get critical extra features that will let you hack almost every aspect of an Android device. These Extreme features include recording and intercepting telephone, WhatsApp, Line Skype, and Messenger calls.

You can also get full control over the phone’s microphone and camera. Use it to record sound and video, take photos, and see what is going on wherever the device is. It will also let you send a spoof SMS to any number from the device.

Survey: FlexiSPY Extreme has ultimate features for spying, even compared to mSpy or FlexiSPY Premium. It is a bit more costly ($349 per year), so we recommend this only if you need to hack the phone’s camera and intercept calls.

Try Flexispy


iKeyMonitor is another Android hack app. It has similar features to mSpy, and even a few you will also find at FlexiSPY Extreme.

iKeyMonitor will keep track of all messages on SMS or chat apps, including Tinder, Snapchat, Viber, Facebook, Instagram, and Skype. It also offers voice recording, similar to FlexiSPY Extreme. And you can track the phone’s location on a map, and receive location alerts thanks to geofencing.

Survey: Though the features work just as well as mSpy and FlexiSPY, its website looks a bit dated in comparison. However, you can get similar features to FlexiSPY Extreme such as voice recording, for a much cheaper price ($179.99 per year). And, with a 3-day trial version, why not try?

Try iKeyMonitor


kidsguard pro online control panel
KidsGuard is an Android hacking app designed for parents. It will let you hack your child’s Android device ethically. It will help you record calls and monitor Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and many more social media apps. It will take photos remotely and capture screenshots, so you know exactly what your child is doing both offline and online.

It also has a keylogger, which will keep track of everything your child types. Thanks to GPS tracking, you will know where your child is at all times.

Survey: KidsGuard has extensive functionality for $99.95 per year and an intuitive interface. However, it has no free trial version, monitors only one device at a time, and offers only a limited number of features for iOS devices.

Try Kidsguard

How to stop android hacking apps

If you want to stop Android hacking apps, we have several tips.

  1. Make sure you regularly change your login code.
  2. Never let anyone hold your phone, especially if it is unlocked.
  3. Reset your phone to factory settings or root your device if you suspect there is a hack app installed.
  4. Download security apps such as Hackode or WiFinspect. You can find them in the Play Store. They can help you monitor everything on your device.

The top 3 best Android apps for Bluetooth hacking

bluetooth hackingBluetooth hacking is not very common, though it does exist. The best way to prevent it is to keep your Bluetooth switched off. Once it is switched on, there are several ways to hack it. We have listed the best apps to hack or secure Bluetooth.

  1. Bluetooth Vulnerability Finder is an Android app that helps you see the security level of your various devices. This can be very important, especially if you have many Bluetooth devices. It will show you where the vulnerabilities are.
  2. Bluetooth File Transfer is an app that will help you access and transfer files between devices. It can be used for Bluetooth hacking, though it needs to be accepted manually before it can work.
  3. Bluetooth Scanner – btCrawler is an app that can be used for ethical hacking. It will scan surrounding Bluetooth devices and help you locate them based on signal strength. It can help you scan and pair to any visible device.

What are game hacking apps for Android?

game hacking appOne thing you may be interested in, especially if you are a gamer, is hacking apps for games on Android. Though cheating is frowned upon in multiplayer gaming, it is a victimless crime in the case of single-player games on Android. Mods and apps will help you score more, level up faster, and get further in the game. Some hacking apps will also let you install paid games for free.

But beware, not all of these apps are reliable; some will try to steal your private information. There are quite a few safe ones, however. If you want to install a hacked AKP on your Android phone, head over to their website and download, always be aware that you can be banned from specific servers if you use a game hacking app or AKP.

Top 3 hacking game apps for android

  1. Xmodgames: This hacked APK will help you with games such as Clash of Clans, Minecraft, Clash Royale, Asphalt 8 and Mortal Combat. It can help you reach a high score easily.
  2. HackerBot: This Android app will not only act as a game hacking app but is also a safe search engine that will help you find and download more hacked APKs.
  3. Cheat Engine: this open-source software was initially designed for PC, though it can now also be used for Android. You can use it to modify almost anything in a game giving yourself weapons, new characters, invisible walls, and more.

What are root apps for Android?

If you need to install individual apps on an Android device, you may have to root the device first. Most Android phones come with restrictions on what types of apps you can run on them.

They also come with plenty of preinstalled apps, which can be hard to remove. If you want to get around these restrictions, we suggest installing a rooting app.

Why you need root apps for Hacking Android

roots essentialsMost Android hacking apps need a root before you can install them on your target device. Not all of them do, but we suggest you root your Android anyway. Why? Because rooted Androids are more comfortable to hack.

Once your Android is rooted, your hacking app will have more features, such as Facebook access, Snapchat monitoring, and even control over Instagram accounts.

The best root apps for Android

  1. Root Essentials: Root Essentials is a handy toolbox for any Android device. It will give you access to all the system files and allow you to change any standard-setting.
  2. File Explorer Root Browser: This Android root app will help you take control of your Android device by managing system files and folders.
  3. Root Checker: This app will let you see whether you are a superuser with access to the system files.


If you need to hack an Android device, the best and only way is with a hacking app. We have listed the best above. Rooting your Android makes it easier to install a hack app, while also creating more hacking features available. Game hacking is very different and requires you to install a Hacked APK. If you suspect your device has been hacked, we suggest you root the device or reset to factory settings.

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